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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

March 29, 2011

Hi Cooks! How’s the weather looking where you are? It’s blue skies and perfect weather for flying if you ask me! This week I’m flying back from my trip around Europe and so naturally this week’s theme is Airport Week! You’ll see the RC Airport at the end of your street this week when you scroll to visit my restaurant. That’s right, I’ve helped clean up airport food with 2 new recipes and brand new items! Let’s check them out now! First on the menu… is the menu!

This week’s new recipes are based on real-life meals you might have had on a plane (or not!). The First Class Meal is out for 24hrs ONLY on Sunday (GMT times) – so make sure you’re signed up to the weekly email which will tell you what ingredients you’re going to need for the Sunday Special! 🙂

Still, if you’re more interested in recipes that are expiring soon, you’ll definitely want to know about the Pizzeria recipes. There are only 2 weeks left to master all of the recipes for the Pizzeria before April 12th 2011! Master the Pizza Quattro Stagioni, Proscuitto e Funghi, Capricciosa, Crochette di Patate, Tartufo and Affettati recipes before this deadline and you’ll get your very own Pizza Chef – that’s like having an extra member of staff! Every recipe has its own benefit, too. The Proscuitto e Funghi unlocks the Dough Boy mini-game! Other things you may be used to by now have also changed. The Euro Mystery Boxes, which used to contain a mix of coin and cash items… but this week the coin items inside these boxes have gone so you’re guaranteed to open up and find something worth Playfish Cash inside! 🙂

Functional items this week are really great. I love that they’re made to match the Airport Week theme! Like the toilet booth – which is perfect for giving your customers privacy! Even the sinks look stylish and modern. But those are nothing in comparison to the NEW Cooking Airways Runway!

This awesome new item flies your customers into your restaurant! Watch the small plane land on the tarmac and deposit a hungry customer right into the heart of your restaurant! PLUS if you add the Air Traffic Control Tower, you’ll upgrade your small plane to call in the big jumbo jets which land not one, but five customers into your restaurants! What a crowd, huh? If you don’t like the jumbos, you can always remove the control tower and bring the little planes back. 🙂 So, let’s dive into this week’s catalog – what will you get first, this Thursday? 🙂 P.S. Don’t forget! You can go to visit my restaurant and see the items right now in a live preview ^_^

NOTE: Some names of objects may have changed since they were put into the game

Italy, You Stole My Heart!

March 22, 2011

Hi Cooks!

I’ve always enjoyed traveling – trying different foods from around the world is by far one of my favorite activities! But it’s inspiring for my cooking, too!

This week I’m back in Italy – and we’re going to get a taste for the fine art and culture the Italians have given us! Come by and visit my restaurant this week to see what I mean! Meanwhile, there’s plenty to do…

3 Weeks Left!

If you’ve been working hard on your Pizzeria for the last few weeks, you’ll notice the deadline on some of the later dishes! Yes, it’s true – there are only 3 weeks left to master all of the Pizzeria dishes. That means just 3 weeks left to unlock and master the dishes that give you the cute Dough Boy mini game, and the ultimate unlockable reward: the Pizza Chef! Remember, if you unlock the Pizza Chef, he’ll work the Pizzeria by himself and you won’t need to assign one of your friends to the Pizzeria!

This week’s theme (the new items will be out on Thursday) is going to be great for people who have been trying to deck out their restaurants in the style of the Pizzeria. With new counters, chairs and accessories, you can finally complete that wonderful rustic Pizzeria look this Thursday! 🙂

NEW Mystery Box items!

Have you been collecting Euro Mystery Boxes? 🙂 I like these as they’re filled with items that are inspired by my travels around Europe over the last two years. But every week two new items are added exclusively to the boxes – will you find the Plum Brother Linguini and this rather tasty red sports car? 🙂 Check out the car in my restaurant today!

Sunday Special and NEW Pizzeria recipes unlocked!

I love the weekends – and I love them even more now that we have Sunday Specials! Have you been keeping a reminder in your calendar? Last week we had yummy Dutch Apple Berry Pie, and this week’s Sunday Special is going to be the Italian inspired Spaghetti Aglio e Olio! I’m looking forward to this – going to make a great addition to my menu… mnnnn!

As usual, the items coming on Thursday are displayed below in this week’s catalog! Enjoy, Cooks and see you in your restaurant! 🙂

Note! Plum Brother Macaroni will only be out for a limited time – so keep an eye out for him. 🙂

Celebrate with Maggie!

March 15, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Today’s blog post is filled with exciting news, so let’s end the wait and head into all the juicy new things to do in Restaurant City this week!

First up: Restaurant City turns 2 years old. Join the event on Facebook, and get ready to collect free cake on Saturday.

Next: Gourmet Points!

The Gourmet King has made collecting Gourmet Points more fun! Watch carefully as your customers eat – because every time they finish a meal, play with an arcade … or do pretty much anything that earns you Gourmet Points, a little orange and white Gourmet Point token will drop! Click on it to collect your points – and earn a coin for every token you click, too! It’s like earning tips in your very own restaurant. And if you have your restaurant set up efficiently, you’ll soon be clicking your way to lots of coins in no time!

Next: Aid for Japan

I know that many of you have been asking me for an item to contribute to the relief efforts in Japan after the terrible disaster. So this week the Japanese Zen Garden will be re-released as the “Garden of Hope” for 10 PFC with 100% of the proceeds going toward the relief efforts for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Next: Amsterdam

This week’s theme heads into the fourth week of our amazing trip around Europe! How far have we come so far? Well, we started in Venice, then we went to Spain and jumped on over to Ireland. And now I feel like we’re getting a sneak peek at spring this week as we travel to Amsterdam in Holland with all the spring bulbs in full bloom!

