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All For One, and One For All !

July 28, 2010

All for one, and one for all was the motto of a fictional group of French musketeer heroes who stayed loyal to each other through thick and thin in the novel of the Three Musketeers. Fitting perfectly into this week’s theme in Restaurant City as the story is set in the 17th century during the Baroque era and is partially set in the Versailles Palace, home of the King and Queen.

Ironically this title is even more fitting then just for this week’s item release, as you our fans are like our Three Musketeers (loyal to us through thick and thin) so to you I say “All for one, and one for all”. Due to popular requests from our musketeers, the Magic Boxes will be brought back on July 30 GMT for a limited time of three days only! Three days, three musketeers, hmmm coincidence ?

Starting with the exterior of your restaurants in this update, you will find just enough items combined with those of last week’s to accurately recreate scenes from any version of the Three Musketeers; many of these taking place on the steps of the Versailles Palace. To help you to not have to choose just one design or scene for your exterior we have now updated the game to allow you to design and save up to four layouts!!!

3 Musketeers Kings Coach and Horses
Fountain Flamingo Hedge Grand Entrance

Inside your restaurants you will find some new extravagant bold items and marbles to help complete your interior design of the Versailles Palace. Marble Columns, Stone dividers, Elegant Rug and a few more colored wallpapers to add to your previous collection from last week’s new items.

Pink Marble Column

(Gourmet King)

Ebony Marble Column
Green Marble Column

(Free Gift)

White Marble Column
Umber Versailles Wallpaper Stone Versailles Wallpaper Green Versailles Wallpaper
Stone Divider Block Stone Divider Wall Elegant Rug

For your customer’s Versailles dining experience we have added a wide selection of grand and exquisite seating. I highly recommend using the Courtesan Chairs in your waiting area for customers while they wait to be seated at their tables. What better way to start off their Versailles restaurant experience !!

Grand Green Marble Table Grand Black Marble Table Grand White Marble Table
Grand Pink Marble Table


Exquisite Purple Chair Exquisite Pink Chair
Red Courtesan Chair

(gourmet king)

Black Courtesan Chair


White Courtesan Chair
Dainty Side Table

Last week we introduced to your Baroque themed restaurants two new Lounge Bars The Exquisite and Royal Jade. Due to the increased popularity in your restaurants we have added extensions to go with these lounge bars.
*Please also note that the original Lounge bar extensions have now also been added back in the shops.

Jade Bar Extension Exquisite Bar Extension

The Versailles Palace just wouldn’t be the same palace if it didn’t include Glorious and Rhythmic Fountains, sculptured Hedges, Harpsichords, Grand Statues and Wall Mounted Candles placed all over. One of these grandiose items is an exquisite beauty and can not be obtained by purchasing in the shops. Will you be the first to wow your customers by displaying this item in your restaurant?

Glorious Fountain Rhythmic Fountain Harpsichord

(earns 900 coins per hour)

Square Hedge Flamingo Hedge Cone Hedge
Marble Venus Wall Mounted Candles

These four animated characters are a must have to bring your Versailles theme to life. Just be careful not to place Porthos, Athos or Aramis too close to any customers to ensure they don’t get caught in the path of these sword swinging heroes as they stand guard and protect your restaurant.

Porthos Athos Aramis
Marie Antoinette

On your menus this week we have added three new French dishes to serve in your restaurant as well as one new ingredient, Duck. These three new dishes added to your menus allows you the opportunity to serve your customers a complete French course. Rumor around the Versailles Palace is one of these meals once mastered is sure to make your restaurant a bigger hit then before !

French Onion Soup


Royal Duck Confit


Fancy French Pastry


Duck Ingredient

(crate only)

Adding to the collection of employee outfits is a new Musketeer Outfit. Wearing the Musketeer attire is said to be a great honor and shows devotion to the King or in this case restaurant connoisseur. Show your employees your appreciation of their dedication, loyalty and hard work by honoring them with the privileged of wearing this outfit!

Musketeer Outfit

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks update of Versailles Palace don’t forget to visit the Playfish forums for helpful hints, tips, decorating ideas or to make some new neighbors. Id love to see pictures of your restaurants decorated with this weeks theme posted in our Gallery section!

Lets Get Cooking !!

Announcing the Lounge Bar competition results!

July 26, 2010

Firstly thank you all for taking part in the Lounge Bar competition. We were as overwhelmed as ever at the sheer skill and creativity on show, and let us tell you now that makes us pretty darn overwhelmed!

We’ve sent our roving restaurant critic to report on the winning restaurants, so take it away roving restaurant critic!

I’m reporting live from the winning restaurant tapping the results of the competition into my trusty laptop. I’m not going to say too much about where I am just yet so I don’t spoil the surprise but I will tell you that from where I’m sitting I can see a rather nice collection of bottles and a drinks keg, decorated tastefully with a fine black marble pillar.

