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September 28, 2010

Cooks and patrons around Restaurant City will be warming up their bellies in anticipation of this week’s release. It’s early autumn and the perfect time to put together an Oktoberfest themed restaurant for your customers in celebration of the 200th year anniversary of this yearly event. The drinks are chilling and the Sauerkraut is simmering, Wunderbar! It’s time to make your restaurants look like good ol’ Bavaria.

To help give the exterior of your restaurants a true Oktoberfest you will find in this update cobalt blue and snow-white Festive Tent roof and tile. Did you know these are the official colors of the German state of Bavaria? Or if you would rather go more stately, there is the Bavarian House Roof and House tile.

Bavarian House Roof Bavarian House Tile Bavarian Sign
Festival Tent Roof Festival Tent Tile Bavarian Garden Bench
Bavarian Girl Bavarian Boy

Long wooden benches and tables are a common style of seating at any Oktoberfest celebration. For the first time ever in Restaurant City the Large Social Table will allow you to seat SIX customers – three on either side!  As an added bonus it also allows you to place the animate Schuplattier Dancer on top of it! Just be careful your dancer hasn’t had too many Oktoberfest Mocktails before attempting this.

Large Social Table Oktoberfest Table
Oktoberfest Bench Oktoberfest Side Table

Guarantee yourself a profitable Oktoberfest festival by putting at least one if not several of these Stalls serving wurst and sauerkraut in your restaurants functioning as an arcade machine and pairing it up with the Frau drink dispenser, serving drinks 5 percent faster is guaranteed to make your festivities not only a hit but a nice profit!

Wurst and Sauerkraut Stall

( Arcade 850 coins  every 4 hrs)

Frau Drink Dispenser

(Serves 5% faster)

With Oktoberfest festivities going on in the fall time, keeping your customers warm may just be one of your top priorities. The Bavarian Fireplace in this weeks update plays host to a stuffed moose head who he himself looks like he’s maybe had a few to many mocktails himself! Placing the fake bear rug in front of it will help add a cozy warm feel to your restaurants.

Bavarian Fireplace Fake Bear Rug

Provide the atmosphere of an old German Brau Haus (Brewery) with these interior decor items. Since the party will inevitably spill outside, make sure you decorate your restaurants garden area with the Oktoberfest Bandstand so your Bavarian oom-pah band can perform while your customers dance the Polka!

Oktoberfest Bandstand Oktoberfest Door Oktoberfest Arch
Oktoberfest Banner Timberframe Banner Wallpaper

(Free Gift)

Timberframe Wallpaper
Oktoberfest Tile Accordion Hanging Pillar

These  seasoned animated entertainers are willing to perform throughout Restaurant  City this week, most likely drawing crowds wherever they perform.  Molasselhoff is one to watch out for you don’t want to miss adding him to your restaurants, with his talents he may quickly become the festival’s most talked about  star!!

Accordion Player Tuba Player Clarinet Player
Schuhplattier Dancer Molasselhoff

Bavarian Platters, Steins with Flower and Pretzel baskets throughout your restaurants will help put those small but important finishing touches to achieve the perfect Oktoberfest theme.

Bavarian Platter Stein

(Free Gift)

Oktoberfest Basket Edelweiss

(Free Gift)

On the Menu this week we have added a Bavarian Platter which consists of Wurst (what is a Oktoberfest celebration without sausage?)Pretzels and Oktoberfest Mocktail (caution: too many of these may result in customers craving hamburgers and laying on the floor motionless).  For those customers looking for a more relaxing beverage and this week we have added the next Coffee Bar recipe, Frappé Mocha.

Oktoberfest Mockatail Bavarian Platter Frappe Mocha

Finally, dress up your staff to help in getting your customers in the mood to celebrate this Oktoberfest season with these one-size-fits-all uniforms. Frau for the ladies and for the gentleman the look of classic German Lederhosen (Hansel)!

Frau Top Frau Dress
Lederhosen Shirt Lederhosen pants

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks update and find it Wunderbar!!!!Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and keep up with whats new in Restaurant City!

Zeit zum Kochen
(Time to Cook)

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

Two Green Thumbs Up!

