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What A Rush!!

November 30, 2010

CAUTION! this weeks Candy Factory update will have all of Restaurant City on a week-long sugar rush and may cause Cooks and their customers extreme hyper excitability. Whats not to be excited about with a selection of animated Candy items, more free avatar items to dress up your staff and NEW in-game Challenges! Earn daily rewards by completing in-game quests or challenges full FAQ can be found here.

Candy Maker Super Sweet Candy Dispenser Bubble Gum Stove
Shrink Ray TV Magic Chocolate Tile

Candy Maker :  Earn 1800 coins every 4 hours Available till Dec 13th GMT)

Super Sweet Candy Dispenser : Serves drinks 16% faster

Bubble Gum Stove: Blows bubbles and cooks 4% faster (Dec 2nd – 3rd GMT))

Shrink Ray Tv : Shrinks your customer! Earn 2000 every 6 hours (Dec 4th-6th GMT)

Magic Chocolate Tile :  Watch as animated  candy appear and then disappear into the chocolate tiles


Sugar Rush 

( Candy Maker reward once mastered)

Snowflake Cake


Candy Factory Roof Candy Factory Window Candy Factory Sign
Outdoor Lollipop Tree


Candy Chair Waffle Chair Chocolate Chair
Candy Table Waffle Table Chocolate Table
Banana Split Chair


Candyland View Candy Factory View
Factory Wall Chocolate Bubbles Candy Grass


Candy King Candy Pixie Worker Candy Pixie Worker
Blue Gummy Bear Red Gummy Bear Green Gummy Bear
Candy Dispenser Lollipop Tree Ice-cream Cone Lamp
Candy Delivery Van Leaky Chocolate Pipe Factory Pipe


Candy Toilet Candy Sink

We hope you enjoy this week’s update of Candy Factory week, and don’t forget to log in daily and complete your quest to earn your daily rewards!

Happy Cooking

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

Shop Till You Drop !!!

November 23, 2010

Get ready to SHOP TILL YOU DROP during the biggest shopping extravaganza ever seen in Restaurant City. Starting right NOW up until and including Monday November 29th GMT you will find HUGE BARGAINS happening all over Restaurant City. Every day the items will change at GMT and be available for only the next 24 hours. Everyone knows shopping is more fun with friends, so round them up for a week of virtual shopping!

Tokyo Tower Monster Robot

Master the Turducken meal and receive a special arcade item that will earn you 1600 coins every 4 hours. The faster you level this dish the faster you’ll be earning some additional shopping money!!! For this week only daily you will be able to purchase from Market Boy a choice of six different ingredients each day AND  all PFC ingredients will be only 3 PFC each!


Watch for our special daily limited item giving you a second chance to buy limited item you missed last time. Find it on the left hand side of your game screen.  Maggie’s Warehouse of items can be found by clicking on the billboard sign right outside your restaurant.

Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and to keep up with what’s new in Restaurant City! In honor of Shopping week one of our users Koba2802 is having a Black Friday Giveaway on the forums. I’ve previewed  some of the items on his list and you won’t want to miss out on this!

Happy Cooking!!

Top 10 Tips to Getting Started In Restaurant City

November 20, 2010

This post was written by our guest blogger Loopylara. She’s written a great little post about how to get started in Restaurant City. With these little tips and tricks, every player to get that little bit extra from their game. Enjoy!

I started playing Restaurant City on Facebook back in 2009, when it was a new game. In the early days it wasn’t easy to earn coins.  Since then, it’s become easier to keep the restaurant open, earn coins and get free ingredients. Still, some tips and tricks can help you go a long way!

So here is my top 10 tips to getting started in Restaurant City!

Tip 1

Register for the Playfish Forum – you can claim free ingredients, coins and find new friends who you can add neighbours which are always useful since you can claim first visit ingredient, trade, plus a few more things.

Tip 2

This may sound silly however most people get annoyed when you send a silly trade request such as sugar which is a five star ingredient for a one star ingredient such as dragonfruit. I’d recommend trading a five star ingredients for other five star ingredients they need in particular to level up a dish since they more likely to accept.

Tip 3

Check the fan page for Restaurant City on Facebook out regularly because it often gives away a free ingredient but remember this is very important, they are only available for a 24hrs from when it was posted so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Tip 4

Start shorter shifts to help you earn more coins at first. Then gradually extend the opening hours as you earn more coins and can buy longer shifts.

