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It´s Vegas Baby!

February 23, 2010

The Restaurant City team again have a  weekly update for all of you this week! They are so fantastic and update Restaurant City with changes and new things every week for us all to enjoy!

Remember last week how items were set to come out on midnight GMT at Wednesdays? Well, now we have made a further change to this and the items will now appear at midnight GMT on Thursdays instead!  This means that if you are in  Los Angeles, you will get the items at 4pm on Wednesdays,  if you are in New York, you will get the items at 7pm on Wednesdays and if you are in Hong Kong, you will get the items at 8am on Thursdays. These are all local converted times, to convert the time from where you live, you can use this timezone converter.


This week we have changed the items that you can share if you find the Gourmet King. Now you can share the following recipes and items with your friends if you find him and post the feed to your wall. Remember, that if you find the Gourmet King, you do not get anything yourself for that, for you to get the Gourmet King items, your friends must find him and post the feed to their wall for you to click on.

And by the way, you can only collect 5 items from the Gourmet King per day! So make sure your friends are posting feeds every day for you to collect items and recipes from! Also, please note that the following items can no longer be collected from the Gourmet King: Corn on the Cob, Roast Turkey, Gold Heart and Red Heart. The ingredients you can collect have not been changed, however I will give you a quick overview of some of  the recipes and items you can share and collect from the Gourmet King below. Enjoy!

White Present Blue Present
Apple Pie Red Heart Balloon
Purple Heart Balloon Eggnog


As you may have guessed from the title of this blog post, the item theme this week will be Las Vegas! Again, the items will be available at midnight GMT on Thursday 25th of February. To convert to your own time, check out this timezone converter. But before we get to check out the items that will become available, let´s take a look at the new dishes!

The new dishes for the week are the Chocolate Dream for dessert and the Lobster Salad for starter. These dishes are permanent dishes and are not available for a limited time. The Chocolate Dream dish requires of course the chocolate ingredient, but it has a twist in that it uses kiwi!  Sounds delicious! The total list of ingredients for the Chocolate Dream is: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cream and Kiwi. As for the Lobster Salad, this of course requires lobster and salad, but it also requires tomato and coriander! I am sure your customers will love the Lobster Salad combined with the Vegas theme, it fits perfectly!

Chocolate Dream (dessert) Lobster Salad (starter)


For the decoration items that will be available at Thursday midnight GMT we indeed have the perfect set of items for the perfect Las Vegas inspired restaurant! You cannot have a Las Vegas inspired restaurant without making sure you get the Volcano Decor and the Welcome Sign outside! And of course, you need that Casino Roof, it is magnificent!  The Volcano Decor, Air Balloon and the Welcome Banner all animated by the way, and they are well worth their cost!

Air Balloon Cards Banner Cards Door
Dice Window Casino Roof Volcano Decor
Welcome Banner Welcome Sign


For the inside of your restaurant, the items you will be able to buy at midnight GMT Thursday do of course include a Pooltable, a Lucky 7 Slot Machine and Roulette!  And of course you need to check out the White Tiger and the Giant Red or White Dices!

Also, make your restaurant floor get into the Vegas spirit by investing in one of the 5 new tiles that will become available! And of course you get nowhere without the Red or Blue Chip table or the backgammon Table. I am so looking forward to seeing all the Vegas decorated restaurants with different sections for the different games, make sure you post a screenshot of your newly decorated restaurant in the forum!

Backgammon Chair Backgammon Table Cards Wall Decor
Blue Chip Chair Blue Chip Table Clubs Tile
Diamond Tile Hearts Tile Multi Tile
Spades Tile Pooltable Red Chip Chair
Red Chip Table Giant White Dice Giant Red Dice
Lucky 7 Slotmachine Roulette Wall Waterfeature
White Tiger Cub White Tiger


And while you plan for how to decorate your restaurant when the items are available in the shops, you have to consider investing in the Roulette Stove or the Black Drink Dispenser! They are both functional which means they will make serving dishes or serving drinks faster!

