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How Bazaar !!

August 24, 2010

This weeks update in Restaurant City takes us on a Eastern Bazaar extravaganza!! For those of you not familiar with a Bazaar, it is a permanent merchandising area, marketplace, or street of shops usually found in the Middle East and often referred to as a flea market in western countries. The word Bazaar is derived from a Persian word bazar meaning “The place of prices”

Along with this update you will notice a new sleek look to your gaming screen. Restaurant City fans have requested for less icons obstructing the view of their restaurant layout, Playfish has taken in this feedback and delivered to their fans!

On the exterior of your restaurants this week you will find all the items needed to create the look of a Persian palace. Inside this palace your customer will find a bustling Bazaar to do some shopping before or after dining in your restaurant.

Imperial Palace Roof Imperial Palace Tile
Persian Entrance Persian Tower Imperial Palace Window

Add some warmth and comfort for your customers while they wait to be seated with these Moroccan and Turkish Sofas throughout your restaurants. Please note that the corner sofas are for decoration purpose only, customers trying to sit on these may find themselves landing on the ground!

Red Moroccan Sofa Blue Moroccan Sofa Pink Moroccan Sofa
Red Moroccan Corner Sofa Blue Moroccan Corner Sofa

(Gourmet King)

Pink Moroccan Corner Sofa

(Free Gift)

Turkish Sofa

(Free Gift)

Serve your customers on these Middle Eastern styled tables and colorful chairs and your customers will forget all about shopping at the Bazaar attached to your restaurant and spend their time relaxing and eating.

Red Moroccan Chair Blue Moroccan Chair Pink Moroccan Chair
Star Side Table

(Free Gift)

Large Octagon Side Table Octagon Side Table
Large Gilded Table Small Gilded Table

Wooden Moroccan themed archways and dividers will help your restaurant to achieve that true Bazaar appearance and leave your customers in awe over the craftsmanship of these hand carved masterpieces throughout your restaurant.

Moroccan Market Archway Moroccan Archway
Moroccan Divider Moroccan Divider Block

Tunisian wallpapers, and a variety of Imperial, Turkish and Moroccan tiles have been added for that complete Bazaar/Middle Eastern Theme in your Restaurant. Try mix n matching these to create a colorful background canvas for your customers dining experience.

Dark Tunisian Wallpaper Light Tunisian Wallpaper Turkish Stone Tile
Brown Imperial Tile Red Imperial Tile Brown Moroccan Tile

For characters this week we have added a Humble Waiter and Hookah Customer. Please make sure to seat your Hookah Customer in the smoking section of your restaurants to satisfy those who don’t enjoying participating puffing on the hookah!

Hookah Customer Humble Waiter

These decorative items will add that unique Moroccan/Middle Eastern element to your restaurants, and will create a captivating oasis for your customers.

Hookah Gold Kettle Silver Kettle

(Free Gift)

Moroccan Wall Lamp Blue African Floor Lamp Red African Floor Lamp
Tunisian Rug Turkish Rug Exotic Vase

Turkish stove and Mosaic tiled toilet and sinks have been added under functional items for your restaurants. In the Middle East mosaic tile used in decorating was often considered to convey social status and power, as it would be expensive to install.

Mosaic Toilet Mosaic Sink Turkish Stove

Middle Eastern cuisine is widely known for it aromatic spices and subtle flavors, these 3 new dishes, Doner Kebab (“rotating roast”), Moroccan Lamb Shank, Falafel and to drink Mint Tea, added to your menus will help put your Bazaar restaurant on the food critics favorite list.

Mint Tea Doner Kebab Moroccan Lamb Shank

(Gourmet King)

To finish off your bowling meals this week we have also added 2 champion meals. Both champion meals will not be available to level up until you have mastered all 6 of the previous bowling meals. You do not want to miss out leveling these dishes. To celebrate earning your Championship title we have added a few extra bonus upgrades for you!

Split Pin Taco Meal – Championship Bowling Balls plus 1 more staff to hire
Breakfast Meal Deal – Championship Bowling Pins plus 1 GP per customer

Split Pin Taco Meal Breakfast Meal Deal

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks Bazaar update, and don’t forget to check out the Playfish forums for useful hints and tips. Level 40 and under in Restaurant City? Check out Dawny and friends Kicker Starter Project for some free decorating items to help you beef up your restaurants!