September 21, 2010

This week’s new Garden Cafe items will have your customers giving your restaurant two green thumbs up! In reference to gardening, a green thumb means a special ability to make plants grow. With the addition of these new items, Restaurant City will be in full bloom, so get growing on a fantastic garden design.

These  Glass Roof, tiles, doors and windows will drench your cafes with natural light and create an extraordinary feeling of warmth and openness. Just the thing you need to bring life into your Garden Cafes and patio dining areas.

Richmond Glass Roof Glasshouse Tile Provincial Cafe Sign
Large Glasshouse Door Glasshouse Window Yellow
Small Glasshouse Door Glasshouse Window Blue

Decorations on the outside of your restaurant are as important as those on the inside. They give your customers a positive first impression and set the atmosphere of your Cafe. Planting some of these provincial flower beds along your wrought iron fence and having your male  Barista, who specialize in making coffee, outside greeting your customers will help draw new business into your cafe.

Low Provincial Flower Bed High Provincial Flower Bed Wrought Iron Gate
Woman with Poodle Male Barista

The new functional items for your restaurant also display some delightful animation for your customers. The Swan Pond will have your customers mesmerized as they watch this graceful bird glide across the pond, while using the birdhouse in your restaurant will turn all of the trash into flying birds!


(Turns trash into flying birds)

Swan Pond


(Sample of birds)

Both the Garden and Richmond Doorways in this week’s update will give your French Garden Cafe’s an outdoor feel. Adding more than one of the Richmond doors in your restaurant will completely open up the interior and make your customers feel like they are actually dining outside!

Garden Doorway Richmond Doorway Richmond Wallpaper
Parisian Awning Red Parisian Window Green Parisian Window

Never before has there been a table like the Grand Richmond Table in Restaurant City. Not only does it come with an umbrella to help shade your customers from the hot sun, but this table will also allow you to seat and serve not one, not two, but four customers at a time! Combine this table with the Richmond Chairs and Wrought Iron Dividers to give your customers a true outdoor cafe dining experience.

Grand Richmond Table

(seats four customers)

Grand Richmond Chair
Wrought Iron corner Divider Wrought Iron Divider

Every garden needs at least one of these European phenomenons: a Garden Gnome. Make these protectors of the earth the center of attention alongside The Birdbath and Marble Garden Statue.

Marble Garden Statue Garden Gnome

(Free Gift)


Trees properly placed around your restaurant are the green way to help reduce air conditioning needs for the interior, and will also aide in reinforcing the symmetry of the garden in your cafe.

Large Glasshouse Shrub Small Glasshouse Shrub
Large Glasshouse Tree Small Glasshouse Tree

Fill your Garden Cafe with the fresh scents of a mixture of these vibrant flowers, suitable for both indoor and outdoor decor. Also, don’t let the coffee grinds from your coffee bar go to waste, sprinkling it around the soil of your flower shrubs will help fertilize and keep your Cafe Garden looking great all year round!

Refined Flower Bed
Red Flower Bed Centerpiece Blue Flower Bed Centerpiece Yellow Flower Bed Centerpiece
Red Flower Bed Corner Blue Flower Bed Corner Yellow Flower Bed Corner
Red Flower Bed Straight Blue Flower Bed Straight Yellow Flower Bed Straight

This week’s limited item will only be available for three days starting September 24th GMT. You don’t want to miss out on this hot (or should I say cold?) Mystery item!!! It’s a must have for your cafe, and it will help you to have your customers swirling in and out of your restaurant in no time flat!

Mystery Limited Item

On your menus this week are four new recipes. On the drinks menu, we have Cafe Viennois (a viennese style coffeehouse), which is a hot drink usually made up of a single or double shot of espresso, and Lemon and Ginger Tea. We also have two new dishes with Key Lime Pie and a Cinnamon Swirl. Once levelled, each of these will unlock a new feature to enhance your Coffee Bar.

Cafe Viennois – Unlocks Coffee Percolator
Lemon and Ginger Tea – Unlocks Express Yourself Coffee Machine
Key Lime Pie – Adds Pastry Knives and Toppings
Cinnamon Swirl – Unlocks Counter Decorations

Cafe Viennois


Lemon and Ginger Tea


Key Lime Pie


Cinnamon Swirl


We hope you have enjoyed this weeks update and give it two green thumbs up and remember,Good gardeners take care of their plants – weed ’em and reap!!! Make sure to visit Restaurant City forums to see what new awesome designs our users come up this week.

