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A Taste of Asia Starts Here!

January 25, 2011

Hi Cooks!

NEW Taste of Asia Collectible! :)

Time to grab your woks and get ready to cook up a storm in Asia! We’re going to visit four amazing locations in this week’s new menu releases.

First up, Taiwan! Learn the Stinky Tofu recipe and you’ll unlock the famous Taipei Tower replica! Add it to your restaurant and you’ll unlock +1 patience for customers waiting for a chair!

But don’t slack, because next up is the Tuk Tuk replica from Thailand! Unlock this baby (taxi) by mastering the new Tom Yun Kung dish and you’ll also get +1 patience for customers sat down and waiting for an order! 🙂

Next we’re heading to Malaysia where we’re going to see the Petronas Tower replica! Master the Nasi Lemak dish and you’ll also unlock +1 patience for customers who’re waiting for dirty dishes to be taken away!

Finally we’re going to The Philippines where we’re going to try the Chicken Adobe recipe! Master all four recipes and you’ll unlock this absolutely beautiful Exquisite Bridge Centerpiece which will increase your maximum popularity by not 1, not 2… but 3!! 😀 Even better – it’s not just eye candy, customers actually walk over it!

Meanwhile, the other big news is the Karaoke Bar. Yup, it’s the FINAL WEEK to learn all of the Karaoke Bar recipes before the end of the month. To help everyone along, there’s a mega sale on ingredients! All the ingredients you’ll need to get the Shirley Temple, Satay Sensation and Veggie Platter are just 1 Playfish Cash! PLUS every other Karaoke Bar ingredient has been dropped to just 3 Playfish Cash!

Now’s the perfect time to head on in and stock up on those ingredients while prices are so low! So don’t miss out! 🙂

Finally, as usual, some delicious eye candy just for you! Check out this week’s brand new catalog. What will you be getting? 🙂

This week’s limited item is this pretty Fish Tank! This ornate restaurant attraction is packed with fish. Customers will definitely want to stop and take a good look at them! So much so that it will add +1 patience to customers in your eatery!

* Item names may have changed since going into the game.

Time for R&R in Miami Resort Week!

January 18, 2011

Hi Cooks!

We’re jumping off our yacht this week and heading into our Miami Resort for some well earned R&R after partying all last week!

Head into your restaurant today and check out our BRAND NEW Challenge – yup, the Reindeer are gone and Lt Sugar Cane is in town asking for your help! Can you help him find missing sugar? You’ll need to help his hungry officers if you want to get the reward he’s offering up: an amazing Gazebo that seats two customers! Head into Restaurant City to learn more!

Plus, don’t miss out on your chance to make a saving on Karaoke Bar ingredients all this week! Every ingredient you’ll need for the Shirley Temple, Satay Sensation and Veggie Platter dishes are on sale for 1 Playfish Cash only! With only 2 weeks left to go to learn all the Karaoke Bar recipes missing this chance could be the difference between an incredible collectible in your restaurant and a half finished entertainment center for your customers!

Meanwhile, as usual, there’s an incredible array of new items for you to cast your eyes over. The catalog is below… which items will you be getting your hands on first when they’re out on Thursday? With free Karaoke Bar ingredients waiting for you in your restaurant every day… you just can’t afford to miss out!

See you there, Cooks!

This is the LIMITED Deluxe Resort Grill and the its smaller counterpart, out only this weekend! When you put them side by side, you can keep extending the grill! How long do you think you could make yours?!

The Gazebo below is ONLY available when you complete the NEW challenge! Click here to learn more about that!

The Donuts is a new recipe linked with the new challenge! The more you level it, the faster you’ll complete the challenge!

This week’s chairs and tables have been designed to fit together and make interesting furniture! Check out the Resort Bed Chair and Table below!

It’s true… you can give your avatar abs!!

* Names of some of the items may have changed in the game.

We’re On A Boat!

January 11, 2011

It's Miami Yacht Party Week In Restaurant City, The BEST Game On Facebook!

… And not just ANY boat… you’re on a yacht and you’re at at a Miami Yacht Party! Get ready to swap your winter slippers for sandals; earmuffs for some shades; snow for surf! We’re lifting anchor – AND heading for a CLEARANCE SALE! That’s right, Cooks – not only is there a NEW theme coming but you can also make a whale of a saving with over 400 of your favorite items on sale and cleared to go!

Clearance Sale - over 400 items going!

Make sure you pop in to start saving on items – finish off your theme-sets because once the sale is over next week, they’re gone forever!

This week’s functional items will have you dancin’ on the decks rather than decking the halls. You can’t have a boat without a captain – but this captain is extra special!

Check out the new Collectors’ Set Captain’s Super Stove available only from Thursday until this Saturday! This baby comes in 3 parts. Get the Captain’s Super Stove and you’ll have yourself a 20% faster stove. But! Add the ship’s Cruise Captain and you’ll get a 5% boost to the cooking speed! That’s 25% in total!

But wait! There’s more! Add the Cabin Boy Waiter and you’ll get an additional 3%. Count them up – 20, 5 and 3… that’s a whopping 28% faster! Our fastest stove yet! Can you wait until Thursday to get it? 😉

Check out the other items coming in this week’s release and why not leave a comment below to tell us which ones you can’t wait to get?

Check out the items that will be available this week!

* Names were correct at the time of writing this post. Some names may have changed.

Brrrr! It’s Cold Outside… AND In Here!!

January 5, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Enjoying this season’s themes so far? Not too frost-bitten, are you? Heh, if you think being cold wasn’t cool – think again! The New Year party may have come and gone but we’re still in the mood to have fun!

This week’s new Ice Bar Lounge theme, you’ll be chillin’ in style! There’s nothing better than making the best with what you’ve got – and boy, did we go all out with the ice! Check out the new items out today and why not leave a comment letting us know which ones you liked the most?

Just a little warning though… no matter how tempting it is… don’t try and lick the ice…


Sculpted Ice Castle Roof
Icy Clubbers Icy Igloo Eskimos


Ice Bar
Icy Lounge Bar Square Extension Icy Lounge Bar Rounded Extension


Trapped Caveman Ice Sculptor
Below Zero Snow Queen Sculpture


Ice Castle Miniature Ice Castle
Swan Sculpture Dragon Sculpture Chilled Drinks Shelf
Chilled Sparkling Juice Glacier Lamp Fruit Ice Bowl


Ice Arch Ice Column Ice Divider
Glowing Ice Column Ice Divider


Fur Throw Ice Chair Icy Chair Snowflake Table


Icy Club Snow Bricks Frozen Wall
Thin Ice Frozen Floor
Magician Fail Fake Polar Bear Rug


Ice Sculpting Arcade Ice Sink Ice Toilet

Hope you have joined this week’s Ice Bar Update, missing images to come shortly.

Happy Cooking!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guideline only and is subject to change before and after release.