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When I grow up, I wanna be famous!

June 29, 2010

Hello fellow restaurateurs! Welcome to a new week in Restaurant City ! The game has just been updated with new drinks, new levels, and an awesome feature for floor tiles that I know you’ll all love! You can also take a sneak peek at the items that will be available on Thursday 12AM GMT right here on the blog.

As previously stated, we have added more levels to the game. The highest achievable level is now level 80. When you reach level 80, you will unlock another additional employee!

Also added this week is a special feature that I know many of you have been waiting for for quite some time! You are now able to select an area when you are placing tiles as opposed to placing them one by one. You can still place them one by one if you wish of course, but you now have the option to place many at a time which I know will save you a lot of time!

This week is all about the Glitz and Glamor! Camera flashes, lights, fame, fortune and red carpet action! Everything Hollywood right here in Restaurant City. You might even recognize some faces, though they have slight name changes… probably something to do with the paparazzi. 😉 We even have our very own Golden Award Statue, it will make you feel like you’re at the Grammy’s!

Under the functional tab, we have several new and exciting additions.

  • The Red Marble Toilet works 4x longer without breaking, and is 40% faster.
  • The DJ Arcade Machine earns 850 coins every 4 hours.
  • The Celebration Fireworks Stand spawns fireworks into your restaurant
  • The Football Wall TV attracts football fans to your restaurant.
  • The Washington Monument adds +1 to your popularity (does not stack with the same item)

Make sure your guests can take part in the total celebrity experience. The new Sofa Leather Chairs are both modern and classy, I’ll bet Lady Cocoa has a couple of yellow ones at her place 😉

Beige Leather Sofa Chair Brown Leather Sofa Chair Green Leather Sofa Chair
Pink Leather Sofa Chair Red Leather Sofa Chair Yellow Leather Sofa Chair
Classy Stove Modern Punch Dispenser
Golden Tile Wall Star Floor Tile Jade Lounge Wallpaper
Football Wall TV Disco Ball DJ Arcade Machine
Drinks Tower Decor Giant Floor Speakers Golden Award Statue
Red Marble Sink Mint Marble Sink
Red Marble Toilet Mint Marble Toilet
Brittany Spearmint Paparazzi Lady Cocoa
Greg The Tasteful Dancer Celebration Fireworks Stand
Sunset Boulevard Palm Tree Washington Monument
Red Hot Disco Tile Mellow Yellow Disco Tile

You can transform the exterior of your restaurant to look just like an important red carpet event. Complete with pushy, money hungry Paparazzi and celebrities dying to taste items off of your menu!

Those celebrating the 4th of July or even Canada Day (July 1st) can show their pride by setting off fireworks with the Outdoor Fireworks Stand over top their restaurant. If you’re not American/Canadian do it anyway! Who doesn’t love fireworks?!

Angelina Jelly Bread Pot Julienne Morsel
Johnny Dough Outdoor Paparazzi Robert Pancakes
Outdoor Boulevard Palm Tree Showtime Banner Roving Spotlights
Hollywood Hill Outdoor Fireworks Stand

We’ve added a few new outfits and facial features this week as well! Football uniforms for the hardcore World Cup fans, and elegant new digs for the non-sports fans. For the face, we’ve added a Nude Lip and Smokey Eye available in 3 different eye colors.

Blue Football Jersey Red Football Jersey
White Football Jersey Yellow Football Jersey
Charcoal 3 Piece Suit Smart Casual Outfit
Red Vixen Gown Blue Elegant Gown
Nude Lip Smokey Eyes Cool Shades

How is everyone enjoying their Lounge Bar? We’ve added two new mocktails for your Bartender to serve up! Just like the other drinks we’ve released in the past couple of weeks, these drinks unlock something special. The first, Kiwi Twist (yummy!) unlocks the Bar Drink Mixer, which permanently increases your chances for a customer to tip 2 extra coins by 15%. The second drink, Mango Tango unlocks the other bar tap, which again will permanently increase your Bar Tenders speed by 10%. You know how fussy those celebrities can be! They want their drinks yesterday!

