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Drinks are now on the menu in Restaurant City!

July 24, 2009

With summer well underway in Restaurant City we thought our menus were lacking a little something which all our customers would probably really appreciate in this heat: drinks!

You may have the best 3 course menu on Gourmet Street but your clientele must be parched after strolling to your restaurant in the summer sun and they’re probably getting a little tired of tap water!


So we let YOU vote which drinks recipes you’d like to see in the game and vote you did, turning out in your thousands to let us know what refreshments you’d like to see on your menu!

There’s now a list of recipes based on the drinks you most wanted to see in Restaurant City, so go on, treat your customers to a cool glass of juice!


Buy buy! Sell sell!

July 2, 2009


We know what it’s like. You just need that one ingredient to create that perfect menu which you’ve always wanted in Restaurant City, but there’s just one problem.

Everyone else wants it too.

Whether it’s sugar, beef, or that pesky cream, there always seems to be too many people who need it and not enough of it to go round. And you know your friend has it, but she hasn’t checked her inbox for a few hours now so you have no idea if she’s going to trade with you or not. If only there were some way to let everyone know what you need?

Well now you can with the new Restaurant City ingredients feed! Perfect for letting all of your friends know in an instant what you want to trade in just a few clicks!

Bon appetit!