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Under The Sea

May 31, 2010

Hello again fellow Restaurant owners! Welcome to another great week in Restaurant City! We’ve decided to dive a little deeper with this theme and bring you part 3 of “Under the Sea” week, but before we get to that.. I have an exciting announcement to make!

As a lot of you already know, starting from today, you can open your restaurant for longer, with opening hours now extending up to 24hours!  Here are a few things you should know about this exciting new feature:

  • You can now open your restaurant for up to 24hours.
  • Instead of feeding each one of your restaurant staff, now you simply need to pick how long to keep your restaurant open.
  • To support this new feature we have had to increase the Gourmet Points required to level up. Now that everyone’s restaurant can stay open all day, Gourmet Points are much easier to earn. Serving a dish still earns the same number of points, based on the dish’s level, and we have increased the number of points you can earn from other actions like leveling up dishes and visiting friends. There is also a new Gourmet Point bonus for coming back on time. To balance these increases, we have also raised the number of Gourmet Points required for each level. To maintain your current level we have given everyone a one-time Gourmet Point boost.
  • We have worked hard to stay true to the original game design, however we were unable to keep one important part: resting. After trying several different approaches we were not able to extend opening hours alongside resting without making the game overly complicated. If you are one our many players who enjoyed the strategy and challenge of resting staff, we apologize for removing this feature. We hope that the flexibility you gain from longer opening hours makes up for this.
  • Without resting, the role of beds has changed. Now, your staff will work faster if there is a bed in the restaurant. The red bed gives a 0.5% speed boost and the gingerbread bed gives a 1% speed boost. The effect does not stack. If you have beds, you will also see your staff sleeping when your restaurant is closed. If you would like to sell any beds, you can redeem them for their full coin value (4,500 for the red bed, 12,000 for gingerbread bed).
  • Finally, we felt that the way arcade machines worked could be improved. Now every machine has a fixed capacity and time that it takes to fill up. At the end of this time you can collect the coins earned and the machine will start filling up again. Machines will earn coins when you are offline too!
  • You cannot feed or rest your staff any more, but they still like to see you at the end of a long hard day at the restaurant. Return to your restaurant at the end of your shift and you will receive a bonus. But be warned, if you are late* you had better expect some grumpiness from your staff!

(*Late means being away longer than 24-hours after being open for 24-hours, or 30-minutes are being open for 30-minutes etc.)

We hope that you enjoy these changes and we look forward to hearing your feedback. This is part of our ongoing effort to keep Restaurant City the most fun you can have on Facebook. If you took part in one of the many surveys or closed beta tests for this feature we would like to thank you for your input – we could not have done it without you.

The newest additions to the Underwater theme this week include quite a few interesting items that are both functional, and appealing to the eyes! First up is the Oyster Farm which acts similar to an arcade and earns you 400 coins every 4 hours. The Pet Sea Horse is an adorable little creature that swims around your restaurant impressing your customers! The new Sea Shell Drink Dispenser serves your drinks 15% faster, and the cute and bubbly (pun intended!) Mini Rock Geyser releases a stream of bubbles for your guests to enjoy! Also this week, your guests can enjoy the soothing deep sea tunes of the amazing Fish Band! Lenny, Frankie, Tommy & Yuriy are all ready to rock out in your Restaurant!

Frankie the Clarinet Player Yuriy the Bass Player Lenny the Singer
Giant Clam Lobster
(Available Until June 13th)
Mini Rock Geyser
Oyster Farm
(Available until June 13th)
Pet Sea Horse Sunken Ruins Arch
Underwater Cave
(Available until June 13th)
Moving Deep Sea Picture Tommy the Drummer
Seashell Drink Dispenser Seashell Sink Seashell Toilet
Hermit Crab
(Free Gift)

Outside this week we have the new Coral Door and Underwater Wall Tile to complete the exterior look of your restaurant. The Scuba Diver is making an appearance outdoors, and the Shark statue will surely make a splash! Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite! 😉

Scuba Diver Mini Geyser Rock
Exterior Mermaid Decor Fishbowl Wall Decor Eel
Shark Underwater Wall Tile Coral Door

This week we have two new dishes! Both dishes are limited, so make sure you level them up (at least level 1) before they’re gone! The first dish is a main dish, called “Seafood Platter” and the second is a starter dish called “Softshell Crab Roll” Yummy!