But more about where I’m sitting later. The competition was split into four parts. As well as asking you to show us the last word in lounge bar dining there were three other categories — the More Than A Bouncer Award, the Oops! I Can’t Believe That Just Happened! Award and the relatively sensible sounding Best Lounge Bar Name Award.

Bouncers are the unsung heroes of Restaurant City. They don’t get paid like the other staff do. They don’t get to rest like other staff do. They just have to stand there and wait just in case someone causes trouble. And touch wood, no customer has ever caused any trouble in the history of Restaurant City. The hours are long and the work can be a little uneventful. So we wanted to give the bouncers a chance to show what they can really do. And you know what? It turns out they’re good at being big. But not, y’know, bouncer big. We’re talking really big. Like, this big:

So congratulations gemesimo, the 100 Playfish Cash for the More Than A Bouncer Award is yours. We’d come visit your restaurant to congratulate you in person but we’re a bit put off by the whole scary giant bouncer being in there thing. By the way, I just ordered this pink fruit cocktail from behind the well stock drinks bar in the overall winning restaurant but it was kind of sugary for me and I haven’t got much of a sweet tooth. Between you and me I poured it into one of the blue and white Ming vases that were close to my table and- oops, I think I just gave another clue where I was didn’t I? No. Bad roving reporter. Think before you type.

Anyway, for the next entry, well, we shouldn’t really laugh but we have to admit it made us chuckle. This one comes courtesy of “LOL!!” and we really hope the 100 Playfish Cash they just won helps to repair some of the flood damage in their restaurant.

As you can see, LOL!!’s staff have paddled out of the restaurant to go on strike outside. Having said that they don’t seem to be in agreement on the terms, with some claiming the restaurant needs a bar, some arguing what the restaurant needs is a new stove and one who we’re guessing has had enough because all he really wants is a new job. Well done LOL!!, we hope you get your restaurant back in business soon. And to the guy outside asking for a new job, we really hope that works out for you.

Next up is the Best Lounge Bar Name Award. VIP Lounge (Very Important Pharaohs) takes the top spot earning khoi1979 100 Playfish Cash! Special mention must go to Cocoa Cabana by PunkiC and The Codfather by Spursy79 which came a close 2nd. 1979 must have been a good year for restaurant naming!

So now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The top 3 winning restaurants as voted for by the Playfish team. A picture paints a thousand words so we’ll let your photography skills do the talking:

Pinky25 wins 200 Playfish Cash for Exquisite

Davidk wins 250 Playfish Cash for The Full Moon

So that just leaves one restaurant. The restaurant which I’m sitting in now enjoying the duck confit, which might I say is every bit as exquisite as the ambience. The winner of the Lounge Bar Competition and the 300 Playfish Cash grand prize is…

BUTTERCUP with Black Magic Bar! Congratulations BUTTERCUP!

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the community vote. We wanted to save it until last because there otherwise we’d have given away which restaurant came in first place. So, we asked you to vote for your favourites which would take 4th, 5th and 6th place in the competition and earn their owners a cool 150 Playfish Cash each. And you know what? It turns out great minds think alike. Black Magic Bar was your top voted restaurant with an impressive 23.3% of the vote and it was our top voted restaurant too. Your 3rd choice, The Full Moon with 14.87% of the vote, was actually our choice to come 2nd overall. So that means your 2nd choice, Euphoria with 17.89% of the vote, takes 4th place overall. Cocoa Cabana takes 5th place with 11.33% of the vote and Carpe Noctum takes the 6th spot with 10.36% (apologies to C and H who were wrongly credited with 6th place). Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done, folks.

Well that’s a wrap. We hope you’ve enjoyed the competition and all those amazing lounge bars. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who took part! You’re all awesome!

Simplement Grandeur !!!

July 21, 2010

Keeping in the theme of taking you back in time this weeks new item release in Restaurant City takes you to Europe dating all the way back to the late 16th century to late 18th century know as the Baroque Opulence. It is said that Baroque decor was borrowed more or less directly from Louis XIV’s Versailles Palace and driven by the new wealth of the middle classes. You can expect this week to find plenty of ornate , intricate and grandiose styles to add to your restaurants allowing you a chance to capture the true artistic and architecture style of Baroque.

For the Exterior  of your restaurants this week you will find all the  items that  you need to remodel your restaurants appearance to look similar to the Chateau De Versailles. The Versailles was the royal residence where the king lived and often found himself surrounded by members of nobility, the Courtiers.