Tip 5

You can earn coins and Gourmet Points (GP – they help you level up) by picking up litter in your friend’s restaurant if you decide to visit. You can also complete little problems such as a sleeping bear or penguins in your friend’s restaurant – they disappear once you click on them.

Tip 6

If you’ve followed the tips above, you should have some good coins saved up by now! Next I would recommend owning a Retro Arcade Machine or Crazy Planets Pinball Machine, for in-game coins; Retro Arcade Machine earns you 30 coins every 15 minutes and the Crazy Planets Pinball Machine you can earn 80 coins every 1 hour.

Tip 7

Pay attention to your customer’s bubbles! Seems a little thing but can help a great deal with pop since each red thumbs down reduces your pop since different bubbles mean different things and here is rough guideline to what they mean. I could go on but these I feel are important to deal with in early stages.

● Chair means a customer is waiting for a seat.

● Table means a customer is sitting down but waiting for a table.

● Plate means a customer is waiting for a plate to be cleared away – you can either click the plate in front of them or wait for your member of staff to clear it.

● Table with red thumbs down means the waiting time is too long however it is different to just table bubble.

● Table with plate as well as a red thumbs down means waiting for plate to be cleared took long or been free too long.

● Serving dish with clock means chefs or waiters are taking too long to serve or cook the dish.

● Banana skin with red thumbs down means a dirty restaurant so clean your trash!

● Toilet means your customers want a toilet, or that there isn’t one available to use.

Tip 8

Send free ingredients to your friends and let them know if you want a specific ingredient back.

Tip 9

Layouts to help your customers getting served quicker, this layout I use can be used for 1 chef and 1 waiter as well 2 chefs and 2 chefs and currently I am using it for 3 chefs and 3 waiters and it seems to keep my pop at max.

Tip 10

When you find the Gourmet King; he can be found in friend’s restaurants, in garden in your restaurant, Random Street, Gourmet Street or just standing on street outside restaurants – my advice is to select an ingredient for your friends to claim since generally that’s more is useful.

That’s my blog to starting out in Restaurant City, there is a lot more I could write but these few tips should help you get started and I would like you to find out more by the playing game.  Have fun!

Visit our Restaurant City Guide section in our forums for additional tips and hints !

Journey Into Ancient Aztec Civilization

November 16, 2010

This week’s update in Restaurant City will take you and your customers back to the mid 14th Century and to the South Central region of Mexico. Traveling deep into the heart of the Aztec (Mexica) civilization, which is filled with rich mythology and cultural heritage. Also with this update your customers will be able to explore a small sample of the deep jungles of the Maya and Incas.

To start off your customers dining experience this week we have added all the needed items to turn the exterior of your restaurants into an Aztec Temple. To some of your customers at first it may appear to look like an Egyptian Pyramid but once they get a closer look they will notice the flat roof (Egyptian pyramids are pointed) a distinguishing difference between the two. If your customers are not worshiping you before they step foot inside your restaurant, we guarantee that they will be by the time they leave.

Aztec Roof Aztec Temple Aztec Temple Door
Aztec Window Aztec Banner Jungle Plants
Chief Worshiper Pan Pipe Band

Two of the greatest gifts to us from the Aztec/Maya people were amazing temples and chocolate. The word chocolate actually comes from an Aztec/Mayan word chocolatl. Add the Dark Chocolate Fountain that works 12 percent faster to help your staff keep up with the high demand for chocolate drinks and meals this week. While the magnificent Aztec temple will make your restaurant more popular by adding plus one to your max popularity.

Dark Chocolate Fountain: Serves 12% Faster
Aztec Temple: Plus 1 to max popularity

Aztec Temple  

(Master chili chicken chocolat)

Dark Chocolate Fountain  

(Only available on Nov 21st and 22nd GMT)

Although the Aztecs and Mayans were two totally different civilizations they did have some things in common. Celebrate the appreciation of the craftsmanship of both civilizations in your Restaurant with a mixture of handmade Aztec and Mayan Tables and chairs.

Mayan Chair Mayan Table
Aztec Snake Chair Aztec Table
Aztec Sofa

With three new wallpapers and flooring you can choose to finish off your restaurant with the traditional patterns of the Mayan and Inca or open the whole place up with the Jungle View wallpaper.

