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Introducing the NEW Smoothie Station!

April 28, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Spring is a great season to head back into your restaurant and start redecorating. With brand new items to play with and new recipes, there’s so much to do! So, without further ado…!


Have you seen a new visitor in town? His name is Joe – a friend of mine – and he’s been wandering around Restaurant City, lately. Have you spoken to him yet? I’d say you should because – guess what? – when you ask him what’s up, he’ll give you a FREE Smoothie Station for your restaurant!

What’s the Smoothie Station? You can learn more about the Smoothie Station on the forum, but you can also go into your restaurant right now and find out what all the fuss is about, too.

New Challenges!

This week you can get busy cleaning up Restaurant City as the Hipster Moles attack! 😉 Or how about adding just a few decorative items to earn yourself much coveted ingredients or a whole bunch of coins? Find out more about this week’s challenges at the forum!

New Recipes

This week’s new recipes are both tasty and healthy! Will you learn the Smoked Salmon Platter, perfect for serving up to your customers and preparing them for a healthy Spring, or perhaps our Sunday Special recipe (yup, out only on Sunday for 24hrs GMT) that will cater to the vegan in us all – Bean and Mushroom Noodles?

Remember, if you’re one of our Sunday Special collector’s, you can get your hands on which ingredient’s you’ll need via my weekly email newsletter.

This Week’s Catalog!

Yup. Let’s take a sneak peak at all the beautiful items out this week. And don’t forget, you can head into my restaurant each week and see the items on display and even buy from my restaurant directly as soon as the items are available in the store! 😀 See you next week, Cooks!

– Maggie x

You’ll want to get your hands on these cookies when they’re out this week! For any self-respecting cook who like to have the ultimate statement kitchen, this collector’s set is a must have!

Note: some items and names may change names since publishing this post.

Springtime In Restaurant City!

April 20, 2011

Welcome Cooks!

Springtime is in full bloom in Restaurant City. I love this time of year, and this week’s theme is putting a spring in my step just looking at all the wonderful new items! I think you guys dealt with that mole problem last week just perfectly … are you up for some more fun challenges this week? Let’s see what’s in store.

NEW Challenges

Make sure you check out the Springtime Challenge FAQs for more information on the challenges and rewards. 😀

What’s Shakin’?
Ever wonder what lives in the trees in Restaurant City? Give them a shake to find out! Shake enough and get a great reward!

Spring Green!
Spring is a great time to get planting! Start growing your own ingredients and put some Spring in your Green! Plant enough and the beautiful Spring Goddess Statue will be yours!

Annual Egg Hunt
It seems a special friend of mine has been leaving behind Eggs and wants us to play a game! If we collect enough each day we’ll be given a reward! Woohoo! Let’s get started!

Squirreling Away!
This Curious Squirrel is looking for a home! He seems to like these Golden Bunnies! Hmm … do you think if we collected a few, he’d come running?
Hint! Golden Bunnies are a free gift.

It’s Spring Time!
Getting all of those Golden Bunnies is so much fun, and it’s really getting me in the mood for Spring! If you can find more Golden Bunnies, I’ll pay you a special visit to say thank you!

NEW Recipes

We have these new and delicious spring recipes: Spring Salad, Pineapple Icecream and Chocolate Crepe. And look at the reward for leveling the Pineapple Icecream … the Flower Fighters Arcade!

Once again, we have a limited recipe for our Sunday Special “Apple Crush” drink. Be sure to log in and check your menu to claim this recipe on Sunday. It’s available for just 24 hours (GMT). You need to level the recipe to Level 1 to hold onto it and then you’re free to level it completely at your leisure. The ingredients needed are: apple, apple, ice and mint.

Limited items (available April 22nd)

Earth Day Spirit Tree (This Free Earth Day Spirit Tree will be available for FREE on the Restaurant City Facebook Page and also by email on April 22nd. But, if you miss either, you can buy the item on April 22nd for coins.

Painting Easel available for 24hrs only on April 22nd.

Earth Day

Did you check out the Earth Day thread on the forum to see the pledges from the Restaurant City Team and the players on how they will go green?  And also check out my special Earth Day event on Facebook.

And finally, here’s the catalog of items. What do you have your eye on this week? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know.

Happy Cooking!

— Maggie (and Tommy?) He’s trying to get in on my blog now?? 🙂


DISCLAIMER: some names may have changed since going into the game.

Playfish launches game-specific currency!

April 19, 2011

Dear Restaurant City Fans,

Playfish continually strives to provide a fun and easy game playing experience for players. As part of our commitment to providing the best experience across all aspects of our games, we have transitioned our virtual currency purchases through the Facebook Credits platform for our games on Facebook. We believe Facebook Credits provide players with a secure, trusted way to pay for virtual goods and currencies while providing the flexibility to spend those credits across a large number of games on Facebook.

As part of this transition and to align with Facebook Credit policies, we are also going to change the virtual currency used in Playfish games from Playfish Cash to a new game-specific currency in each game. Starting today, we will stop selling Playfish Cash in our games and each game will sell its own game-specific currency that can be used to buy your favorite in-game items. The new game-specific currency in Restaurant City and other Playfish games are:

Cooking Cash in Restaurant City

Pet Society Cash in Pet Society

Country Cash in Country Story

Hotel Cash in Hotel City

Football Cash in EA SPORTS Madden NFL Superstars

Empire Cash in My Empire

Superstars Cash in EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars

Rest assured, you will not lose any of the Playfish Cash you have bought up to now. We are making it quick and easy to convert it into the new currency of your favorite game or games by using The Playfish Cash Converter within Restaurant City and other Playfish games. The Playfish Cash Converter allows you to convert your balance into the game-specific virtual currency of your favorite game or distribute the balance across multiple game-specific virtual currencies of your choice.