If you invest in these you will be able to serve dishes 15% faster and serve drinks 2% quicker than compared to a regular stove or drink dispenser! These Roulette Stove is limited and will no longer be possible to buy after April 6th, so make sure you get yours before it´s gone!

Black Drink Dispenser Roulette Stove

That´s it for this week,  make sure you leave your feedback as a comment in the blog, we love hearing your thought and comments! Have a great Restaurant City week!

It´s a Fairy Tale!

February 16, 2010

The Restaurant City team have done it again, it is a great new release of Restaurant City awaiting for you when you next log-on!

Firstly though, I do have to tell you that there are no new items today! The reason for this is that from this week on, items will start appearing at midnight GMT on Wednesdays! This means that from now on, every time you log in after midnight GMT on the rollover from Tuesday to Wednesday, there will be new items waiting for you! But before I give you a teaser of what items you can expect on Wednesday, I have some other things I wanted to tell you first.

Now when you level-up in your restaurant or when you earn new trophies, you can post a feed to your wall. For any level-up that you do, your friends can now collect 500 coins from clicking on your posted feed. For the trophies, if you earn a gold trophy, your friends can now collect a whopping 5000 coins if you post it to your wall. For a silver trophy you can share 1000 coins, while for a broze trophy you can share 500 coins.  So make sure you tell your friends to post feeds when they level-up or earn a new trophy so that you can get some free coins from them!

The Wedding Cake (which is only available for Playfish Cash) is now on a sale and you can now buy it for less! And also some more Playfish Cash ingredients are on sale as well, now is defeintely the time to take the plunge and buy some of those ingredients that you are missing!

Don´t be confused when you open your recipe menu today, as it have had a bit of a revamp! This means that the dishes are now re-ordered according to a set of criterias. The criterias are these: Tutorial Dishes displays first, then it will display the New Dishes followed by Limited Dishes which again is followed by any other dishes which do not fill the criterias mentioned earlier.

It will take some getting used to not seeing the new and limited dishes at the end of your recipe menu, but once you get used to it it will make a lot of sense not having to scroll to the far end of the recipe menu to see if there is anything new!


As I mentioned at the top, the weekly items are now released at Midnight GMT on Wednesday. This is going to be the norm moving forward,  so that you always know what to expect at what time!

But still, we will continue to show you the items in this blog so that you can start planning for what to buy and maybe even start saving coins for that piece of item you definetely want to have in your restaurant!

This week it´s a Fairy Tale theme, I am not so sure that this theme sprung up due to the last years Eurovision Song Contest winner, but still, you have to listen to that song …. Alexander Rybak is Norwegian by the way, and so am I 😉 Aaanyway, let´s get back to Restaurant City, which is why you are reading this blog in the first place.

I have to mention it again, these items are not available at this time, but they will be available at Midnight GMT rolling over from Tuesday to Wednesday.

A Fairy Tale theme is not complete without a Beatuiful Rainbow and a Magic Unicorn, so of course both of these are available for the exterior of your restaurant. The Magic Unicorn by the way will attract butterflies, so if you buy it, your restaurant will be surrounded by beatiful flying butterflies.

We have added two choices for the style of roof this week, so you can either go for the Fairy Tale Roof or the Magic Roof this week, and make sure whatever roof you go for that you theme it up with one of the amazing animated items we will be adding. The Giant Mushrooms, Frog Prince, Snake Charmer and the Blue Crystal all animates outside of your restaurant and they all look fantastic!

Fairy Tale Roof Magic Roof
Beautiful Rainbow Fairy Tale Decor Pink Bellflower
Fairy Pink Deer Magic Unicorn
Mushroom House Snake Charmer Frog Prince
Giant Mushrooms Blue Crystals

For the inside of your restaurant, you can of course choose to theme that up with the Magic Roof or the Fairy Tale Roof that you purchase for the exterior, all up to you. You can on Wednesday buy the Magic Wallpaper and theme that up with the Magic Wallpaper, Magic Floor Tile and the Magic Window. I am sure that would look absolutely amazing! And of course there are some great decors that will be available on Midnight GMT on Wednesday, such as the Potion Decor, the Dragon and of course a Magic Unicorn!. But make sure you do not miss out on the Giant Beanstalk which you can place in your outside expansion, it is a must-have for any Fairy Tale themed restaurant!

