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Steam Pop Week!

January 24, 2012

Hi Cooks!

Hope you enjoyed cooking with the Vikings…  They sure did have big appetites!

This week we’ll be moving full steam ahead as we enter the Steam Pop era!

Oh no…what’s this? It appears there’s a villain in town. Let’s hope the Steam Pop Heroine can catch him before he leaves! Help her out by Mastering new recipes that will be sure to lure him to your restaurant.

Now, word has it that the villain is very picky about where he dines… You’ll have to give your restaurant the industrial touch of this era while keeping it sophisticated with classic Victorian décor.  Remember, NEW ITEMS will be available for you this Thursday!

Time to get those gears turning, crank out those recipes and show that you’re a true Master of the elements! Get started on this week’s Challenges NOW! ^_^

– Maggie x

Go back in time Viking-Style!

January 18, 2012

Hi Cooks!

I just loved Eco Week, how about you? Staying healthy and taking care of the environment are two very important things!

This week, we’re going on an exciting adventure… join us as we travel back in time with the Vikings!

Authentic recipes are available now and exciting NEW ITEMS will be out on Thursday! Time to update your menu and get started on this week’s challenges!

Celebrate and decorate like the Vikings! ^_^

– Maggie x

Let’s Go Green In Restaurant City!

January 12, 2012

Hi Cooks!

Did you enjoy decorating your restaurant? I thought the new items were bright and colorful! I hope you didn’t miss out… DIY week was so much fun!

Now that you’ve given your restaurant a fresh new look, it’s time to get eco-friendly with BRAND NEW ITEMS coming out Thursday for… wait for it… Eco Week!

But there’s lots to do already – like updating your menu and completing FUN new challenges!

Give your customers plenty of healthy food options and most importantly – take care of the planet by choosing environmentally friendly products!

Let’s go green together! ^_^

– Maggie x

It’s Decorating Heaven!

January 4, 2012

Hi Cooks!

Out with the old and in with the new! That’s the motto for this week’s brand new theme!

We’re diving straight into new furniture for your new year of decorating – give everything a fresh new look, from your chairs and tables – to your menu!

With lots of different colors available and some cool functional items, I think this week’s task is to do an overhaul of the restaurant and see what new designs we come out with. ^_^

Check out the details below and I’ll see you soon!

Maggie x