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Autumn comes to Restaurant City!

November 24, 2009

Hello fellow restauranteurs! Restaurant City has been updated with an array of new items as well as limited dishes!

Autumn is a beautiful and warm coloured season. We have added an array of new items to Restaurant City this week so you can bring autumn into your restaurant. And at what better time to introduce the autumn items to Restaurant City, it coincides perfectly with Thanksgiving!

We have  added two new limited dishes, Roast Turkey for Main Course and the new Pilgrim´s Harvest Drink! Remember Turkey is a brand new ingredient that was just introduced to the game, so you need to go and do some ingredient hunting. Good Luck!

Roast Turkey Pilgrim´s Harvest

You can unlock both these dishes until Midnight December 1st. If you have not unlocked the dishes before that time, the dishes will dissapear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked any of the two dishes, you can upgrade them to a level higher than level 1 at any time. You can upgrade them also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dishes (got them to at least level 1) before the period is over, they will dissapear from your menu, however you may be able to buy these recipes in future.

For the inside of your restaurant we have all you  need to create that perfect Autumn Restaurant. The Bunch of Leaves is a functional item, it creates leafy footprints for all your customers! Note also the new Pet Society Claw Machine – this is also a functional item and it will make you money, 1 coin for each customer that uses it.

Autumn Table Autumn Chair Fall Wreath
Chestnut Picture Turkey Decor Autumn Wallpaper
Autumn Floor Classy Double Doors Pet Society Claw Machine (functional)
Bunch of Leaves (functional, leaves leafy footprints)




No theme is complete without a matching restaurant front, so we have also added items for your building! The Stack of leaves is a functional item, it will blow leaves around your bulling, pure magic!

Autumn Roof Autumn Banner Stack of leaves (functional, blows leaves)
Autumn Leaf Green Autumn Leaf Red Autumn Leaf Orange
Autum Tree Yellow Autumn Tree Orange Autumn Tree Red
Autumn Door Autumn Window

And as if all that was not enough: You know those Retro Arcade Machines you have in your restaurant? Well, if you don´t have one, you better get one!  Because now you can play snake on the Retro Arcade Machine! Simply click on the Retro Arcade Machine in your restaurant and you will get a screen up so you can play the snake game. To start the game you click on the arrow buttons on your keyboard. You can move your snake up, down, left and right, and make sure you avoid the obstacles! You can view your friends high scores by playing on the machine in their restaurant.

Make sure you let us know what you think about our latest addition of items, limited dishes and lastly but not least the new mini-game! Our players opinions are always very important to us.

My Journey in Restaurant City – by xnadchrist

November 20, 2009

We have received this Restaurant City real life story from xnadchrist – thank you xnadchrist for sharing your story with us. It just goes to show, there is plenty of things to do in Restaurant City and the game is ever evolving. We at Playfish are always working to improve the game experience for all our players. You defintely have not seen the best of Restaurant City yet!

I started playing Restaurant City around April 2009… approximately 2 weeks after Restaurant City was introduced by Playfish. My first three royal ingredients were Pumpkin Soup, Lobster, and Exotic Fruit Skewers. I didn’t know why I choose them, oh well… I just think that the fruit skewers looks very colorful (red-yellow-green), also lobster is red-yellow-green in the appearance.

Oh, it’s really a good old times, hunting for food ingredients! Back then when cream and flour were the most wanted ingredients (yeah, I found a difficulty in finding cream too ) and prawn was considered as the impossible ingredient! My roommate was one of the most ambitious person in Restaurant City, he said to me that he wants to level up Tiger Prawn Platter and Seafood Paella as his first and second royal dish. “Are you crazy!” I always discouraged him, “it’s impossible! No one in the street has any prawns!” But he actually managed to collect 20 prawns and he proudly showed me his hardwork haha…

After finishing the three royal dishes, also leveling up to 27 (maximum at that time).. it’s a sad thing that a lot of my friends retired from Restaurant City They said they were bored, there’s nothing more to do after reaching level 27 and had 3 royal dishes… but I disagree. There was still A LOT OF THINGS to do. I decided to level up all the dishes in Restaurant City