*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release

Sporting A New Look !!

August 17, 2010

Restaurants all over Restaurant City can be seen sporting a new look with this Sports week update. Plenty of new items, combined with previous theme items, will allow you to redecorate your restaurant as a lounge sports bar, sports stadium, a place for concert venues or for those die hard sports fanatics perhaps a combination sportsplex!!

While visiting Maggie’s restaurant this week she let me in on a little secret. She said the Restaurant City team has something extra cooking in the kitchen that goes with this update. To find out what it is, we will have to log into our restaurant this Saturday GMT. I tried to get some more specific info out of her, but she was busy playing ping pong against the Gourmet King and mumbled something about it being “Flat-Out” awesome.

These exterior stadium windows, doors and two roof options will give your restaurants a first class stadium look. Don’t forget to add the basketball hoop and goal post as mini activities for your customers pre-event tailgate parties

Open Stadium Roof Stadium Roof
Stadium Entrance Stadium Window
Basketball Hoop Side Hoop Goal Posts

This week you can hire Microwave Jello a point guard basketball player and named one of the top 50 greatest players in NBA history, for a match up against legendary baseball hall of fame inductee Joe Dimashio for some one on one action outside your restaurant! A definite win win situation for you and your customer’s!

Outside Microwave Jello Hut! Hut! Hut! Outside Joe Dimashio

To enhance your customers dining experience this week, there are lots of different options of tables and chairs. Try mix n matching these to help satisfy all your sports fans!

Stadium Chair Baseball Mitt Chair Golf Ball Stool
Basketball Table Half Basketball Table
Soccer Table Half Golf Ball Table Mini Pool Table

For the decor inside your restaurants, we have added some sports tile flooring and wall pennants. For the die hard fans there is a cheering novelty the foam sport glove which allows your customers to show support for their favorite team.

Sports Glove Sports Pennant Sport Court Tile
Sport Court Top Right Corner Sport Court Top Left Corner Sport Court Line 1
Sport Court Line 2 Sport Court Bottom Right Corner Sport Court Bottom Left Corner

An all-star line up is available this week for your customers entertainment or event half time shows. Prospects include Riccota or Justin Brie, both are available to be booked separably or as a duo act!. Hopefully, it wont leave your customers with the contagious Brie fever that has swept through Restaurant City, last thing you need is the restaurant heath commissioner knocking on your door !!!!

Joe DiMashio Quarter Pounder Microwave Jello
Ricotta Justin Brie Cheerleader

With the additional of a ping pong table, air hockey table and basketball stove this week for functional items, your restaurants are guaranteed to be score big on the profit scale.

Basketball Stove

(serves 20% faster)

Air Hockey

(1500 coins per 4 hr)

Ping Pong Table

(1000 coins per 4 hours)

On the menus we have 2 new recipes: the PFC Sundae and 10 Pin Apple Pie. Both of these items will unlock two more additional features for your bowling alleys.

PFC SundaeAnimated Scoreboard
10 Pin Apple PieAdditional Bowling Lane

10 Pin Apple Pie PFC Sundae

Hope you enjoyed this weeks update of Sport week and don’t forget our little secret Maggie shared with us… opps I mean me *wink* Make sure to also check out the Playfish forums, I recommend this user run contest thread  RC Carnival lots of fun mini games for you to play and you can win prizes !!!

Lets get cooking !!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release

Free Gifting- Good news for everyone!

August 11, 2010
Here’s some good news about free gifts for all cooks! From now you will be able to accept gifts within Restaurant City. This mean you no longer need to use facebook requests to claim gifts.
Please note the following features of accepting gifts in the game:
  • The same gift will appear in your facebook requests and in the game but you can only claim it once.
  • If you accept gifts through facebook requests they will be removed from your in-game list.
  • Unfortunately gifts you accept in the game cannot be removed from your facebook gift requests. You will not be able to claim these gifts.
  • Finally – you will not receive an in-game mail confirming your accepted gifts. Gifts will be automatically added to your stored items.

Sample of in game gifting screen you will receive

We hope you enjoy giving and receiving gifts in Restaurant City!
– The Restaurant City team

Shake, Rattle and Bowl!

