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We’re in Venice!

February 22, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Did you enjoy the romantic themes over the last two weeks? Whether it was your ideal decorating fun or you need a change, I know you’ll love this week’s new theme! Whether you’re still in the mood to serve romance or you’re up for a little change in scenery, we’ve got it covered – because we’re going to Venice! Romance, adventure… you won’t believe your eyes!

So, cooks, what’s new in Restaurant City this week, you ask? Check this out!

This week we start to build our very own Pizzeria! Start by mastering the first recipe – the Pizza Vegetariana – and you’ll get your very own Pizzeria. Start off with the basic version and work your way through the menu until you’ve unlocked each of the different parts. You can learn more about it here at the FAQ on the forum, or simply head into the game and start taking a look for yourself!

Plus there’s a new mystery box to collect – the Euro Mystery Box is new to Restaurant City and brings back some of your old favorite European themed items that you can no longer buy, plus two new items never before released! Learn more about the new Euro Mystery Box here.

You really won’t believe how beautiful this new theme is. Head in and check out my restaurant on the end of your street or get decorating, yourself, and share your designs with other folks on the forum!

So, without further ado, check out this weeks catalog – all the new items will be out on Thursday, but you can start getting your hands on the new Pizzeria right now!

Bon Appetite, cooks!

NOTE: The Romantic Gondola is only available through the new Euro Mystery Box.

NOTE: The Basilica de San Marco wall decoration is only available through the new Euro Mystery Box.
NOTE: Some item names may have changed since going into the game.

My perfect Valentine… might be over, but the fun goes on!

February 15, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Did you have a lovely Valentine’s Day? 🙂 Did you manage to decorate your restaurant for the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day celebration? I’m so pleased with all the beautiful items coming out lately to play with. It’s always fun redecorating my restaurant!

So… what’s new this week? Let’s take a look…

First up, the Challenges in Restaurant City are getting more and more exciting. Did you manage to collect Heart Candies last week to claim the rewards? If you enjoyed that, you’ll be glad to know there’s more to collect this week and you’ll get a great reward, too!

But if you’re tired of collecting Heart Candies, there’s a special challenge waiting just for you! Take a look at this beautiful bridge, out today, along with some other functional items:

If you add this bridge to your restaurant, you’ll get to watch customers walk over it and turn into animated frogs!

The really fun thing about this is that the frogs will do everything a normal customer will want to do – sit at a chair, eat their meal… even go to the bathroom! You’ve got to admit, that’s going to be fun to watch… I’m not a cruel person, but I’d love to see my entire restaurant crawling with frogs, hahaha…

Ahem, anyway! But, I have to point out… they didn’t get turned into frogs by choice. Oh, no! There’s a naughty troll under that bridge and he’s been misusing his magic. So, it’s up to you if you want to help turn the customers back into their true form! If you do, you’ll get a nice reward. 🙂 If you enjoy challenges, you will definitely enjoy this one!

Next, here’s a quest for all of you cooking enthusiasts!

Master the Apple Tartin recipe and you’ll unlock the Sleeping Princess. But everyone looks so sad! Whatever could have happened…? Well, master the Princely Fruit Confit and you’ll awaken her from her deep slumber, and look! The item changes, too! 🙂

I quite like this one – because it reminds me of one of my favorite fairytales. Which is your favorite fairytale?

I know you’re all raring to go and start learning new dishes and want to see what new items will be out this Thursday, but before you go, cooks, be sure to check if you’re signed up to my newsletter! Check your settings at and see if the correct email address is set up to receive messages from me. 🙂 I’m always giving away nice gifts with my emails and I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Enjoy this weeks catalog and keep cookin’ up a storm!

Lots of love,
Maggie x

NOTE: Some names and items may have changed before making the live build

It’s a Fairytale Romance! <3

February 9, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Are you getting ready for St Valentine’s Day? Head into the kitchen with me and let’s see what we can do together to prepare!

First: order’s up!

