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March 26, 2012

Hi Cooks!

I hope you have a great sense of humor ’cause this week RC will be full of silly pranks!

Here are some interesting facts about April Fools’ Day:

  • It is celebrated in several countries around the world on the 1st of April
  • The association of April 1st and ‘foolishness’ can be traced back to the year 1392
  • In France, Italy, and the Canadian province of Quebec – Paper fish are taped to people’s backs as a trick and ‘April Fish’ is shouted. French – ‘poisson d’avril!’ Italian – ‘pesce d’aprile’

Check out all of this week’s crazy recipes and items below… Items will be in the shop this Thursday!

Have fun and remember: April Fools’ jokes should always be funny – never mean!

– Maggie x



March 19, 2012

Hi Cooks!

Do you consider yourself a geek? I think we all have a few geeky traits!

Well… This week is all about letting your inner geek out! Computers, astronomy, chemistry, gaming, energy boosting drinks – who doesn’t love at least one of these?

Make sure to visit my restaurant for tons of great decorating ideas… New items will be available on Thursday!

Good luck with the challenges! ^_^

– Maggie x


March 13, 2012

Hi Cooks!

Do you love Maple Syrup? I sure do!

Spring is just around the corner… Farmers are busy collecting sap, so that we can all enjoy our pancakes :D! Join us this week at the Sugar Shack!

There are so many fun things to do here – Hay rides, sleigh rides, dancing to great music, and of course – tons of Maple Treats! Check out all the new recipes and items below!

Here are a few interesting facts about Maple Syrup:

  • Maple syrup is typically made from the xylem sap of Red Maple, Sugar Maple and Black Maple trees
  • It was first collected by the aboriginal people of North America and taught to European settlers
  • The Canadian province of Quebec produces about 75% of the world’s Maple Syrup, yearly!
  • Vermont is the largest producer in the US at 5.5%
  • Maple Syrup is graded based on its density and translucency

Have fun and good luck with the Challenges!

– Maggie x

Enjoy this great tune – Composed and played by Simon Lavallée, a member of our Playfish Team!

Check out more of his music here:


March 8, 2012

Hi Cooks!

It’s Spring Break! Get ready for a week of fun activities! Skiing, snowboarding, swimming, relaxing at the beach, volleyball, partying, dancing… Wish we had a whole month off!

Check out all of this week’s new items and recipes below – This list can also be viewed on the Facebook Fan Page, just click the Spring Break tab!

Spring is definitely in the air – Lots of exciting adventures and surprises are on the way… Stay tuned!

– Maggie x