Let’s Get Cooking!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release

Paris… Love, Lights and Cafe!!

September 14, 2010

Bonjour. Je voudrais un café, s’il vous plait (“Hello, I would like a coffee, please.”) can be heard around Restaurant City this week as locals and visitors to Restaurant City enjoy a stroll in search of fresh coffee and pastries through the most dazzling city in the world, Paris, The City of Lights. Parisian Bistros/Cafes are known to serve some of the best coffee in the world; and this update, filled with lots of new coffee-related items, will not disappoint your customers.  Allow Restaurant City to bring you the kind of Parisian coffee shop that your customers will love and a wonderful spot to enjoy a relaxing meal or an intimate coffee with friends.

The Coffee Bar is brand new this week, and it’s unlike any bar seen in Restaurant City before. For the first time ever, this functional item acts both as a stove AND a drinks dispenser! Master the Hazelnut Latte to unlock this new bar, and master the additional new recipes to add more benefits and features.You can check out the full FAQS on the Coffee Bar here

Coffee Bar
Almond Cappuccino Hazelnut Latte Rocky Road Cake
Almond Croissant Hazelnuts Almonds

French doors are considered a staple of French design. Installing the double Bistro doors on the exterior of your restaurant, complemented by any one of the bistro windows, will show your customers your appreciation and fondness for the French look.

Green Flowered Window Bistro Entrance Green Bistro window
Red Flowered Window Red Bistro Window
Outdoor Eiffel Tower Bicycle

(Also available inside)

Metro Archway

A major factor in achieving the perfect Parisian Bistro style restaurant is in the selection of tables and chairs. Metal framed chairs are a must have for this look. You don’t have to limit yourself to the selection we have added in this weeks update, but we do recommend adding a few of the Cafe Bar extensions to keep up with the growing popularity of your restaurants due to the new Cafe Feature.

Coffee Bar Extension Black Bistro Table Silver Bistro Table
Coffee Bar Table Red Bistro Chair Silver Bistro Chair

Allow your customers the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of Paris every day with the romantic and comfy feel offered by these French bistro decor Wallpapers, Columns and the Paris Pathway Tile.

Bistro Wallpaper Ochre Bistro Wallpaper White Parisian Wallpaper Red
Parisian Wallpaper Cream Cafe Wallpaper Red Bistro Column
Green Bistro Column Brown Bistro Column Pink Bistro Column
Paris Pathway

(sold as individual tiles)

One of the fun areas of Parisian bistro decor is the paintings and wall decorations that go with it. You can transform the entire room at once, or you can slowly add one piece at a time until you have achieved the perfect look for your restaurant. It’s the perfect chance to show your customers some of your personality.

Bistro Chalkboard Post Impressionist Painting

(One second extra waiting)

Impressionist Print
Bistro Clock Flowered Trellis Hanging Pans

Adding a few or all of these decorative items will complement your restaurant’s decor and create a French Café/Bistro feel with a noticeable Parisian influence. Don’t forget to add the smiling Bistro Waiter to help serve your customers

Delicatessen Shelves Suave Lamp Large Suave Lamp
Blue Deco Vase Red Deco Vase Bistro Waiter
Bistro Condiments

(Free Gift)

Magazine Rack

(Free Gift)

Bistro Flowers

(Free Gift)

This week’s theme wouldn’t be complete without replicas of the most prominent symbols of Paris, the Eiffel Tower (one of the most recognizable structures in the world) and the Metro Archway (the metro system in Paris is known as the Métro de Paris). The Eiffel Tower replica will help boost your restaurant’s popularity while the Metro Archway allows your customers to walk underneath it

Eiffel Tower

(+2 maximum popularity)

Metro Archway

(Limited item)

We hope you enjoy the update. This week, with the launch of our NEW Coffee Bar, we’re going to be on the lookout for your competitions related to our newest collectible item (the Coffee Bar!) please visit our forums for more information and be on the lookout for a surprise visitor from Restaurant City HQ!!!!