And along the journey Restaurant City has undergone a lot of updates and changes… I remember the first major change is the TOILET. It really cracked me up since I’ve been decorating my restaurant to a perfect, symmetrical, colorful, and nature-themed restaurant based on warcraft game without TOILETS… and 2 days after my great redecoration the toilet was introduced. Hence I must modify my original restaurant to include the toilets.. also had to change one waiter to be employed as a full-time cleaner… sigh.. well, I guess Playfish wanted me to improve my creativity

And my toughest test was this: my prawn-lover roommate, who always supports me to level up all the dishes retired from Restaurant City. He retired since the introduction of the food market. He was really angry since the first ingredient that appears on the market was PRAWN for 7000 gold. He said that it ruined the fun, the uniqueness of the prawn as the impossible ingredients. What makes things worse, around three days later prawn is out again for 4000 gold.

Fortunately all the updates and changes that Playfish brought to Restaurant City still kept me in the game. New items, 5 more levels, drinks, new menus and the gardens were just simply great! Gourmet street and ratings and random street… well, I didn’t join the random street (yet), since I’m still planning for a very grand redecoration!

I almost retired from Restaurant City when Playfish removes the the 2000-gold-half-an-hour thing. It really made me mad since I depended quite extensively on the food market for my ingredients, and the change was against my goal of achieving all royal dishes. However, fortunately within a week Playfish decided to take it back and even removes the 2000 gold earning cap! And on top of that, the 4 halloween dishes were introduced to the game, which really pumped up my spirit and brought back my roommate from retirement!

And finally, after around 7 months playing, the time has come: just yesterday I leveled up the Royal Chocolate Milkshake as my final dish. I’ve now completed all the 77 dishes in Restaurant City!!!

I’m now at 2.5M gourmet points, and I’m not planning to retire yet until I got all the gold awards (currently is 30 from 45 awards).

Before I end this writing, I want to share to you my interior: I align all the table since it is easier for me to clean the customers’ plates!

I would like to thank Playfish for the great game and everyone that has supported my journey until I reached all the royal dishes by sharing this story of my experience. To all the players out there: Restaurant City is a great game, don’t retire so easily since I’m sure Playfish will give us more surprises in the game!

Limited Dishes!

November 19, 2009

Welcome back, resteraunteur! Restaurant City has been updated with a brand new feature!

Today we have a surprise for you, we have added two limited time dishes for you to unlock. The dishes we have added dishes are one Starter  and one Dessert.

Corn on the Cob Apple Pie

You can unlock both these dishes until Midnight December 1st. If you have not unlocked the dishes before that time,  the dishes will dissapear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked any of the two dishes, you can upgrade them to a level higher than level 1 at any time.  You can upgrade them also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dishes (got them to at least level 1) before the period is over, they will dissapear from your menu, however you may be able to buy these recipes in future.

Make sure you let us know what you think about the limited time dishes, knowing you all we are sure you even have some suggestions to dishes we should include in the future!

Tea Under the Sea

November 17, 2009

Hello fellow resteraunteurs! Restaurant City has been updated with an array of new items!

You asked, and we listened! We asked you what theme you all would want most of all, and the answer you all gave us was: Underwater.

This week you can dive into the deep blue sea and swim with the fishes in your underwater themed restaurant. You can create a fun underwatery world with the beautiful marine life and the bright and fun coral reefs that we have stocked up for you in the decoration shop.  We are sure that this tranquil paradise will entice your customers!

Firstly we have a number of items for you to use on the outside of your restaurant, we are sure these outside decorations will make an impression! And make sure you check out that bubble-producing geysir!

Giant Clam Roof Underwater Window Underwater Door
Tall Seaweed (animated) Brown Seaweed (animated) Green Seaweed (animated)
White Seashell Pink Seashell Nautilus
Concus Discusfish (animated) Angelfish (animated)
Demekin Goldfish (animated) Outside Bubble Geyser (functional, spawns bubbles)

As for the inside of your restaurant, we have many items that will help you create your underwater paradise!