Seafood Platter
(Main Dish)
Softshell Crab Roll
(Starter Dish)

We hope you enjoy the third part of this theme, and of course the exciting new changes that have been done to Restaurant City this week. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Happy Cooking!

Just keep swimming!

May 25, 2010

It’s a new week in Restaurant City! I hope you all have recovered from Wedding Week last week, we all know how stressful it is to plan a wedding! 😉
This week we’re putting on our wet suits and heading “Under the Sea” for some amazing adventures!

You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin’ for?
Under the sea
Under the sea

Darling it’s better
Down where it’s wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
Under the sea

We’re diving right in to part two of “Under The Sea” week! For those that do not remember, we released part one of this theme back in  November , which means there are already a bunch of great items available in stores if you want to get a head start on decorating! Thanks to your ideas and suggestions, we’ve added an amazing group of new items for the interior of your Restaurant. This includes the Underwater Volcano Stove which cooks 15% faster, the cute and animated Jellyfish Lamps and the Coral Garden, which is both beautiful and releases schools of fish into your restaurant. (I mean, come on! Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by colorful fish swimming around your table while enjoying some Tuna Fishcakes?!) There are plenty of items that are sure to make a splash, here they are:

Divider Block
Seabed Tile
Deepsea Wallpaper
Underwater Volcano Stove
Jellyfish Lamps Mermaid Sunken Treasure
Coral Rock Sunken
Ship Stern
(Email Subscribers)
(Email Subscribers)
Coral Door
(Email Subscribers)

The adorable Jellyfish Lamps are making an appearance outdoors as well! And don’t let the Crab Decor‘s cute face fool you! Those pincers are sharp! You can make your underwater theme stand out on your street by placing the Whale Roof up on top, he’s definitely not hard to miss! The rest of the exterior items include:

Crab Decor
Jellyfish Lamps
Coral Rock
Whale Roof

You will be happy to hear we have added a complete Diver
(helmet and all!) to the Avatar Shop this week!
Afterall, I’m sure your employees will appreciate keeping dry!

Diver Helmet
Diver Suit
With Pants

This week we are introducing 2 new dishes to the menu. The first is a dish called “Tasty Chili Crabs” which requires a new ingredient that we are introducing this week! The Tasty Chili Crabs dish is a main dish and is a permanent one, so you may take your time leveling it up if you wish! The second dish, which is a starter dish, is called “Garlic and Butter Prawns”, so eat up, I promise no one will be able to smell your breath under the water! This is the one time you can eat all the garlic you want without having to secretly pop a mint when no one is looking! This dish will also be sticking around for a while, so take your time! You should note that the “Tasty Chili Crabs” holds a special prize much like the “Drink Me Potion” did a couple of weeks ago, so while you have all the time in the world to level it up, the faster you do, the faster your prize will be revealed! You can find out what the prize is by accessing the new “Special Collection Items” button that looks like a Treasure Chest. All of the previous collectible items and your progress can be seen in the treasure chest as well, such as the Drink Me Potion that unlocks shrinking customers, and the Eat Me Cake that unlocks the mischievous Cheshire Cat.

Chili Crabs
Garlic and
Butter Prawns

We have a couple of new gifts this week which include a “Small Coral Rock” (Indoor Decor item) and a “Memorial Day Flag” (Indoor Decor item) to honor Memorial Day.

Coral Rock
Day Flag

To help you save for this weeks items, we have reduced the prices of
some of the older Underwater items for even more options! These items

  • Clam Chair (Indoor)
  • Rock Table (Indoor)
  • Turtle (Indoor)
  • Column Divider Block (Indoor)
  • Gold Doubloons (Indoor)
  • Octopus Statue (Indoor)
  • Miniature Ship Model (Indoor)
  • Starfish (Indoor)
  • Purple Seaweed (Indoor)
  • Pink Fish (Indoor)
  • Butterfly Fish (Indoor)
  • Treasure Chest (Indoor)
  • Bubble Geyser (Indoor)
  • Mermaid Statue (Indoor)
  • Deepsea Arcade (Indoor)
  • Submarine Roof (Outdoor)
  • Giant Clam Roof (Outdoor)
  • Underwater Door (Outdoor)
  • Underwater Window (Outdoor)
  • Porthole (Outdoor)
  • Demekin Goldfish (Outdoor)
  • Discusfish (Outdoor)
  • Tako Sign (Outdoor)
  • Angelfish (Outdoor)
  • Conus (Outdoor)
  • Tall Seaweed (Outdoor)
  • Nautilus (Outdoor)
  • Mermaid Statue (Outdoor)
  • Treasure Chest Decor (Outdoor)
  • Outside Bubble Geyser (Outdoor)

As always, these items will not be available for purchase until Thursday 12AM GMT, so I hope you have enjoyed the sneak peek! Please leave us some feedback! We love hearing your thoughts! 🙂 See you next week!