August 10, 2010

This week’s update in Restaurant City is made in the shade (success guaranteed) and has you serving your customers up some fun, Continuing with the 50’s theme with some Shake Rattle and Bowl customers will be heard yelling “Turkeyyyyyyy” accompanied by loud cheering. Make sure your chefs don’t mistaken this as a meal request from the kitchen because in bowling a Turkey is 3 strikes (all pins down with 1 ball) in a row and a grand achievement for any bowler!!

Starting with the exteriors of your restaurants, to satisfy those customers looking to burn rubber (go in a hurry), a fast food sign and roof have been added. Last week if you remember Maggie could be found featured on your Dr Pepper signs, while this week she’s moonlighting as your restaurants mascot accompanied by a Hipster (someone who is cool) Maggie’s talents and willingness to do what is needed to succeed in the restaurant business are inspiring, no wonder her restaurant is number one on our streets !!

Fast Food Roof Outdoor PFC Mascot Hipster
Bowling Deco Drive In Sign Fast Food Sign

Retro wallpaper and an assortment of bowling lane floor tiles will most likely be a radioactive (popular) option for decorating your 50’s Diner/Bowling Alley. If the bowling tile flooring doesnt make you Go Ape (go crazy), the black and white or red and white checkered flooring currently in the shops is a perfect match for your 50’s theme.

Retro Diner Wallpaper Bowling Lane Arrow Tile Bowling Lane Arrow Tile
Bowling Lane Arrow Tile Bowling Lane Arrow Tile Bowling Lane Tile

Last weeks addition of the hot rod style seating and tables had your customers laying a patch around Restaurant City. A new style of hopped up hot rod has been added the Chefrolet, as well as a bowling and retro style table giving your customers more reasons to not want to agitate the gravel (leave).

Green Chefrolet Sofa & Trunk Green Chefrolet Table
Blue Chefrolet Sofa & Trunk Blue Chefrolet Table
Retro Diner Table Bowling Lane Table

When it comes to creating a successful 50’s retro diner/bowling alley decor, it’s all about the details that set the mood. Bowling signs, pins, balls and a roller-skating waitresses decor are just enough to have your customers on cloud 9 (really happy) with their 50’s diner experience.

Bowling Sign Over-sized Bowling Pin (Free Gift) Over-sized Bowling Ball
PFC Mascot Waitress

For functional indoor items we have added a new 50’s theme Diner Bar(works the same as the other lounge bars) as well as a new Bowling Alley that will blow you and your customers top! The functional bowling alley is yours completely free by mastering one of the new meals, the PFC Family Meal. With the addition of  the bowling alley to your restaurants not only will you earn money and be able to watch your customers bowling in your restaurants but you will also be giving your customers  the opportunity to join the other 95 million people in more than 90 countries worldwide that enjoy bowling!

Bowling Alley

(Earns 500 coins per 4 hrs)

50’s Diner Bar

On your menus this week you will notice 4 new main meals as well as 2 new ingredients, Salt and Soda. These are no ordinary meals. Each meal once mastered to perfection, unlocks an item for your bowling alley!

PFC Family Bucket Bowling Alley
Playfish Fillet Meal
Bowling alley return delivery system
Strike Meal Deal Additional bowling alley lane
Nuggets Meal Deal Bowling shelves

The Strike Meal Deal Playfish Fillet Meal Deal Nuggets Meal Deal
PFC Family bucket Soda



(Free Gift & Crates)

Bowl Over” your customers by dressing your employees in these cool 50’s style bowling shirts or the casual Hawaiian Outfit. Anyone of these choices will have the pins bowing down to you, and will most likely leave even the Fonz jealous!

*please note the bowling and pfc pants are not a new item in stores

Hawaiian Shirt & Shorts (Shirt-Gourmet King) Bowling Shirt PFC Shirt Uniform

(Shirt -Free Gift)

Hope you find this week’s update is “right up your alley”. Make sure to check out the Playfish forums and our new Players Help Room for useful tips and hints from our helpful moderators and users!! Just a reminder that new recipes are now available and items will be available on Thursdays GMT!!

What are you waiting for? Put on those bowling shoes and get ready to Shake Rattle and Roll !!!

The 50’s With a Dash of Pepper!