Bonne Cuisine!!!
Happy Cooking!!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release

Under The Tuscan Sun

September 7, 2010

This week’s Restaurant City update takes us to Italy’s, 5th largest region, Tuscany. Come and experience a land filled with tradition, charm, beauty and a land that was also the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Upon visiting your restaurant, your customers can expect to experience that easygoing Italian way of life found so alluring and desirable, la dolce vita (“the sweet life” or “the good life”). This quality is indisputably linked to the Italians’ instinctive knowledge of how to drink and eat well

The natural textures and colors of stone, wood and water distinguishes Tuscan exterior decor, giving your restaurant a feeling of warmth and welcoming your guests to come inside! The Tuscany Cafe Entrance overflows with hardy climbers, a Rustic Sign, and Grape Trestles. Using this entrance is a perfect way to create  a welcoming atmosphere for your customers.

Tuscany Cafe Entrance Rustic Painted Sign
Farmer and Pig Grape Trestles Cow

Add a rustic touch to your restaurants and enhance your customers dining experience with the hand crafted Willow Chairs (made from real willow branches), the Home Crafted Table and Breton Chair or perhaps add some color with the Blue Checkered Table

Breton Chair Willow Chair
Home Craft Table Blue Checker Table

Stunning in both traditional Tuscan style and function with a natural look, these all double as attractive tables and shelves with convenient storage and counter space. Tuscan shelving is typically open and without doors in order to maintain the idea of openness. This is typically done to display the dishes and other pieces inside the shelves.

Pastry Tool Counter Carvery Table
Large Storage Shelves Glassware Shelves Earthenware Shelves
Grape Trestle Pots and Pans Pillar

Decorating colors in Tuscany are  warm colors for the most part. These colors are directly inspired by nature and sometimes are further accented with splashes of red. These Brick and Plaster Wallpapers, accompanied by two shades of walnut plank floors put together in your restaurant, will help you to achieve a traditional warm, Tuscan feel in your restaurant.

Tuscany Brick Wallpaper Rustic Brick Wallpaper Rustic Plaster Wallpaper
Italian Brick Wallpaper

(Gourmet King)

Walnut Planks Light Walnut Planks

With food being a favorite pastime of Italians, Tuscan kitchens have traditionally been the place for loved ones to gather. To most effectively capture that true Tuscan feel in your restaurant’s kitchen, make sure to fill it with all the pieces of equipment needed to create great meals.

*Please note this weeks limited deal is so hot, you will only be able to buy and have a total of two of these (including your inventory).

Italian Brass Stove

(15% Faster)

Limited Deal

(Sept 11th/12th Only)


(Cleans Dishes 10%Faster)

Fruit Press Dispenser


Meat Smoker Fish Smoker

Inspired by the rolling Italian countryside and rustic farmhouse villas, these accents will help put those crucial finishing touches in your Tuscan Restaurant. Make sure to choose the accents that speak to you! (Preferably in Italian!)

Scales Milk Urn Pasta Maker
Condiments Grape Juice Barrel

(Gourmet King)

Country Basket

(Free Gift)

Hanging Meat Happy Pig Hanging Basket

Allow your customers to experience firsthand the great taste of Tuscan cuisine, known for its use of the best natural and flavorful ingredients. Gnocchi (dumplings), and Biscotti (a large, twice-baked almond biscuit) are among some of the most popular Italian dishes in the world. Adding these to your menus will draw crowds from all around for a taste of Tuscany.

*This week is also the last week to unlock your Champion Recipes. Recruit both your active and inactive friends to help you out by sending you free ingredients located under the gift tab!

Biscotti Gnocchi Seafood Pasta Bake

(Gourmet King)

Pizza Florentine

Mangiare Bene, Stare Bene !!
Eat Well, Be Well !!

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks update with your journey Under the Tuscan Sun. Please make sure to visit the Playfish forums for helpful hints and tips. Have some spare time while your workers are cooking in your restaurant and just want some fun? Check out Gourmet Ashley’s This or That thread for some relaxing RC related down time !!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release

Arabian Nights!

September 1, 2010

Hop aboard your magic carpets and hold on tight! This week’s update in Restaurant City keeps us flying high on a Mid Eastern tour of the Arabian Nights also known as the One Thousand and One Nights.