Magic Unicorn Glamourus Table Glamourus Chair
Magic Curtain Magic Wallpaper Magic Window
Magic Floor Tile Cloud Flooring Hourglass Decor
Potion Decor Dragon Fortune Teller Decor
Ink Bottle Owl Colourful Crystals
Scary Plant Giant Beanstalk Toy Figurine

And don´t forget, the Magic Unicorn is a funcitional item and it will fill your restaurant with floating butterflies! And the more Magic Unicorns you have, the more butterflies will come into your restaurant!

Since this is a new thing for us, I will mention it again, none of the items are currently available to buy. But you will be able to buy them at Midnight GMT Wednesday February 17th!


However, what is available right now are 3 new  dishes! These are of course part of the Fairy Tale/Magic theme and they all animate and I am sure you will really enjoy the animations these dishes will show you, and I am sure your customers will too!
The dishes these week are Main, Starter and Drink. The Cosmic Bacon Orb which is a limited time dish and which is only available to unlock before February 19th! So you better hurry collecting those ingredients! The other limited dish this week is the Magic Potion Drink which must be unlocked before March 5th.   And don´t forget the new permanent addition which is the Rainbow Soup as a Starter, it is definetely colourful!

Cosmic Bacon Orb (Main Course – limited dish)
Rainbow Soup (Starter) Magic Potion (Drink – limited dish)

Two of these dishes are limited.  If you have not unlocked the dishes before the  time specified above, the dishes will disappear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked any of the two dishes, you can upgrade them to a level higher than level 1 at any time. You can upgrade them also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dishes (got them to at least level 1) before the period is over, they will disappear from your menu, however you may be able to buy these recipes in future.


That´s it for this week. For us to learn  what you all think, we do need to get feedback, so make sure you leave your feedback for us to read – we love feedback, both positive and negative! Have a good week everyone and remember, the items mentioned in this blog will not be available before Wednesday 17th at midnight!

Love Overload!

February 10, 2010

It´s soon the 14th of February which is Valentines Day! We have a bunch of items for you this week! I won´t dwell too much on this as I am sure you are keen to see what the items this week are as I know many if you have been eagerly anticipating these items, however, before I get to that I need to tell you about all our other changes that the Restaurant City team have done to the game this week!


Your restaurant will now automatically close if there are not at least 1 chef and 1 waiter working. When the restaurant is closed; no customers will enter the restaurant and your restaurant will not lose popularity, I am sure this is a welcomed change! Another change I am sure you will like is that when your restaurant is working in offline mode you can now earn up until 7000 coins! However, remember that how much you earn depends on your restaurants efficiency and popularity!

Some of you have also mentioned to us that it has been difficult to clear plates manually when the employee or customer has a name above their head, we have changed it so that it will no longer block your mouse click so that it is now easier to clear plates manually from the tables when your customers have finished eating their food.

We have also made some changes to the recipes menu – there are no longer any grayed out “level-up” or “learn” buttons, however there are now blue buttons displayed if you do not have the needed recipes. This means that it is now easier to buy the ingredients you need, should you have enough Playfish Cash – you can now buy the ingredients needed for a dish in a much simpler way!


We have also made some changes to the Gourmet King and what he gives out to your friends when you find him. We have removed a number of recipes and ingredients. This means that the Gourmet King will no longer be providing these ingredients and dishes: Mango, Raisins, Vegetarian Soup Noodles, Chicken Tacos, Chocolate Mousse and Meat Platter. This does mean that there are new ingredients and new recipes that can be shared. Two of the recipes have previously been limited-time recipes, which means that if you lost out or did not play the game when these were available, you now have a new chance to get them! Provided your friends posts the feed on their wall when they find the Gourmet King of course!