Mayan Folk Inca Folk Jungle View
Folk Pattern Soaring Eagle Sun God Tile

Gold was often used for decoration, and was abundant in the Aztec empire. Amazingly in early Aztec days gold was not used as currency instead they used chocolate. With these Archways  and dividers you can recreate the Emperors Palace or the inside of a Aztec temple. Both which were often covered in Gold.

Golden Arch Golden Snake God
Gold Divider 

(Free friend gift)

Gol Divider Block
Temple Divider Temple Divider Corner

The Aztecs may have lived in the semi-desert in central Mexico (now called Mexico City) but the Mayans lived in the lush jungles of southern Mexico and northern Central America. Put these jungle bushes in your garden area and take your customers on an exploration of the Aztec to Mayan cultures all without leaving your restaurant.

Jungle Shrub Jungle Plant Jungle Palm
Jungle Fern

It’s all about chocolate this week, so keep your secret stash hidden in the Aztec Woven Basket. And throw a few Aztec rugs about your resto to mask those pesky chocolate stains.

Aztec Lamp Aztec Rug Aztec Woven Basket (Free friend gift)

The favored form of artistic expression in the Aztec civilization was the making of statues (sculptures). Be sure to place a few of these exotic artifacts throughout your restaurant.

Golden Inca Statue Aztec Statue 

(Free friend gift)

Aztec Dragon Statue (Free friend gift)

Aztecs, Mayans and Incas used sundials and calendars to tell the time and date. The Aztec calendar contained pictographs for their days, months and years, while the sundial provided an accurate time reading using nothing more than the position of the sun. Be sure to warn your customers not to look directly into the sundial, as its reflection is enough to blind someone.

Aztec Calendar Golden Sundial

Music and dance played a large part in many aspects of Aztec/Inca life. Hire this modern day (Aztecs in the 1500’s didn’t have any facial hair) pipe band trio to entertain your customers while they dine in your restaurants.

Pan Pipe Drummer Pan Pipe Guitarist Pan Pipe Lead  

(must have shared email)

Every Aztec themed restaurant needs a Chieftain Maitre D to be a team leader and help you ensure all your customers receive first class treatment from all your staff. The Sharman Waiter will come in handy for any of your customers who may fall ill while dining in your restaurant.

Chieftian Maitre D Shaman Waiter

These finely crafted Aztec toilets and sinks carved from a single piece of the Aztec mountains and then topped off with the finest gold will satisfy all Aztec royalty dining in your restaurants.

Aztec Toilet Aztec Sink

On the menu this week we have added a new main course, the Traditional Aztec meal Chocolate Chili Chicken. To drink we have a modern version of an invention that the Aztecs get credit for introducing to the world, Exotic Hot Chocolate. The Aztec version of hot chocolate was known as “spicy hot chocolate.” Since sugar was unknown to the Aztecs chillies, cornmeal and spices were used

Chocolate Chili Chicken Exotic Hot Chocolate

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s update of the Aztec civilization! Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and to keep up with what’s new in Restaurant City!.

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

Happy Cooking!!


November 9, 2010

This week’s Restaurant City update takes your customers to the heart of India-Bombay to Bollywood (also known as Mumbai Film)to the largest film industry in the world, selling double the amount of tickets as Hollywood. Get ready to step into the world of glitz and glamour of Bollywood.


Start off your customers Indian dining experience by offering free transportation to and from your Bollywood themed restaurant with these stylish auto rickshaws built for speed! While your dance Troupe greets them setting the mood for their Bollywood dining experience.

Outdoor Bollywood King Poster Outdoor Hero Bollywood Poster Outside Tuk-Tuk
White Bull Outdoor Female Dance Troupe Outdoor Male Dance Troupe

These Elaborately carved wooden Indian windows and doors will have your restaurant standing out from the crowd, moving beyond the merely ordinary to extraordinary.

Outdoor Indian Window Outdoor Large Indian Window Outdoor Small Indian Window
Outdoor Indian Door

Plenty of choices for dining preferences this week, benefiting both you and your customers. Those in a hurry to get back to filming, may prefer Tiffin Take Away or the self-serve Indian Buffet rather the a sit down meal.