Grand Versailles Roof Ornate Window Ornate Door
Marble Banner Outside Marble Column Outside Marble Arch
Big Gargoyle Small Gargoyle
Outside Feather In Hat Courtier Outside Louis XIV Outside Fair Haired Courtier
Outside Courtesan

Inside the Versailles you could find many extravagant bold colors and shiny marbles. Many of the wall coverings and flooring in this update can be found somewhere throughout the Versailles. The Green Baroque wall covering looks almost identical to the wall coverings that can be seen in the Kings Grand apartment in his Abundance Salon which was used as a place of refreshments.

Plum Baroque Pink Baroque Cream Baroque
Blue Baroque Green Baroque
Black Marble Ivory Marble Blue Marble
Green Marble Tile Ornate Window Ornate Door

Your customers will be left in awe over the large and ornate; magnificent Palatial Tables and Chairs accompanied by two options for a new Lounge Bar to go with your decor and delicious French Macaroons to serve from your kitchens.

Ebony Palatial Chair Ivory Palatial Chair Red Palatial Chair

(Free Gift)

Ebony Palatial Table Ivory Palatial Table Walnut Palatial Table

(Free Gift)

Exquisite Lounge Bar Royal Jade Lounge Bar French Macaroons

Baroque art is a style in which painters, sculptors, and architects rummaged emotion, movement, and variety in their works.This style was sometimes considered to be excessively decorated and overly complicated and included Cherub Statues, Wall Paintings and Candelabras

Cherub Statue Girl With Pearl Jolly Cavalier
Gold Candelabra Short Candelabra Black Candelabra

(Free Gift)

Louis XIV Courtesan Feather In Hat Courtier
Fair Haired Courtier

Adding the new Kings Pardon Bench to your restaurant will not only earn you more coins but will also give your customers a place to confess their sins of overindulging in those delicious French Macaroons your serving !

King’s Pardon Booth King’s Pardon Booth Priest
(Comes with King’s Pardon Booth)

Hope you enjoy this weeks update and don’t forget that MINT is now grow-able in your gardens.

Let’s Get Cooking !

Still Got That Groove Thang !

July 11, 2010

Restaurant City this week brings us even more psychedelic things dating back to the 60’s.The 60’s can be remembered for so many things; The British Invasion, tie dye clothing, hippies, camper vans and beaded curtains to name a few all which have been included into this weeks theme for you. Groovy, hip, nifty and primo are just a few words from the 60’s that could be used to best describe all these new items for your Restaurants!

Don’t forget to grab your limited items out of the Magic Box’s, only 1 week left to get those far out 60’s chic items !!

What better way to celebrate the 60’s British invasion than hiring Paul Macaroni, George Halibut, John Lemon and Mango Star to entertain your customers. This iconic band is sure to make your restaurant a 60’s hit.

Paul Macaroni George Halibut John Lemon
Mango Star

To really set the mood of the 60’s we have included for you this week some camping inspired items. Make sure to add the Hippy Ice Cream Van to your restaurant to give your customers a special treat thats sure to leave them Wiggin’ out for more!

Hippy Ice Cream Van Peace Camper Van Hippy Camper Van
Cypress Tree Inside Cypress Tree Camp Fire
Hippy Tent

Patterns, bright vibrant colors, a must for decorating in the 60’s. Flowers were on almost everything, thus, the term flower power. These decorations will help you to make an eye-catching design leaving your customers to feel like they are back in time.

Psychedelic Green Wallpaper Psychedelic Pink Wallpaper Psychedelic Tan Wallpaper
Bead Curtain Plum Floor Rug Earth Floor Rug
Orange Floral Tile Green Floral Tile
Earthenware Terracotta Tile Earthenware Stone Tile Earthenware Mixed Tile
Earth Tile Apache Pattern Tile

Wicker furniture and knick knacks such as statues and incense in the 60’s were a common decorating trend. Clutter was the hip thing in decorating, most places you would find with numerous amounts of these decorating items. Make sure to stock up to fully achieve that 60’s theme.

Rustic Chair

(Gourmet King)

Rustic Table

(Gourmet King)

Wicker Chair
Mystic Statue Happy Monk Statue Earth Mother statue
Hippy guitarist Wood Incense Holder Peace Incense Holder
Groovy Record Small Wax Leaf Plant Hippy Potted Plant

For your groovy kitchens this week to help deck them out we have added two new stoves, a drink dispenser and three new recipes to put on your menus.

Psychedelic Stove Hippy Stove Natural Juice Dispenser
Pho Soup Vegan Tofu Delight Vegetable Samosas

(Gourmet King)

To finish setting the 60’s mood for your customers we have added a few clothing items for your staff. I’m pretty sure at least one of these items can still be seen worn today !

Tie Dye T-shirt Hippy glasses

This week you will also notice a new addition to your Restaurant City family Maggie! Maggie and her restaurant can be found at the front of your street but will not appear in your friends list so you must scroll to find her. Make sure to stop by and visit Maggie regularly as her restaurant is currently undergoing some renovations for her grand opening. Rumor has it Maggie has a flare for decorating and often finds her self remodeling to keep up with the latest trends around Restaurant City!