Oh, I nearly forgot, the Gourmet King will now also allow you to share items with your friends! The items that you can share with your friends are the following, I am sure they will appreciate the gesture! Note that some of these are part of this weeks item-release and can be purchased from the shop, however two of these are exclusive to the Gourmet King! Can you find out what the exclusive items are?

Purple Heart Balloon (indoor) Red Heart Balloon (indoor) Rose Bucket (indoor)
Single Rose (indoor) Golden Heart (outdoor) Red Heart (outdoor

And finally, when saving the game you will notice that there is now some information that tells you when the ideal time to come back to the game is, I am sure this new piece of information will help a lot of you ensuring your restaurants popularity creeps up to 50 and stays there!


We are of course providing you with all the items you need to kit out our restaurant both inside and outside for the big day! I won´t dwell too much on the items and just jump straight into showing you what we have in store for you this week, as there are a lot of choices this week! Since we added the 3 different layout options a few weeks back, having a love-themed restaurant for one of them is very suitable for the upcoming weekend!

For the outside, the Lovely Roof is just magnificent and themed up with the Horse and Carriage and the Teddies In Love – your restaurant will be truly kitted out for the romantic time ahead!

Teddies In Love Rose Decor Pink Tree
Romantic Lamp Post Pink Bow Lovely Window
Heart Wreath Lovely Door Lovely Pink Window
Lovely White Window Red Bricks Golden Heart
Red Canopy Lovely Canopy Red Paint
Large Heath Door Large Red Heath Door
Flamingos in Love Lovely Roof Horse and Carriage


For the inside we have many romantic items, check out the Heart Tree and the Red Valentines Table and Chair. If that is not your style you even have the Romantic Chair and Table as well as the White Valentines Chair and Table to choose from, lots of choice this week! For the final touch check out the Romantic Cats and the Romantic Swans, how cure is that!! There are also 4 new tiles and 3 new wallpapers added, lots of choice this week no matter what romantic style you choose to go for!

Beige Carpet Pink Carpet Red Carpet
Purple Carpet Hearts Tile Heart Tree
Purple Heart Balloon Single Rose Rose Bucket
Heart Wreath Pink Drapery Valentines Decor
Hearts Wallpaper Red Bow Wallpaper Pink Bow Wallpaper
Heart Divider Heart Divider Block White Heart Window
Pink Heath Window Romantic Cats Romantic Swans
Romantic Chair Romantic Table Lamp Romantic Table
Red Valentines Table Red Valentines Chair White Valentines Chair
White Valentines Table Rose Decor Valentines Door
Valentines Present
Valentines Stove Valentines Fridge


As if all this was not enough, we do have new limited dishes  as well!  Make sure you check out the new dessert, the Valentine Cake, it is for sure going to be a hit with your customers!  You do not want to miss out on the Love Potion drink, made out of strawberries, saffron and vanilla I am sure it is delicious!
The Valentine Cake is available to unlock before March 1st , while the Love Potion must be unlocked before March 9th.

Valentine Cake Love Potion

Both of these dishes are limited.  If you have not unlocked the dishes before the  time specified above, the dishes will disappear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked any of the two dishes, you can upgrade them to a level higher than level 1 at any time. You can upgrade them also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dishes (got them to at least level 1) before the period is over, they will disappear from your menu, however you may be able to buy these recipes in future.


I think you all will like the changes we have done to the game this week, and I hope that I am right! However, to know what you all think, we do need to get feedback, so make sure you leave your feedback for us to read – we love feedback, both positive and negative! Have a good week everyone and good luck kitting your restaurant up for the big day!

What will the mystery gifts be??

February 8, 2010

Mystery Gifts coming soon! We’re putting the finishing touches on two special gifts for all Restaurant City players. Play every day this week to receive them both!

Random Thoughts From Random Street

February 7, 2010

We have received a story from Raven Kelly, a user in the Restaurant City Forum

A funny thing happened on the way to the market…

I went to my restaurant this morning to rouse my staff. They’re such dedicated workers, they refuse to go home after their shift so I graciously bought beds for them during the holidays so they no longer have to sleep on the floor.