Kiwi Twist
(Unlocks Bar Drink Mixer)
Mango Tango
(Unlocks Bar Tap)

That does it for this week’s update. However before I leave you to your glamorous after party, I’d like to remind you all about the Restaurant City Lounge Bar Competition that is taking place right in our very own forum ! Make sure you enter for the chance to win some pretty amazing Playfish Cash prizes. Full contest details can be viewed in this thread Good luck! I look forward to seeing your restaurant!

Happy Cooking!

Saturday Night Fever!

June 23, 2010

Welcome to yet another wonderful week in Restaurant City!

We are still celebrating the launch of Lounge Bars in RC. This week is all about a night on the town! The sun’s gone down, party-goers have put on their best “club” outfit, fresh new drinks are being introduced, and classy, modern & sleek new designs have made their way into the shops! What more could you ask for?

Indoors this week there are a variety of items to help transform your restaurant into a posh hot spot that everyone is talking about! First impressions are important, make a bold statement right when your customers walk through the Posh Night Double Door! Plaster your walls with the beautiful Chic Wallpaper, and have your guests settle in to the new Midnight Neon Table, and Fire Pillar. These are two animated items that will help create a warm ambiance in your restaurant. I also suggest adding the two new talented decor entertainers, the Jazz Singer & Saxophone Player to complete the look.

Classy Night Double Door Chic Wallpaper Posh Night Double Door
Posh Night Window
Modern Floor Lamp Modern Table Lamp Modern Wall Lamp
Funky Midnight Chair Midnight Neon Table
Saxophone Player Jazz Singer Beefy Bouncer
Elegant Flower Midnight Vase
Fire Pillar
Chandelier Wall Lamp Chandelier Floor Lamp

We have introduced quite a few new doors and windows this week! Whether you choose the Elegant Night Double Door, the Posh Night Double Door or the Lovely Night Door is up to you! The Trendy Clubbers won’t notice anyway, they are too eager to get inside and have a drink at the bar! Make sure you have your bouncers on duty! 😉

Elegant Night Double Door Elegant Night Door
Elegant Night Window Lovely Night Window Posh Night Exterior Window
Lovely Night Door Posh Night Double Door
Pink Limousine Neon Arrow Banner Trendy Clubbers

Just like last week we are introducing 3 special drinks that each unlock something quite special upon mastering them. (Level 10) The first, called Pink Lemonade unlocks a Lounge Bar Tap. The Bar Tap will automatically appear in front of your bartender and will permanently make his/her performance speed increase by 10%. The second drink, Boston Cooler, unlocks a Night Sculpture which when placed in your restaurant will make outside of your restaurant night time all the time! Last but not least, the third drink called Mint Breeze will unlock an additional seat at your bar!

Pink Lemonade
(Unlocks Bar Tap)
Boston Cooler
(Unlocks Night Sculpture)
Mint Breeze
(Unlocks Additional Seat)
Bar Tap Night Sculpture

To complete the Mint Breeze drink, you will require a new ingredient, mint! This ingredient is exclusively found in locked crates, so get visiting!

Ingredient Mint

We also have a little sumpin sumpin for all of the FIFA fans out there too! You can transform your entire restaurant into a football field (now that’s dedicated!) by using the new AstroTurf tiles! The Football Stove will get your food out 15% faster to the hungry football fans out there, and the Foosball Table will keep them entertained (while earning you 1700 coins every 4 hours! Win-Win!)

Astroturf Bottom Corner Astroturf Right Corner Astroturf Line 1
Blue Foosball Trophy Astroturf Red Foosball Trophy
Astroturf Line 2 Astroturf Left Corner Astroturf Top Corner
Football Stove Football Decor
(Free Gift)

Football Goal Foosball Table

Don’t forget there are some items leaving the stores soon! Get em while you can! (All items are available until June 27th unless stated otherwise)

  • Dark Romantic Chair
  • Modern Red Sofa
  • Lilac Table
  • Amethyst Table
  • Jade Table
  • Peach Drapery
  • Wheatgrass Drapery
  • Blueberry Drapery
  • Spicy Picture  (June 29th)
  • Black Wall
  • Black Wall Cross
  • Black Wall Corner
  • Black Wall T
  • White Unicorn
  • Chick Decor (June 29th)
  • Circus Tent (June 29th)
  • Snowy Roof (June 29th)
  • Grey Brick Banner (June 29th)
  • Gingerbread Tree (June 29th)
  • Pink Stone Lantern (June 29th)
  • Egyptian Boat Decor (June 29th)

I hope you enjoy this update! Make sure you let us know by leaving your feedback! Your opinions are very important to us!