Here comes the Bride!

May 18, 2010

Hello again! Welcome to another new week in Restaurant City! We hope you enjoyed the last two enchanting weeks and all that came with the wonderful Alice in Wonderland theme.

This week, we’re hosting a black tie event in Restaurant City! We want everything from the cake, to the beautiful centerpieces to be pulled off without a hitch! Love is in the air! I now pronounce this Wedding week in Restaurant City!!!

So, the bride and groom have selected your venue to host the biggest event of their entire lives. The outside is the first impression your guests will have, and to avoid any Bridezilla meltdowns, you better have everything in tip top shape! You can start by lining up some comfortable Wedding Chairs for your guests, complete with floor length linens, and tied with a beautiful sash. You can place them under the gorgeously decorated Marquee if you’re worried about the weather. Wet guests are not happy guests, right? At the end of the aisle stands the breathtaking Floral Archway where the ceremony will take place. After the vows are said and done, and the Groom has kissed his beautiful Bride, the happy couple can make a sneaky getaway in their Wedding Car which has been decorated and parked out front. Let’s take a look at the rest of the items:

Bride Wedding Car Groom
Floral Archway Wedding Sign Decorative Urn
Wedding Roof Wedding Chairs Marquee
Floral Garland

Inside the restaurant, your staff will be working hard to ensure everything is set up and ready for the reception to remember! The happy couple wishes to celebrate with their family and friends and expect nothing less than a full blown party including yummy food, great music, and perfectly placed floral arrangements in every direction. (It’s every girl’s dream, right?) As your guests are awaiting their meals, the Podium has been set up for speeches & toasts in honor of the bride and groom and the beautiful Wedding Gazebo provides a picturesque location for photo lovers! The new Ice Swans Sculpture is not only a visual showstopper, but it’s functional too, creating flower petals beneath your customers feet as they walk! Another great functional item to have is the new Bubbly Drink Tower. While your guests are busy ogling over this gorgeous piece, that buys you some extra time in the kitchen. This item increases your customer’s patience by 1 second. Every second counts! Don’t forget to leave a lasting impression by placing some Wedding Flowers or Wedding Candles throughout the room. Those small personal touches will not go unnoticed! There are many other options too, including:

Wedding Trellis Wedding Gazebo Wedding Flowers
Wedding Table Wedding Chair Podium
Wedding Candlestand Small Wedding Harpist Wedding Candles
Ice Swans Sculpture Floral Garland Bubbly Drink Tower

A big part of the reception has to do with food, whether you’re a big spender or a frugal bride like myself, the meal you provide your guests is very important indeed! This week we’re introducing 2 new mouthwatering dishes. First, is a starter dish called Canapes which requires Salmon, Coriander, Pork and Pineapple. The second dish, is a dessert called Slice of Happiness which requires Chocolate, Cream and Sugar. Both of these dishes are limited so make sure you get them to at least level 1 if you want to keep these dishes on your menu!

Canapes Slice of Happiness

We are also releasing two new gifts this week that will help get the wedding decorating process underway! The Celebration Drink and Wedding Candlestand are two must haves, so make sure you spoil your friends with these gift only items, they just might send you some in return! Both of these items are indoor decor items.

Wedding Candlestand Celebration Drink

Now that your restaurant is all dolled up for the wedding festivities, you’ll probably want to look the part too! New to the Avatar Shop this week are two new items, Wedding Dress Top and Wedding Dress for the bottom. Here is the completed look when it’s worn together:

Wedding Dress

Top & Bottom

Restaurant City is offering an array of items for sale this week for frugal brides/grooms alike. These items were previously released, but fit the wedding style perfectly!