I had to chase away a man loitering in the garden before opening the place and he offered to give an orange to all of my friends to atone for his trespassing. Didn’t leave me one, though!

I’ve heard from my neighbor, chilicandy, that she’s seen him wandering the neighborhood and loafing in her yard, too.

Kind of a strange fellow. He’s apparently homeless but has plenty of food to give away.

Anyway, I assigned my workers their positions and then went to visit my neighbors. I know all the restaurant owners on my block and we watch out for each other–picking up trash in each other’s restaurants, putting out fires, fixing leaks, chasing away wild animals, water their gardens, etc. Sometimes I feel like I do more work for my neighbors than I do for my own restaurant! However, it’s rewarding and I like to think they’re watching out for me as much as I am for them.

There were some new restaurants on my block this morning so I stopped in to take a look around and greet the owners. All of them were very hospitable and even gave me an ingredient for taking the time to visit. Some even offered to send some food home to my employees! Yes, I think I’m going to like these new neighbors just fine.

The head chef from my restaurant just called me on my cell phone. He says we’re out of sugar and asked if I could borrow some from the neighbors or buy some at the market while I’m out so I said I will. Hmm, I seem to recall the fancy restaurant at the top of the hill having a garden with sugar growing in it when I stopped by to water the plants yesterday so I’ll see if it’s ripe and if the owner (starshadow) is willing to part with it.

Here we are at her place, Osaka.

Darn, the sugar is not ripe yet and starshadow has none in her cupboards! Oh, well. I put some weed killer on the giant mushrooms growing in her garden and moved on to another friend’s restaurant.

I get to S peakeasy Books, owned by my friend britgirls, and find that she’s stepped out but I leave an offer to trade her some of her sugar. I looked around to see what she needed and when I noticed she was low on eggs, and I had just bought a bunch of eggs at the market a few days ago, I offered to give her those in exchange. Then I slipped over to the secret part of her restaurant to order a ginger beer to go before making my way to the market.

Hmm, sugar is on the market today, which is a surprise because it’s rare to find it here. The price is sky-high…5,200 coins!…but my chef insists we need it for the special holiday menu item he’s working on so I buy all of it I can.

Finally I’m done making my rounds so I go back to my restaurant.

There’s excitement as soon as I get in the door. One of the servers informs me that a sugar plant has cropped up in our garden from the last batch of seeds she planted.

That figures after I just bought a bunch of sugar for outlandish prices. Then I get a message from starshadow that her sugar is ready and she’s offering to trade it to me for cream. Haha, isn’t she sweet? Finally, britgirls returns and accepts my trade so now I have more sugar than I need! Isn’t it funny how things work out? That’s one of the reasons I love living here in Restaurant City.

If you want to write a guest blog, check out this thread in the forum – we are always looking for user content to publish!

Happy Birthday Facebook!

February 5, 2010

The Restaurant City team wishes Facebook a very happy 6th birthday!

To help Celebrate we are giving you all free chocolate! Remenber thought, that you must be a Fan of Restaurant City before you can claim it!

Click here to claim your free Chocolate:

Happy 6th Birtdhay, Facebook!

It is the year of the Tiger!

February 2, 2010

This week we start preparing for the celebrations for the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) and Valentines day. right here in Restaurant City!

We have just updated Restaurant City with new items, limited dishes and a number of changes and features, we hope you´ll like it!

First up, what you will notice when you load up Restaurant City today is that the newsletters have had a makeover – we hope you´ll find the new design of the newsletters better than the old one! Make sure to give us feedback on this.

You might not notice this when you log in today if you have already played the game earlier today, but tomorrow you will see a new ingredients screen when you log in! Now you can get up to 3 ingredients every day! However, you will first need to log in for 3 consecutive days, and every time you log in after that, you will get 3 ingredients! Miss a day, and you need to start over with 1 ingredient and work your way back up.