To celebrate the launch of these new virtual currencies, Playfish is awarding a free gift when you complete the conversion of your Playfish Cash to new game currencies. If you convert today, you will be rewarded with Maggie’s Ultimate Stove! But this free reward won’t be around forever as the sooner you convert, the more valuable the gift will be – so don’t wait!

For additional information about how to convert your Playfish Cash balance – or to provide us with feedback – please refer to the Game-Specific Currency section on the forum.


Your friends at Playfish

Kittens, Puppies and Bunnies – OH MY!

April 13, 2011

Restaurant City is on cuteness overload this week with all sorts of fluffy critters bounding around for Pets Café Week! If you ever looked at Pet Society and felt a little envious of their cute pets … well, it’s your turn now. We’re opening Restaurant City up to animal lovers the world over.

New Challenges:

Did you ever long for a kitty, puppy or fluffy bunny of your own? This week the challenges should be your main focus because you won’t want to miss out on any of the adorable rewards!

Each challenge reward does something cute, and for the first time ever you can now earn cool challenge rewards for decorating in Restaurant City!

As well as decorating, you can earn rewards by collecting and gifting the new Paw Tokens with friends. It’s not just cute pets up for grabs, what do you think about this fun Hamster Wheel Arcade? Your customers will get to sweat off some calories and you’ll get to collect their coins!

But back to these cute little pets. Not only do they look adorable, but they’ll reward your unconditional love with a little something each time you interact with them.

No, no, no … not the kind of little something you hate to see on the rug! I’m talking about coins!! Ahhhh, being a virtual pet owner is soooo rewarding.

New Recipes:

Cool cats everywhere have been asking for this menu item for the longest time. Well, ask no more. Yes, you most certainly MAY have the Cheezburger … or the Fish Pie (mmnnnn!). You decide. And don’t forget to claim the Sunday Special Pomegranate Juice which will be available for just 24 hours (GMT). You just need to level it up to Level 1 on Sunday to claim it. Don’t miss out!


You think you can resist? Just try and be strong in the face of these cute items. Like the “I Can Has Tuna?” poster. Can I has it? For real! I’m asking. Because I think I need it right now! A few other favorites for me are the Hamster Trails Roof, the Outdoor Kitty Window, the Lovable Husky Poster (yes, I do wuv him!), and the brown paw print tile. With all the pets I plan on having in my restaurant there are gonna be dirty pawprints … may as well go with it. Can’t wait to hear about your favorite items, cooks.

Leave a comment for me. 🙂

– Maggie xoxo

This week’s limited item is the Hot Dog Arcade! You’ll go nuts when you see the cute animation as a customer washes, cuts and dries their pooch! Definitely worth the wait. 😀

Note: Some names of items may have changed since going into the game.

A Cook’s Favorite Place!

April 5, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Have you been traveling with me all around Europe over the last few weeks? Time to settle down and focus on perfecting those culinary skills in Cozy Kitchen Week! 🙂

Head into my restaurant this week to see the cool new items coming on Thursday, and learn more about what they do here!

First up – you’ve got just under a week left to complete and master the Pizzeria. If you finish all of the recipes by April 11th, you’ll unlock the Pizzeria Chef. Remember, he’s a dedicated chef for your Pizzeria, that’s the same as having an extra member of staff! Worth working hard for. 🙂

You should check in on the fan page and make sure you pick up the regular free gifts, as well as check in on the forum for tips and tricks and help from other players just like you!

This week’s new recipes are the tasty Lemon Posset dessert and the Sunday Special Turkey and Leek Pie. It’s a personal favorite of mine, the Lemon Posset. I tried to cook it the way my mom did whenever we had a sunny weekend in the spring. Now you can serve this to your customers, too!

Remember, the Sunday Special is only around for 24hrs on a Sunday (GMT), so add the date to your calendar and log in to learn the recipe before it’s gone. Check your inbox, too, for the weekly email newsletter to find out what ingredients you’re going to need! Are you signed up?

There’s a fun new challenge out this week, too; souvenirs laying around Restaurant City! Check in on your friends and collect stray souvenirs from my trip around Europe and you can earn yourself nice rewards! Complete it every day starting today for 10 days and get a FREE ingredient, from a lime to ham!

If you’ve ever wanted to design your restaurant like a homely kitchen, this is your week! From the beautiful Deluxe Cozy Kitchen to designing your very own vegetable patch for your outdoor area, there’s tons to keep you busy.

My personal favorites are the Eggs Box Media Hub Arcade – watch customers settle down for a round of video gaming and earn you 2200 coins every 2 hours! And then there’s Potwasher Adam who is extremely helpful when it comes to cleaning up those dishes to serve more customers!

Other items I’d suggest you keep an eye out for are the Super Efficient Fridge and the Cozy Kitchen Toilet Booth!

Check out this week’s catalog below and let me know what you think of the items. 🙂

See ya later, Cooks!

– Maggie x

Note: some names of items may have changed when going into the game.