Check out these new recipes! They’re super cute and will go perfectly with the ultimate Valentine’s Day menu. The Strawberry Romance is special: you only get that one when you complete the special Valentine’s challenge where you need to collect Heart Candies… like these:

The aim of the game is to collect them and unlock the bronze, silver and gold stages to finally get your special recipe. 🙂

HINT: Keep an eye out for my weekly newsletter – because I’m giving a Heart Candy away for FREE to get you started! 🙂

There are plenty of ways to get the other ingredients you’ll need to learn and master recipes in the game – not least these tasty new dishes above! From daily ingredient bonuses to trading ingredients with your friends, a diligent cook can save away lots of ingredients! BUT, did you know that every day you go into your restaurant there is also a FREE ingredient waiting for you? Just look for the small circle by the side of your restaurant! (Follow the red arrow below!)

There is a new ingredient there every day, but if you don’t visit that day, it’s gone forever! So definitely don’t miss out. 🙂

Right! Let’s move on to what’s happening this week!

As the Chinese New Year celebrations come to an end, the Kung Fu Master I spoke about in last week’s email newsletter has finally arrived and he’s here for a short period only! He’s like an arcade machine but he works differently – check this out: click him and he’ll do a cool Kung Fu animation on demand! Add him to your restaurant and he’ll earn you 100 coins every hour, and when he’s full, click him to watch him punch and kick the coins out! Cool, huh?

But there’s more…! Head into your restaurant on Thursday and you’ll get to start preparing your restaurant for St Valentine’s Day with the most romantic themed items I’ve ever seen: the Fairytale Romance items are absolutely beautiful! Kudos to the artists! I’m fairly certainly it’s going to be one of my all-time favorites. 🙂

One item in particular has me REALLY excited! The special Knight for a Day item is really something amazing to rave about – and I hope you’ll agree, too! 🙂

Place this beautifully animated item in your restaurant and you can watch a customer walk in and dress up as a Knight! Suddenly, a fierce dragon appears and starts to threaten the Knight and – look! – up there in the tower, a beautiful princess is waiting to be rescued! I giggle every time I see what happens… you can see it in my restaurant right now, too! Head on over and see for yourself. 🙂

Something else that goes really great with this week’s theme is the beautiful Exquisite Centerpiece Bridge that came out a couple of weeks ago. The amazing thing about this is that customers walk over it! But hurry because the bridge will only be unlockable if you master the four recipes you need to get it by February 14th (yup, St Valentine’s Day) – and that’s only next Monday!

Once you’ve gone past that date, you’ll still be able to master the recipes and unlock the beautiful replicas that come with each recipe, but you won’t get the bridge! 😦 Check out that week’s blog post for more info about these cool items.

But enough about that… here’s the real eye candy you’ve been waiting for! Take a look through the rest of this weeks catalog, and let me know what you’ve got your eye on this week!

Bon Appetite, Cooks!


Disclaimer: Names and images were correct at the time of writing this post. Some things may have changed between then and the build going live

Like what you see? Head on over to the Restaurant City forum to talk to other players about this week’s theme!

Chinese New Year is here!

February 1, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Ready to celebrate Chinese New Year in style? Head into Restaurant City today and check out the beautiful new items I’ve collected for you to get in the mood for celebrating!

This week’s theme is filled with opulent reds and luxurious golds! PLUS there’s even some acrobats from Asia to put on a show you’ll never forget! Check out the catalog below to see just some of the new items you can get!

Meanwhile, you still have time to master the four special recipes to unlock four amazing replicas: Stinky Tofu recipe unlocks the famous Taipei Tower replica; Tom Yun Kung dish unlocks the Tuk Tuk replica; the Nasi Lemak dish unlocks the Petronas Tower replica and finally, the Chicken Adobe recipe masters a Nipa replica!

Remember: master all four recipes and you’ll unlock this absolutely beautiful Exquisite Bridge Centerpiece which will increase your maximum popularity by not 1, not 2… but 3!! :D Even better – it’s not just eye candy, customers actually walk over it!

Special News:

There’s something extra special happening this week and I really don’t want you to miss out. Be sure to sign up to my newsletter so that you get a very special free gift! I’m so excited…! 🙂

This Lok-Lok Hotpot Stall is available for coins! Plus, the Blossoming Willow changes state between now and Chinese New Year! 😀 The Mahjong Arcade is also only available for a short time. When will you get yours?

Note: some of the names may have changed since publishing.
Edit: a stove has been removed from the build due to time constraints. Apologies to our readers for misleading them!