NEW FEATURE! Head over to my restaurant this week and you can get a nice preview of all the items due out on Thursday – but there’s more! Hover over an item and if it highlights with a white border, you can buy it there and then from my restaurant! 😀 How convenient!

Plus, last week’s Sunday Special (a recipe that’s only out on Sunday) was a huge success! Now don’t miss out on this week’s Sunday Special … can you figure out what the ingredients will be? The name might give you a hint. 😛

They all look so delicious, but that pie is definitely calling my name. Roll on Sunday!

The Pickled Herring Stand is only available through the Euro Mystery Box!

Did you notice my new look? Yes, Milkmaid Maggie is a new look for me … and a new challenge for you! Collect enough Amsterdam tokens to claim your own Milkmaid Maggie figurine for your restaurant. Also, the Outdoor Windmill below is only available through the Euro Mystery Box.

Note: Some item names may have changed since going into the game.

Now we’re in Ireland!

March 8, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Ready to head into Ireland with me?

Over the last few weeks we’ve been on a Euro Trip! Starting in Venice, we went around Spain and now we’ve skipped over to Ireland! I’m always surprised by the new things I see in all the different places I visit. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by the Irish Tavern setting that you can see now at my restaurant!

This week the Challenges return with two new country-themed challenges to complete: collect special country tokens from Spain and Ireland and you can earn yourself two great items: the exclusive Serrano Ham Display and the very cool 7% faster Irish Stew Stove that goes perfectly with this week’s theme in particular!

But that’s not all! Are you the proud owner of a Lounge Bar? Well, if you have the original Lounge Bar from last year, you can get a new version – the Irish Lounge Bar! It’ll be available in the shops on Thurdsay. 🙂

Of course, if you’ve been with me since our travels started in Venice two weeks ago, you’ll be on your way to mastering the Pizzeria dishes. This beautiful functional collectible gets two more recipes unlocked this week – the Arancini and Marinara. 🙂 Which will you start learning first?

As an extra treat this week, I’m giving away a FREE ingredient to get you started: HAM! I hope it comes in handy. 🙂 Click the image to get yours!

I don’t want to keep you any longer – check out the catalog of items coming this Thursday, below, and why not pay my restaurant a visit on your street, too? 🙂 Bye for now!

P.S. Have you been to the fan page recently? Don’t forget to sign up to the special event happening on Sunday!

Two new Pizzeria recipes out this week!

The Poison Apple came out last week but didn’t get featured in last week’s blog post. Here it is now! 🙂 PLUS the Cheery irish Tavern Booth can only be found in the Euro Mystery Box. The Irish Stew Stove is a reward from the Challenges this week and won’t be around forever…!

The Apple Cores are only available in Euro Mystery Boxes, and the Irish Tavern Lounge Bar extensions are limited with the Irish Tavern Lounge Bar itself.

Hehe… I LOVE Grandad’s Comfy Chair…(!)

Note: some item names may have changed since going into the game

We’re going to Spain!

March 1, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Maggie here! How are you this week? 🙂

For the last few days we have been enjoying Venice – the sights, the tastes… have you started unlocking your Pizzeria yet? I can tell you were all enjoying yourselves – I saw quite a few pop up in your restaurants. 🙂 Well done, everyone! Here’s a great example of how one of you have been putting your Pizzerias to good use!

I’m so thrilled you’re coming with me on my trip around Europe. In Spain, we can whet our culinary appetites on two new recipes for the Pizzeria, as well as wait with baited breath for the new items due out on Thursday.

You can get a preview of all the items due out on Thursday in the catalog at the end of this post, but before then, here’s a few cool new things you should now first!

Two items for collectors!

Keep an eye out for the Melting Pocketwatch Stove… for all of you art fans, you’ll instantly recognise the source of inspiration, but it’ll look great next to your traditional Pocketwatch Stove that appeared back in May last year. Just like the original, it’s 22% faster than normal stoves.

Next up are these three figurines that will add customer patience when you add all three to your restaurant if you have them all! And why wouldn’t you – click on them to animate them (your friends can click on them, too!) and they’ll throw tomatoes at each other! Who do you think will win? Raquel the Swift, Pedro the Catapult or Xabier the Mighty? They earn 50 coins in an hour, so you’ll need to go in to collect your coins when they’re full! (What an odd thing to say!)

Don’t forget that I’m giving away ingredients all week in your restaurants and on the fan page – so be sure to check in daily to get as may valuable ingredients and freebies as possible! Plus, check your inbox for the weekly newsletter from me, too. Not sure if you’re signed up? Check your Playfish Account here.

Now, I know this is what you really want… so check out this week’s catalog!

Buy all three Tomato Fighters and you’ll get a Patience boost for your restaurant! 😀 PLUS The Cubism Maggie Portrait gives all of your customers Cubist masks! 😀 You can see it at work in my restaurant!

The Deluxe Paella Stove is only available in the NEW Euro Mystery Box – added this week! 🙂 PLUS The Melting Pocketwatch Stove is only out for a limited time only – keep an eye out on Friday… 😉

The Flamenco Dancers are only available in the NEW Euro Mystery Box – added this week! 🙂

DISCLAIMER: some names may have changed since going into the game.