When sending free snacks to your friends or when feeding your own employees you will notice that the food you can feed your employees with are Valentines Specials! We are sure your workers will appreciate the Ruby Juice, Lolly, Sundae and Sweets! They´ll definetely be on a sugar rush! You´ll also notice that the food prices have changed – but also the amount of time each food add to your employees work time has now been raised!

Ruby Juice Lolly Sundae

Which leads me to the other change this week, which is that your workers can now work for 4 hours rather than the old 3 hours! We hope this will help you better manage your restaurant and make sure those popularity points stay high!

You will also find it a lot easier to redecorate your restaurant now, when you click on the “Redecorate” button you can now choose to move ALL items in your restaurant into your inventory. No more moving table by table or chair by chair. It´s now a lot easier and faster to create a new theme or layout for your restaurant! This change combined with the 3 different layouts we added last week, redecorating your restaurant is super easy!

There is also a sale going on in the Cash Ingredients Market – some ingredients are now selling at half-price! It´s also now easier to get to the market when you are in your recipe view – as a button to the market has been added in the recipe menu.


As already revealed, we are starting to prepare for the Chinese New Year and Valentines Day celebration. What better way to start getting your restaurant ready for that special Valentines Day than to make sure you have special dishes available for your customers?  This week a new main course is added, it is of course Lovely Steak! For dessert you can now serve up the Sweet Heart Mousse and let´s not forget the Sweet Rice Cake which combines  the Chinese New Year and Valentines Day perfectly!

Sweet Heart Mousse (Dessert – unlock before 16th of February) Lovely Steak (Main Course – – unlock before 23rd of February) Sweet Rice Cake (Dessert)

Some of these dishes are limited, look below the pictures above to see when you need to unlock them by. If you have not unlocked the dishes before that time, the dishes will disappear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked any of the three dishes, you can upgrade them to a level higher than level 1 at any time. You can upgrade them also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dishes (got them to at least level 1) before the period is over, they will disappear from your menu, however you may be able to buy these recipes in future.


We cheated a bit, and started the preparation for Valentines Day early last Friday – so this week the main focus is getting ready for the Chinese New Year for the interior and exterior of your restaurant. As Valentines Day and Chinese New Year this year fall on the same day, it is perfectly alright to combine the two! But now as you have 3 layouts you can change between there is also the option to kit out your restaurant specifically for both themes. Anyway, this week it´s mainly items for the Chinese New Year!

If you don´t know much about Chinese New Year, you can read this Wikipedia article which will tell you about the traditions for Chinese New Year. This year, is the year of the Tiger, and we of course have some decorations for you to show case this in your restaurant! Also if you did not know the word “Fu” in Chinese means Luck!

Fu Orange Decor Wealth Statue Fu Orange Tree
Flowering Bonsai Lucky Chinese Table Lucky Chinese Chair
Lucky Wallpaper Good Fortune Calligrapy Pale Lucky Tile
Grey Lucky Tile Red Lucky Tile Yellow Glossy Tile
Lucky Wall Sticker Tiger Tiger Cub
Gold Ingot Dragon Decor Red Valentine Present
Turquoise Valentine Present

As you will have noticed there are a lot of “lucky” items this week – and of course this carries over to the exterior of your restaurant where you can place the adorable Lucky TigerLucky Boy or Lucky Girl statues to welcome the customers into your restaurant. And of course, are you going for hte Chinese theme, the Traditionak Chinese Roof is a must have! And check out the very cute Valentines Banner!

Lucky Tiger Statue Lucky Boy Statue Lucky Girl Statue
Firecrackers Valentines Banner Traditional Chinese Roof

If you have managed to come all the way down to here, I have one other piece of important information to share with you! You can now earn more coins by visiting your friends! You now get 500 coins for the first friend you visit and help in their restaurant, followed by 100 for the next friend. Then friends 3-5 gives 50 coins while any visits over 6 friends will give you 5 coins.

We hope you like the theme this week as well as the changes we have made to the game. Make sure you leave a comment in the blog to let us know your feedback!