Tiffin Take Away – Earns: 850 coins every 2 hours
Indian Buffet Table – Earns 500 coins every 4 hours

Tiffin Take-Away




Indian Chair Indian Table

In India, Mythology and elephants are some of the richest elements of Indian Culture and an important part of daily life. Add some uniqueness to your Bollywood restaurants with the Royal Indian Elephant and Exultant Indian Elephant, and Mythical statue.

Royal Indian Elephant Exultant Indian Elephant Mystical Statue

Hire these Female and Male dance troupes to perform their unique and energetic style of dance, inspired from a mixture of Indian Folk, Classical and disco for your customers entertainment while they dine in your restaurants.

Female Dance Troupe Male Dance Troupe

Bright colors are key to an authentic Indian look. Bold reds, and vibrant orange wallpaper accompanied with a variety of these Indian tiles will help you to achieve a glamorous Bollywood look to your restaurants.

Spicy Indian Wallpaper Fiery Indian Wallpaper Indian Floor Tiles

(Tiles sold separately)

Indian Window Small Indian Window Indian Door

Take the glamor of Bollywood right into your restaurants by featuring Bollywood posters of your favorite Actors and Actresses around your restaurants.

Bollywood King Poster Hero Bollywood Poster Tuk-Tuk

Decorating the interior of your restaurants with these deco items will give your restaurant an exotic feel to it Making it much more attractive and inviting to your customers.

Tall Brass Vase Exotic Indian Rug Indian Candle Lamp

(free gift)

Brass Pot

(free gift)

Brass Pot with Red Flowers

Every Bollywood themed Restaurants needs to be fully stocked of Indian spices. Remind your cooks to heat the heavier flavored spices in the pan with oil before adding the food to ensure your customers experience the taste of an authentic Indian Dish.

Indian Spices Pickle Tray Sauce Tray

(free Gift)

On the menus this week are two new Indian inspired meals Chicken Korma, Lamb Biryani and for your customers to drink the popular Mango Lassi.

Chicken Korma Lamb Biryani Mango Lassi

For your employees this week we have added modern versions of Shalwar Kameez for the ladies and Sherwani Outfits for the men. No reasons your staff can’t look as good as the Bollywood stars they will be serving!

Shalwar Kameez Top and Pants
Sherwani Top and Pants

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s update of Bollywood! Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and to keep up with what’s new in Restaurant City!.

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

Bhog keejeeae भोग कीजिए

That’s the Spirit!!!

November 4, 2010

Halloween may be over but spirits are still floating around Restaurant City. For a limited time only Restaurant City Fans have a chance to show their good spirits off to their friends. Users level ten and above will be given a chance to help five friends obtain a Halloween Mystery Box for free!!!

Each day when you log in you may notice a strange new visitor! From inside your restaurant you’ll spot a spooky but smartly dressed Friendly Spirit parked on the street beside his car with some mystery boxes – pretty cool!

Clicking on him will bring up the NEW Good Spirits feature. You will see a list of five of your friends and he’ll let you send them each a FREE Mystery Box!

Once you have helped your friend in good spirit, you’ll earn +1 spirit point! Do that for all five friends and you’ll fill the Good Spirits bar to max! Aren’t you a generous friend?

Which of your friends will the Friendly Spirit choose today?

This new feature:

* Selects the same 5 friends appear for 24 hours

* Lets you post a feed to each friend once per day

* Resets at 12 GMT daily

* Friends can claim two free Mystery Boxes per day from their walls

* Will end on Tuesday November 9th, 2010

Magic, Mystery and Mayhem !

November 3, 2010

Restaurant City this week is full of Magic, mystery and Mayhem! First year students will be lining up this week to enroll at your Restaurant’s School of Wizardry and have the chance to start their first year of magical education. Although most students received invitations by owl post to attend classes, there are still some empty spots for last-minute students to join in this week’s fun!

Transform the exterior of your restaurant to resemble the mystical school of magic with the Wizards Roof and door. Top it off with your restaurant name on the School Banner. We suggest students be careful of any odd-looking creatures that may be found outside the school.