Hippy Cooking !!!

Groovy, baby!

July 6, 2010

Whew! That week flew by and now it’s time for another update from the always incredible Restaurant City Team! This week they have stuck us all in a time machine and brought us back to the 60’s! It will surely be a week to remember, even for those of us who have only heard of the amazing era that brought us great music, stylish clothing, outrageous hairdo’s and downright incredible cars. We can catch a small glimpse of the 60’s right here in Restaurant City together!

But first, it’s out with the old, and in with the new! The Mystery Boxes we released a couple of weeks ago have disappeared from Restaurant City and have been replaced with brand new 60’s Chic Magic Boxes! Inside of them are exclusive 60’s themed items that can only be found in the boxes, including Gumball Machines in red, blue and green, tons of Pop! Art Prints for your walls, and much more! Read below to see what each item does (functionality wise)

Blue Gumball Machine Red Gumball Machine
Green Gumball Machine
Drowning Pop Arts Maggie Monroe Art Splash Art Print
Target Pop Art Print Whaam! Pop Art
Red Capsule Chair Retro Ruby Stove
  • Happy Snap Photo Booth – Earns: 1200 coins Every: 4 hours
  • Red Gumball Machine – Earns: 850 coins Every: 4 hours
  • Green Gumball Machine – Earns: 850 coins Every: 4 hours
  • Blue Gumball Machine – Earns: 850 coins Every: 4 hours
  • Splash – Pop Art Print Series – adds +0.5 max popularity
  • Maggie Monroe – Pop Art Print Series  – adds +0.5 max popularity
  • Drowning – Pop Art Print Series – adds +0.5 max popularity
  • Target – Pop Art Print Series – adds +0.5 max popularity
  • Whaam! – Pop Art Print Series – adds +0.5 max popularity

For our tastebuds this week, we have introduced two new dishes to the menu! The first one is a dessert called Bundt Cake (requires Chocolate, Flour, Sugar, Cherry), and the second is a Gourmet King only recipe called Fondue Set, which once obtained from one of your friends, requires Cheese, Cheese, Apple and Bread. Delicious!

Bundt Cake Fondue Set

(Gourmet King Recipe)

We’ve made some room for just one new gift this week! Perfect for any theme really, the Mixed Grain Table is a beautiful and versatile piece of furniture and can only be obtained via Free Gifts from your friends!

Mixed Grain Table

Indoors this week, I want you to imagine bright colors, clean lines, modern pieces, chic style and bold patterns! That pretty much sums up the items that will be arriving on Thursday (12 AM GMT) We’ve also added a ton of variety this week with new wallpapers in solid colors and subtle patterns for the simplistic type.

Orange Mod Sofa Corner
Orange Mod Sofa Orange Mod Sofa
Orange Mod Sofa Center
Chocolate Mod Sofa Corner
Chocolate Mod Sofa Chocolate Mod Sofa
Chocolate Mod Sofa Center
Green Half Capsule Chair Red Half Capsule Chair

(Email Subscribers)

Yellow Half Capsule Chair Orange Half Capsule Chair
Apple SimpleTone Wallpaper Blush SimpleTone Wallpaper Grape SimpleTone Wallpaper
Ochre SimpleTone Wallpaper Olive SimpleTone Wallpaper Terracotta SimpleTone Wallpaper
Apple Fan Pattern Wallpaper Peach Fan Pattern Wallpaper
Pink Fan Pattern Wallpaper Sky Fan Pattern Wallpaper
Citrus Punch Stripe Wallpaper Kiwi Sky Stripe Wallpaper
Orchard Stripe Wallpaper Blush Dawn Stripe Wallpaper
Airport Series Arrival Tile Airport Series Cafe Tile Airport Series Departure Tile
Hotel Series Blush Tile Hotel Series Grape Tile Hotel Series Apple Tile
Pearl Plastic Monobloc Chair Pearl Plastic Table
Sky Plastic Monobloc Chair Sky Plastic Table
Airport Clock Soup – Pop Art Print Series
Apple Modernist Divider Blush Modernist Divider Chocolate Modernist Divider
Beatnik Man
Hip Geometric Dress Mod Suit Hip Arrow Dress

Outside I suggest adding the new Flower Power Bug for a splash of color, and the Hip Beatnik Girl and Beatnik Boy to attract all of the cool cat customers in town to your restaurant.

Flower Power Bug Happy Camper Van
Air Hostess Beatnik Boy Beatnik Girl
Hip Cafe Banner Retro Diner Banner

Enjoy the flashback, fellow restaurant owners! Make sure you leave your feedback for us. We love hearing your thoughts!

Love, peace & chicken grease! (Happy Cooking!)