  • Black Top Hat (Clothing)
  • The Don’s Black Suit (Clothing)
  • The Don’s White Suit (Clothing)
  • Red Valentine Chair (Indoor Chair)
  • Red Valentine Table (Indoor Table)
  • White Valentine Chair (Indoor Chair)
  • White Valentine Table (Indoor Table)
  • Valentine Door (Indoor Door)
  • Heart Wreath (Indoor Wall Decor)
  • Pink Heart Window (Indoor Wall Decor)
  • Wedding Cake (Indoor Decor)
  • Bottle Decor (Indoor Decor)
  • Red Rose (Indoor Decor)
  • Red Rose Trellis (Indoor Decor)
  • Rose Bunch (Indoor Decor)
  • Red Carpet (Indoor Floor)
  • Red Bow Wallpaper (Indoor Wallpaper)
  • Pink Bow Wallpaper (Indoor Wallpaper)
  • Chocolate Fountain (Indoor Functional)
  • Grandiose Gold Statue (Indoor Functional)
  • White Flowers (Indoor Garden)
  • Vriesea (Indoor Garden)
  • Lovely Pink Window (Outdoor Window)
  • Pink Tall Window (Outdoor Window)
  • Pink Bow (Outdoor Wall Decor)
  • Magical Cupid Statue (Outdoor Functional)

Last but certainly not least, we have some exciting news that you might have already heard about! Starting Tuesday, May 18th for one week only you can send Sugar to your friends for FREE! Remember that this amazing deal only lasts 7 days, so get your sugar fix in quickly before it’s over!!

We hope you enjoy Wedding Week in Restaurant City! As always, these items will not be available for purchase until Thursday 12AM GMT. Until then, you’re welcome to do a little window shopping to get the wedding planning started!

Feedback is much appreciated, let us know what you think!

Down the rabbit hole!

May 10, 2010

Welcome to a new week in Restaurant City! This week we’re going back for a second helping of the magical world that is Alice in Wonderland! Yep, part 2 of this wonderful theme will be available on Thursday at 12AM GMT, which will give you the chance to add even more fantasy to your restaurant!

Indoors this week, the mischievous Pet Cheshire Cat is up to no good once again, playing tricks on your guests by appearing and disappearing at every turn! Your customers will join in the fun this week by using the amazing Tiny Door which they will have to shrink down in size in order to walk through! The new animated Dormouse and Caterpillar are sure to make a statement in your restaurant as well. If blue wasn’t your thing last week, you might want to try the new Red Wonderland Wallpaper & Tile to make a bold appearance instead. There are many new items to finish off the interior look to your restaurant this week, let’s take a look:

Spades Guard Hearts Guard Caterpillar
King of Hearts Tiny Door Singing Flowers
Pet Cheshire Cat Card Sentry Lupine Decor
Mysterious Tree White Flower Hedge Red Flower Hedge
Victorian Garden Chair Victorian Garden Table Victorian Lamp Post
Red Wonderland Wallpaper Red Wonderland Tile Giant Teapot

The land of wonder continues once again outdoors this week, and we’re rolling out the red carpet for an appearance from Alice herself! Alice, along with Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and White Rabbit in a Tree are street decor items. If your taste is more on the classical side, the new Wonderland Castle Roof might suit your fancy! Here is a look at the rest of the outdoor items for this week:

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party White Rabbit in a Tree Alice
Outside Tiny Door Queen of Hearts Window Wonderland Castle Roof

We have added a couple of new gifts this week to celebrate the Alice in Wonderland theme! The Picnic Basket (complete with a red and white checkered blanket!) and Tea Set are both indoor decor items. Make sure to share the yummyness with your friends! Also, please note that for you last minute shoppers, this is your last chance to get the beautiful Mother’s Day Bouquet and Cactus Juice from the gift page!

Picnic Basket Tea Set

If you remember from last week, I told you that the extraordinary beverage called “Drink Me” held a secret that you had to figure out on your own! (Once it has reached level 10) Many of you have already found out that this special drink actually shrinks your customers when they successfully finish drinking it!

This week we have two new dishes. “Eat Me” is a delicious cake dessert that contains a special prize when it’s mastered! (Level 10) Once you complete this dish you will receive a cute Pet Cheshire Cat to reward you for your hard efforts! “Well! I’ve often seen a cat without a grin; but a grin without a cat! It’s the most curious thing I ever seen in my life!”  The second dish is called “High Tea” (drink) which will fit perfectly for all of those early morning tea parties with Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts! Note that both of these dishes are limited, so make sure get them while they last!