See you next week!

Lounging Around!

June 14, 2010

Welcome to a new week in Restaurant City!

Have you had much luck opening the new Mystery Boxes ? I hope so!

This week even more exciting changes are coming to Restaurant City. Pull up a stool, listen to the smooth tunes and order a drink! Lounge Bars are finally here!

To unlock your very own Lounge Bar, you need to master the new dish called Coco Colada (requires: Pineapple, Ice, Coconut, Cherry. Picture shown below) Once you have unlocked your Lounge Bar, you can assign one of your employees to work as a “Bartender”. Your bartender will serve drinks to customers that sit at your bar.

After you have unlocked the Lounge Bar, you will then have the option to unlock additional features for your bar! Including bar snacks that help with customers patience, an additional employee, and an extra seat for your bar!

Also, when you master a drink, it will be shown on the shelf behind your bartender for your customers to drool over!

Lounge Bar
White Sofa Corner Lounge Wallpaper Black Sofa Corner
Bar Extension Corner Bar Extension Glossy Black Table
Small Glass Table
Limited (Available until July 13th)
Modern Stool
Red Shell Chair Yellow Shell Chair
(Limited – Available until July 13th)
Pine Block Pine Divider
Pink Lava Lamp Green Lava Lamp (Limited – Available until July 13th)
Modern Sculpture Gold Statue
Lounge Water Feature Host Decorative Pool
Green Candles
(Limited – Available until July 13th)
Red Candles
Pink Candles
(Free Gift)
Blue Candles
(Free Gift)

To celebrate the launch of Lounge Bars in Restaurant City we are introducing 4 new drinks to your menu! These drinks are special, not only are they appealing to your eyes and tastebuds, but they each unlock something really cool and functional for your restaurant! The Coco Colada, as I mentioned above, unlocks the Lounge Bar itself. The Russian Cappuccino unlocks an extra usable seat for your bar. The Strawberry Heaven drink will unlock an additional employee for you to hire, and the Tropical Sunrise drink will unlock Bar Snacks which will then add 1 second to your customers patience level. Yummy and functional! Can’t go wrong with that! Enjoy!

Coco Colada
(Unlocks Bar Lounge)
Russian Cappuccino
(Unlocks Extra Seat)
Strawberry Heaven
(Unlocks Additional Employee)
Tropical Sunrise
(Unlocks Bar Snacks)

For outdoors this week, you can ensure safety and order in your restaurant with a tough looking Bouncer near your front door. We’ve also got some warm Floodlights to create that cool ambiance outside of your restaurant!

Bouncer Potted Plant Floodlight
Potted Fern Potted Conifer Potted Palm Tree

With all of the FIFA World Cup events going on you can now support your country by plastering your colors all over your walls! If sports aren’t your thing, you could use these all year round anyway! A little country pride never hurt anyone. These flags can be found in the indoor decoration tab.

USA Flag Spanish Flag Portuguese Flag
Mexican Flag Ivory Coast Flag Italian Flag
Holland Flag German Flag French Flag
English Flag Danish Flag Chilian Flag
Brazilian Flag Australian Flag Argentinian Flag

We are adding just one new uniform this week, a Referee uniform. Just so you are aware, the Referee Top can only be obtained as a free gift from one of your friends! The Referee Bottoms can be found under the pants section of the avatar section. Goooooal!!!

Referee Outfit

To help complete your drink recipes, we are introducing just one new ingredient! It’s Cherry. Delicious! Cherries can be sent as a free gift, so start sending them to your friends! They may send you one back!


We hope you will enjoy “Lounging Around” this week in RC! As always, please send your feedback our way! We love hearing your thoughts!

Happy Cooking!

Oh, the possibilities!

June 8, 2010

Welcome to another week in Restaurant City! Thank you for your feedback last week regarding the new 24 hour feature. It is incredibly helpful to hear your comments. We hope everyone is adjusting well to the new changes!