Wizards Roof Wizards Door
Night School Window School Sign Outdoor Floating Car 


Dragolisk Catberus Owl

Watch the horror on your students face as they walk in front of this Mirror of Gluttony and see the result of their over-indulgence and over consumption of  food or drink. This is the one thing no spell can fix, but the Mirror of Gluttony sure works better than any diet plan!”- Effect: Earns 1500 every 4 hours, breaks every 15 times

Magic is an understatement when describing this broom. This broom will do all the dirty work for your school’s janitor by picking up the trash. – EFFECT: +1 Janitor (please note only picks up trash).

This Magical Staircase is sure to be a popular hit with your students, in fact I’m so sure I’ll predict it will increase your max popularity by plus one. – EFFECT: Increases your maximum popularity by 1

Mirror of Gluttony 


Magic Broom 

(Available 48 hours only)

Magic Staircase 

(Adds +1 to max pop)

Students missing the train to the first day of class can follow in the footsteps of Harry Butter and Ham-Oniony and take the Magic Car for a spin. There’s no need for them to worry about finding a parking spot either! Caution: This car has a mind of its own.

Harry Butter Ham-oniony
Magic Car 


These windows are both beautiful and functional and come equipped with special broom proof glass installed in case of a crash.

Flyby window 


Wizards Window

Your dining hall will be abuzz with excitement as the students catch a glimpse of the famous Harry Butter and his close friend Ham-oniony. Good thing the long school table adds a little patience; your students will need it as they anxiously wait to see where Harry will sit.

School Desk School Bench
School dining Table 

(Seats 6 and increases customers patience by 1 second)

Magic alone is not going to build you a school of witchcraft and cookery. You need some bricks and mortar! Get building with the Castle Pillars and Arches. Don’t forget to warm it all up with a couple of Wizards Fireplaces.

Wizards Freplace Castle Pillar Mishap
Castle Pillar Cast Arch

Decorate your wizardry school up with these wall decorations. Rumor has it the “Thoughtful Wizard” is the founder of this school. Not much is known about him however, he is indeed a secretive, very powerful wizard! While The Weighty Goddess …will have your students wondering who ate all the pies?

Mystic Woods Castle Wall
Weighty Goddess Thoughtful Wizard
Mystical Shelves

These potions were concocted by the schools, previous first years class. No body knows what effect they will have. Let’s hope they used the correct mixing and stirring of ingredients at the right times and temperatures. Those little skulls suggests that maybe students should be careful around them”

Potion Rack Pickled Gubbins 

(Free Gift)

Red Flavor Potions 

(Free Gift)

Purple Flavor Potions Green flavor Potions

Make sure to stock up on these three items for those students who forget they are allowed to bring a cat, an owl or a toad to wizardly school with them !!

Magic Cat Owl Cage 

(Free Gift)

Frog Blog

To complete this back to wizarding school theme you need a few essential school supplies: Lecturn (check), blackboard (check), globe (check), broom stand (check), wizards hat and floating candles!! (check and CHECK!!)

Lecturn BlackBoard Globe
Wizards Hat Broom Stand Floating Candles

Okay, Uh-oh … do you have a pest control problem in the school? Because it looks like it’s infested with spiders!! Don’t panic … keep your voice down … we have a sleeping dragon here (and you know what they say “Let sleeping dragons lie.”). Catherus is on it … he’s better than a watch dog … he’s a three-headed watch cat with a taste for spiders.

Sleeping Dragon Catberus
Skinny Spider Spider 

(Free Gift)

Your janitor thought scrubbing regular toilets in your restaurants was bad enough … this week’s Demented and Haunted Toilets at Wizard’s School will have your terrified janitor ready to quit.

Demented Toilet Haunted Toilet

These Chocolate toads on the menu this week wont turn into a prince when kissed and they might be a little hard to swallow … especially when they’re still jumping. Your students might want to wash it down with some delicious butternut squash.

Chocolate Toads Butternut Squash

Make it mandatory for students to wear these uniforms during all lessons and while serving customers. This Wizardly uniform consists of a black jacket with a white collared, long sleeved shirt, and orange and red tie. Perfect for both Female and Male students.

School Jacket

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s update Wizard School. How would you grade this update using the Ordinary Wizarding Level Grading System ?

O = Outstanding

E = Exceeds Expectations

A = Acceptable

P = Poor

D = Dreadful

T = Troll

Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and to keep up with whats new in Restaurant City!.

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.