Hi Cooks!

Do you love Maple Syrup? I sure do!

Spring is just around the corner… Farmers are busy collecting sap, so that we can all enjoy our pancakes :D! Join us this week at the Sugar Shack!

There are so many fun things to do here – Hay rides, sleigh rides, dancing to great music, and of course – tons of Maple Treats! Check out all the new recipes and items below!

Here are a few interesting facts about Maple Syrup:

  • Maple syrup is typically made from the xylem sap of Red Maple, Sugar Maple and Black Maple trees
  • It was first collected by the aboriginal people of North America and taught to European settlers
  • The Canadian province of Quebec produces about 75% of the world’s Maple Syrup, yearly!
  • Vermont is the largest producer in the US at 5.5%
  • Maple Syrup is graded based on its density and translucency

Have fun and good luck with the Challenges!

– Maggie x

Enjoy this great tune – Composed and played by Simon Lavallée, a member of our Playfish Team!

Check out more of his music here:

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  1. Julie Says:

    the sending and asking for gifts hasnt been working right

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