This week is dedicated to those that love to decorate the interior of their restaurant. We are releasing some of your favorite items from the past, but like you’ve never seen them before! Also, if you have used up all three of your restaurant layouts, worry no more! We’ve added a fourth slot for all of the decorating guru’s out there! It’s tough deciding which theme to stick with. Hopefully this will make things easier! We’ll get to the items in just a moment, but first..

You’ve seen them in Pet Society, you’ve seen them in Country Story. Well now, I’m happy to announce that Mystery Boxes have arrived in Restaurant City too!

Try your luck when you purchase a new Mystery Box! What item will you get? Will it be a Cherry Blossom Tree? A Grandiose Gold Statue? Maybe it will be a rare item that is exclusive to the Mystery Boxes such as the Pink Bunny Arcade Machine, or the Black Unicorn. Remember, these items are only available for a limited time! Get yours before they’re gone! Here is a peek at the exclusive items that can only be found in Mystery Boxes:

Pink Tiger Pink Bunny Arcade Machine Black Unicorn
Ultra Atomic Stove Blue Teleport Stove

Available on Thursday, at 12 AM GMT, we are focusing on indoor items only. It’s all about variety! You may recognize some of these items, but you will be glad to notice that some of your favorite Restaurant City items are now available in different colors! With everything from Classic Black Dividers to Ebony Walls, and Drapery Panels in colors that will tickle your tastebuds (Grapefruit curtains? Yum!) the possibilities are endless! Note that the three new “Walls” has a coordinating corner/cross/T piece that are not pictured here but will be available in game on Thursday.

Black Wall Blush Wall
Ebony Divider Ebony Divider Block Classic Black Divider
White Divider Block Gold Mirror White Divider
Lemon Drapery Peach Drapery Prune Drapery
Aloe Drapery Blueberry Drapery Grapefruit Drapery
Wheatgrass Drapery

For those that enjoy simplistic designs, these tables and chairs are for you! Tablecloths oozing with every pastel and jewel tone color we could think of!

Sky Table Mint Table Meringue Table
Lilac Table Blush Table Aquamarine Table
Turquoise Table Sapphire Table Onyx Table
Jade Table Amethyst Table
Modern Red Sofa Modern Green Sofa
Green Modern Chair Blue Modern Chair Pink Modern Chair
Dark Romantic Chair Shy Romantic Chair

There are three new items under the “Functional” Tab this week including the sophisticated and serene Sphinx, which when purchased will add 1 second to your customers patience level. The Onyx Obelisk adds +2.5 bonus points to your maximum popularity level and the Blue Retro Arcade Machine earns $120 every 4 hours. Under the “Decoration” tab, we have some familiar faces sporting their new colors! The White Unicorn and Pink Tiger Cub (Email Subscribers).

White Unicorn Pink Tiger Cub Mint Stove
Blue Retro Arcade Machine Sphinx Black Obelisk

We have updated the items you can gift to your friends and added just one special item! The Dark Magic Water Tile cannot be walked on, it’s a decoration tile that can be used to make “wet spots” in your restaurant without allowing your customers to walk through the middle of it. (Who wants wet stinky guests eating at their restaurant anyway?) So make sure you look under “Decoration” tab instead of the “Floor Tile” tab once your friends send you some!

Dark Magic Water Tile

Before I leave you for yet another week, I’d like to remind you that a few items are leaving the stores this week, so make sure you get them before they’re gone!

  • Lobster (Indoor Decor) Available until June. 13th
  • Underwater Cave (Indoor Decor) Available until June. 13th
  • Diver (Indoor Decor) Available until June. 13th
  • Tiki Statue (Indoor Functional) Available until June. 15th
  • Oyster Farm (Indoor Functional) Available until June. 13th
  • Alien Statue (Indoor Functional) Available until June. 15th
  • Purple Alien Pet (Indoor Functional) Available until June. 15th
  • Coral Garden (Indoor Functional) Available until June. 13th

That’s it for this week! As always, please leave us your feedback, we love hearing your thoughts.
I hope you enjoy decorating this week! Happy Cooking! 🙂