Rock Table Clam Chair Treasure Chest (animated)
Butterflyfish (animated) Pinkfish (animated) Sardine (animated)

Seabed Wallpaper Bubble Geyser (functional, spawns bubbles) Ocean Floor Tile
Brown Seaweed (animated) Green Seaweed (animated) Purple Seaweed (animated)

So lots of items for you all this week, we hope you enjoy them. And make sure you let us know what your under the sea fantasy adventure looks like! You can post your new found restaurant paradise in the Restaurant City Gallery!

A Day in Restaurant City – user story

November 12, 2009

A big thanks to TheChocolateOne for sending us this story – anything can happen in Restaurant City!

Restaurant City ImageMy name is TheChocolateOne and I’m the head chef and owner of Massive Dynamics. Let me give you an inside look on what it takes to manage a restaurant.
My day starts pretty early as I have to open up to let my employees in. I’m running a bit late so by the time I get there, my staff is outside waiting for me to let them in. I have 3 chefs and I’m horrible at remembering names, so I just call them Chef 1, Chef 2 and Chef 3. I’m usually the one shouting, “hey! Chef 3! What’s taking so long on the Royal Garden Salad?” I also have 4 waiters, and all of them are great at what they do.

As we’re getting to our stations, the first customer arrives – ah, it’s Sam. He’s a regular here at our restaurant. Sam’s usually here for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes he’ll stop by for a few cups of coffee in between. Basically, he’s here all day!

Restaurant City Image

“Sam, nice hat,” I point to the cheese on top of his head.
“Thanks,” he replies, “just bought it. Wait, where are the toilets?”
I laugh, “they’re over there”.Restaurant City Image

Sam looks over to where I’m pointing and breathes a sigh of relief, “thank goodness! You’ve added dividers!” He leans in a bit and says, “it’s was a bit awkward the way you had it. Y’kno, the chair – toilet – chair – toilet…” He sits down and says, “whip me up a Tuna Sushi!” Chef 1 shouts, “yes, sir!”

Throughout the day, we have a lot of people coming in and it’s always busy. At one point, one of my waiters comes over and asks, “sorry to bother you Chocolate, but can I take a break?” I freeze up and reply, “absolutely not! We’ve got people to feed! We only take breaks if no one comes in! Here’s a sandwich.” Around noon, Chef 2 checks on the garden outside. I’m desperately hoping that one will turn out to be sugar but when he comes back he shakes his head in disappointment, “this sugar drought is horrible. No sugar for miles!”

I decide now’s a good time to check out the Market so I ask two of my waiters to push the arcade in front of the door. “We only have 2.6% stamina left! I don’t think we’ll make it,” they groaned. I told them that this business isn’t for everyone and that there are always people wanting to experience working in a restaurant. Translation? Work or I’ll sack you and hire someone else.

At the market, I take a look around. Cream for 2500, ice cream for 4200 and basil for 3600. Restaurant City Image I really need cream but seeing as how I’m the only one here, I take a chance to talk to the seller, “psst, listen, I’ll keep it quiet but just tell me one thing – will sugar be on the market later?” He glances around him and whispers, “sorry, friend. You’ll have to find out – later”. Well, can’t blame me for trying. I purchase 4 creams and as I’m walking down the street, I hear screaming in the distance. Oh no, I thought, that sounds like my staff! I drop everything I’m holding and run as fast as I can.

Bursting through the door, I see a rogue squadron of penguins. Restaurant City Image
“Eek!” My waiters are screaming, standing on top of the Elegant Chairs.
“No!” I shout, as I realize they’re leaving footprints on the new items I just bought.
Chef 3 says, “don’t worry, boss. I’ve got this…” She runs around looking like a maniac with a net, but manages to capture the penguins. “Phew,” she sighs, “good thing I used to work at a zoo.”

After peace is restored, I realized I dropped my creams. I go back outside – but they’re gone! There’s a note on the ground and I pick it up. Somebody wrote:
“Thanks for the cream! I’ve traded you some sweetcorn.”