The Arabian Nights reference (One Thousand and One Nights) is widely known to be a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian stories and folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. Nowadays it is often used as a popular decorating theme style, both in residential homes and commercial properties around the globe, including our very own Restaurant City!!!

For the exterior of your restaurants, we have added some additional items to complement last week’s Bazaar theme. The addition of the Sultan’s Roof and tent will symbolize the “strength,” “authority,”or”ruler-ship” of your Arabian Restaurants/Markets to your patrons and fellow restaurant connoisseurs.

Sultan’s Roof
Stall Outside Sultan’s Tent Market Door
Outside Elephant Dune Outside Camel

Rock formations and a Dazzling Oasis for the interior design of your restaurants will set a calm, relaxed mood in your restaurant for your customers dining enjoyment. The beauty of the dazzling oasis is guaranteed to be a hit with your patrons and even boost your restaurant’s popularity.

Dazzling Oasis

(+1 to max pop)

Large Rock Formation Small Rock Formation

You can bring the outside in by using the new sand blocks, dividers and dunes to give your customers the feel of an outdoor Arabian dining experience right there inside your restaurant. Complement the look with the horizon and ceramic wallpapers. Footwear in your restaurant should be optional to allow your customers to feel the warmth of the sand between their toes.

Horizon Wallpaper Ceramic Wallpaper Market Door Inside
Sand Block Divider Sand Block Divider Sand Dune
Sand Tile Rock Tile Rock Tile right
Rock Tile Bottom Rock Tile Top Rock Tile Left

Allow your customers the opportunity to purchase and take home a piece of their Arabian dining experience with them by displaying the Finest Wares and Finest Goods market stalls. Make sure you stock up ahead of time to meet the demands of the fine Diner-ware and ingredients used in your finest recipes.

Sultan’s Tent Astronomers Tent
Finest Wares Finest Goods

Elephants, Camels, Birds and this animated Limited Deal mystery animal are a great investment for your restaurants and the maintaining these animals is fairly easy, especially considering the added value to your restaurants if you decide to offer rides for your patrons. Did you know camels can go up to two weeks without a drop of water? And, despite the size of their ears an elephant’s hearing is rather poor.

Elephant Limited Deal

(Sept 4th GMT3 days only)


Decorations to give your Arabic restaurants those finishing touches include, Rubic candles, Fruit Displays and some Treasure piles. The Sands of Time and Clothes Line are not functional items but they still benefit your restaurants. You can use the Clothes Line to dry all your linen and time the speed of your employees in getting your customers fed with the Sands of Time.

Small Treasure Pile Treasure Pile Rubric Candle

(Free Gift)

Fruit Display

(Free Gift)

Sands of Time Clothes Line

To help you with serving your customers and in the kitchen we have added some legendary Flying Carpet tables and chairs. These tables and chairs literally have a mind of their own; they suspend in the air and hover while your customers enjoy their meal. The Arabic Stove and Well Dispenser although only adding a little bit to your restaurant’s efficiency,  for the price I don’t think there will be any complaints. All of these items are a must have for any Arabian themed restaurant.

Arabic Stove

(1% Faster)

Well Dispenser

(1 % Faster)

Flying Carpet Chair Flying Carpet Table

Authentic entertainment for your customers this week includes a Belly Dancer (Arabic name for it is raqs sharqi, meaning “dance of the East/Orient” and the Turkish name is Oryantal) and a Snake Charmer. Many snake charmers live a nomadic existence, visiting towns and villages on market days. Having these two performers in your restaurant at the same time will leave your customers mesmerized.

Belly Dancer Charmer

Added to your menus this week, you will find two popular Arabic desserts: Kanafeh and a western version of Turkish Delight. A word of caution! Customers indulging in the Turkish Delight may experience a sugar rush. Be prepared for some extremely hyper customers!!!

Turkish Delight Kanafeh

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks Arabian Nights update. Don’t forget to check out the Playfish forums for useful hints and tips. Are you excited to find out next week’s theme already? Try your luck at guessing by checking out Fun Guy and his Name That Theme contest thread. You might just find me stopping  in occasionally and dropping a few hints to get you thinking!!!


هيا بنا نطهو!!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release