Eat Me
High Tea

Bargain hunters, be on the look out! There are some new sale items that I’m excited to tell you about! :

  • Pink Heart Window (Wall Decoration)
  • Cards Wall Decor (Wall Decoration)
  • Candy Chair (Chair)
  • Mushroom Table (Table)
  • Potion Decor (Decor)
  • Hearts Wallpaper (Wallpaper)
  • Heart Tree (Garden)
  • Cards Door (Outdoor)
  • Mushroom House (Street Decor)
  • Giant Mushrooms (Street Decor)

We have come to the end of part 2 of Alice in Wonderland! I hope you have enjoyed this theme and you are using your imaginations to the absolute fullest! There are endless possibilities and I would love to see what you’ve done with the extraordinary array of items we have released over the past two weeks. So if you’re interested, feel free to share your creations here in the Restaurant City Gallery.

Make sure to leave your feedback! Your opinions are important to us. See you next week!

“Off with their heads!”

May 5, 2010

Greetings, fellow restaurant owners! Did you enjoy Mexico week last week in RC? I hope so! It’s time to take a break from dancing to the amazing Mariachi Band for just a second, while we enter into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland!

Imagine with me by taking a tumble down a rabbit hole and realizing you’ve just stepped foot into an amazing fantasy world filled with all kinds of peculiar and mystical creatures. This week we’re bringing that feeling right into our restaurants for all to experience! The pretty blue Wonderland Wallpaper and Wonderland Tile will allow you to set the mood for a tea party with the animated Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts. With all the fixings, from the Tea Party Table to the luxurious Wingback Chair, it will surely be an adventure to remember! Make sure your guests get their food on time with the new Pocketwatch Stove which will produce your meals 22% faster! It’s time to use your imagination, and take a peek at what else is available for the inside of our restaurants.

Wonderland Wallpaper Tea Table Tea Party Decor
Tea Cakes Tower Red Rose Bush Queen Of Hearts
Pocketwatch Stove March Hare Mad Hatter
Flamingo White Rabbit Wingback Chair
Wonderland Tile

For outside, you simply cannot miss the amazing and offbeat Alice Roof! The mysterious and animated Cheshire Cat will play tricks on your eyes, but paired with the new Card Army and cheeky Tweedledum and Tweedledee decorations, your restaurant will be a unique and magical destination for all! Make sure you impress your guests with those important finishing touches, such as the new animated Red Rose Bush, and the beautiful Singing Flowers. There’s something for everyone! Now, let’s take a look at what else in store for us:

Alice Roof Card Army Cheshire Cat
May Pole Red Rose Bush Rose Bush Decor
Singing Flowers Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Now onto the new dishes this week: First up is the yummy Tea Cakes Selection (dessert), which is perfect for tea parties! Please note that this dish is in fact limited, so make sure you at least get it to level 1 to ensure tea party fun all year round! The next dish is rather special, it’s called “Drink Me” (drink) and it does something quite extraordinary to your customers when it’s leveled up to 10. I’m not one to spoil surprises though, so you’ll have to figure this one out for yourselves! This dish will be sticking around for a while, so take your time!

Drink Me Tea Cakes Selection

To honor the moms of Restaurant City this week, we have added a couple of new gifts! The Mother’s Day Bouquet is a beautiful outdoor decor item, while the Mother’s Day Chocolates can be used to decorate the inside of your restaurant.

Mother’s Day Bouquet Mother’s Day Chocolates

Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting! I better tell you about some special sale items before I go! These items, we believe, will enhance your fantasy-filled restaurant this week, so get em while they’re hot!

  • Mushroom Roof (Outdoor)
  • Golden Heart (Outdoor wall decoration)
  • Rose Decor (Outdoor wall decoration)
  • Flamingos in Love (Outdoor street decoration)
  • Giant Candy Cane (Outdoor street decoration)
  • Mushroom Chair (Indoor)
  • Purple Chair (Indoor)
  • Giant Present (Decor)
  • Spades Tile (Floor)
  • Hearts Tile (Floor)
  • Diamonds Tile (Floor)
  • Clubs Tile (Floor)
  • Cards Tile (Floor)
  • Pink Heats Tile (Floor)
  • Pet Bunny (Functional)

I guess that about wraps things up folks. We hope you use your imagination, and have lots of fun this week with the new items! Keep in mind that these items will not be available until Thursday at 12AM GMT. As always, you can sign on to Restaurant City via Facebook now, to take a sneak peek before they’re available.

Last but certainly not least, your feedback is always most welcome, so don’t hold back! We love hearing what you have to say!