August 3, 2010

Restaurant City’s update this week brings us a blast from the past introducing a 50’s Drive In theme with a dash of pepper, Dr Pepper that is ! Expect your customers to be humming, whistling or possibly even singing this famous Dr Pepper jingle by the time they leave your 50’s styled diners  !!

♫ I’m a Pepper, he’s a Pepper,
She’s a Pepper, we’re a Pepper,
Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?
Be a Pepper. Drink Dr Pepper.♫

In the 50’s, diner parking lots were a popular hang out spot for all kinds of characters for showing off their suped up Hot Rod with bent eight (V8) engines before a fun night at the drive in followed by dare devil street racing. For the exterior of your restaurants with this update we have included all the necessary items to recreate this look. You may also notice our very own Maggie has made superstar status being featured on the Dr Pepper sign for your restaurants !

Danny Zucchini Guys and Gals Jock
Whiteback Tea-Bird Newsmobile
Gas Pump Outdoor Dr Pepper Sign

These Cadisnack hotrod style tables, and seating are sure to make your customers flip their lids. Getting these customers to agitate the gravel (leave) is going to be difficult once they sit down.

Red Cadisnack Hood & Trunk Black Cadisnack Hood & Trunk Pink Cadisnack Hood & Trunk
Red Cadisnack Table Black Cadisnack Table Pink Cadisnack Table

Jazz up your restaurants dining area with these shiny leather and steel chairs along with corner booths all decorated in red, white and black. All three of these colors were an overwhelmingly popular choice for diners in the 50’s. Any or all of these items combined will set the mood in your restaurant as Casual Dining with 50’s fun!

Red Steel Chair Black Steel Chair

(Free Gift)

White Steel Chair
Diner Sofa Corner

(Free Gift)

Red Leather Diner Chair

Interior decorating items to give your restaurant the final touches needed to complete your 50’s look are an Old Time TV, Old Time Radio,  Racing and Dr Pepper Signs. Also, for the inside of your restaurant, we have a functional Gas Pump that will turn all your garbage into oil slicks! For your customers safety, and for the benefit of your wallet, we have made these oil slicks the non slippery kind!

Old Time TV Old Time Radio Old Time Racing Sign
Dr Pepper Sign Gas Pump

Deciding which gig to showcase in your restaurants is going to be a tough decision. Available to book for your customers entertainment this week are famous musician impersonators the Kitchen King, Nutty Holly, or Grease superstars Sandy Orange & Danny Zucchini. Looking for something a little quieter? How about bringing in the star of Forbidden Restaurants which is currently playing at the local drive in, Robby the robot, for some autograph sessions. Any of these are sure to draw your restaurant a crowd.

Sandy Orange Danny Zucchini Kitchen King
Nutty Holly Robby

For your kitchens this week we have added a Dr Pepper Vending Machine (guaranteed to save you on maintenance costs by never breaking down), a Cadisnack Stove and a Smug Fridge Dispenser. All three of these functional items are designed to make your 50’s diner more profitable.

Dr Pepper Vending Machine

( 300 coins every 4 hrs)

Red Cadisnack Stove Smug Fridge Dispenser

To better serve your customers, we have added three new menu items: Ribs N Wings Combo, Chili dog, and Dr Pepper Float as well as one new ingredient known in the 50’s as “The Friendly Pepper Upper” Dr Pepper can drink. Royal the special promo Dr Pepper Float and the vending machine is yours completely free!

Rib “n” Wings


Chili Dog


Dr Pepper Float


Dr Pepper

(Free Gift & Gourmet King)

Although Grease was just a movie and most kids didn’t look quite that cool in the 50’s, in this update we have added a few clothing items inspired from this movie . For the ladies, a 50’s High School Uniform and for the men the option of a Greaser Jacket and Jeans or Jock Jacket.

Greaser Jacket and Jeans Jock Jacket

(Free Gift)

50’s High School Girl Uniform

Thats all for this weeks update !! Please make sure to visit the Playfish forums and post in our Restaurant City gallery section a picture of your updated restaurants with your 50’s Drive in theme. While your there have a look around there are lots of good user run contest with prizes, like the Restaurant of the Week thread, and many others.

This blog update now has me craving one of those “Friendly Peppers Uppers” maybe because I’m a pepper ! Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too? ……..

Lets Get Cooking !!!!