I look down at the pile of useless sweetcorn and gather them up, feeling dejected. Back at the restaurant, things are running smoothly again. I throw the sweetcorn into the storage room and take a moment to look over some of my ingredients. 2 creams left, 5 pumpkins, 7 basils, 86 sweetcorns and yet… no sugars. I looked up at the ceiling and prayed to the sugar gods, “please! Let there be sugar! I’ll do anything! I’ll…I’ll…dance! Yes, I’ll sing and dance if you just give me sugar!” So, listening to the music playing in my head, I start swaying to the nonexistent music like a bendy straw in a tornado. That’s when I heard, “ahem…uh..boss? We need you out front….” I turn around and one of the waiters is staring at me with a look that can only be described as this: O.o

“Er…uh…ahem. Not a word to anyone,” I stutter. She replied, “I won’t say anything. Nice moves though…”

I rush back out and take up my stove, cooking the Chili Con Carne in record time.
Eventually, it’s time to close up for the night. It’s really amazing how fast the day goes by. As I say my goodbyes to the cooks and waiters, I lock up and walk home, getting ready for tomorrow – another day in Restaurant City.

Announcing the results of the My Playfish Halloween competition!

November 9, 2009

With Halloween done for another year, there’s just one last issue to clear up.

Who won?

You might well ask. If you take a look at the competition tab on the Playfish fan page you’ll see there’s been thousands and thousands of entries.

So who won?

Well… more people than we first said would win. The quality of entries, and we really should have seen this coming because this is so typical of you guys, the quality of entries was absolutely amazing.

And who won?

We’re just coming to that. OK, so in ascending order, starting from 14th place, without further ado we present to you the winners of our 2009 My Playfish Halloween competition!

The winners below came 14th to 4th place respectively and win 100 Playfish Cash! Congratulations everyone!

Laura IP **
Tsuki Moudo
Alex D’Point Du Lac
Karen Amy Clark
Hamza Oudich
Lusi Maria
Danilo Machuca
Gem Vecino
Rachel Quinney
Steve Benjamin
Chuva Chu Chu Bree

Finally these amazing entries are our top 3!

Iman Chan earned 3rd place for this terrifying toy collection!

Robyn Williams snagged 2nd place for this creepy comic strip!

Finally Ignatius Eldwin earned 1st place for this, er, mortifying movie!

Well done to all the winners and to everyone who took part. Until next time!

**We are sad to announce that the original entry awarded with the 4th place has been disqualified as the use of online photo editing website such as Photofunia infringes our competition’s T&C. However, this means we get the chance to reward one more of you, which, considering all the fab entries we had to dismiss, is really good news!
Congratulations to Laura IP who is now in 14th place!

Earn more coins in Restaurant City!

November 6, 2009

Your friends need you! Go visit some friends’ restaurants. You may find that they have a problem, like too many mushrooms in their garden, or a colony of skunks in their restaurant kicking up a stink and putting the diners off their food! But all is not lost, YOU can help! And what’s more, if you can help your friends you’ll earn yourself some coins for your time!


Meanwhile, the circus is coming to town! The Restaurant City decor shops are packed with all the bright and colorful things you need to bring some of the big top to your restaurant. And once your restaurant is bursting with circus fun, why not use the all new full screen mode to see it in all its glory? Not so into circuses? Not a problem! How do citrus themed tables and chairs grab you?

But it doesn’t stop there! You can now give your staff a helping hand by clicking to clear up plates, fix arcade machines and clean toilets. What’s more, if you’re feeling particularly green fingered you can head out and water your friends’ gardens too!

Bon appétit!

Help us decide the next Item Themes in Restaurant City!

November 6, 2009

We love seeing all those amazing ideas you have for your restaurants; there just seems to be no limit to your creativity and imagination! So we’d really like to help you explore new ideas by learning a little more about how you feel about themes. A theme is a collection of decor and other items which are made to look good together — like the Halloween themed items, or the 50s diner themed items. Make sense? Then let’s talk themes!

We really appreciate it, by the way. With your help we can make Restaurant City better than ever together!

You can help us by posting your votes on this short survey

Thank you all for your help and support!