It’s Igloo Land Week!


Hi cooks!

This week we’re heading into the deep cold of winter with Igloo Land week ^_^ If you like penguins, you’ll LOVE this week’s items. 🙂 And even if you don’t – you should check them out because they’re adorable ^_^

With new recipes to learn and lots of themed items to build your very own icy wonderland, you’ll have to wait until this Thursday to get your oven mitts on these little beauties!

Check out what’s coming below – and leave a comment if you have a favorite item! 😀

Until next time, cooks!

– Maggie x

5 Responses to “It’s Igloo Land Week!”

  1. Gustavo Daniel Arias Says:

    Are you going to make a Christmas Party with new objets, recipes and challenges like a year ago?
    I want it…
    It could be a gifts week!!! wiht a lot of gift for be gifted!!!

    Ok, bye… I have to study for tomorrow because i have a lot of exams!!!

    Gustavo Daniel Arias

  2. Bonbon Bon Says:

    i like

  3. Michael Says:

    Visit Indonesia. I play with Indonesia items.

  4. Michael Says:

    Maggie, you don`t just choose Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, And Philippines. I just want to say, i really love this games but because you don`t add Indonesia, that really sad :(. I can`t play it without Indonesia. Please agree because Indonesia is wonderful that i love it.

    PS: I will play it if you can choose my beautiful Indonesia’s Culture. 🙂

  5. Michael Says:

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