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Welcome to RC Noir…

August 31, 2011

Extract from Detective Tommy’s journal:

… Dusk. The chill was setting in; summer was slowly dragging to an end. I pulled my coat closer to my chest and adjusted my favorite hat, making my way to Maggie’s. Then – loud, distinct and maybe inevitable – there it was: the clap of a gunshot and the spine-tingling shiver as a short sharp scream came to a dramatic end.

Guess I’m cancelling dinner plans, honey…

Hi Cooks! What do you think? This week’s new theme is possibly one of my all-time favorites! We’ve gone for the classic chic of film noir in RC Noir week!

I get to put on a great new black dress and Tommy… well…! You can see for yourself!

Let’s see what new things we can do this week!

For those of you new to Restaurant City, one of our great collectible items is the Lounge Bar.

This great item arrived in June last year and it fits perfectly with this week’s RC Noir theme! Head in today and see if you can complete some new challenges based around this great item – and check out what you could get, too!

Yup, these exclusive figurines can be yours when you complete challenges based around the Lounge Bar. 🙂 But of course, you can try other challenges and win different rewards! Check these out:

There’s a cooking adventure (a special kind of challenge) this week with a neat storyline – help Tommy take down the Mafia King (looks kinda familiar, doesn’t he?) and you’ll earn an amazing reward of a whole bunch of coins! We really got into character this week (and it was fun!). Remember, ingredients you earn come in super handy for recipes you’re trying to learn and of course, there’s exclusive items that you can’t get anywhere else to be earned, too!

This week’s functional items are pretty cool, too – the Vault Door turns your customers into smartly dressed folk and the Safe Cracking Arcade will earn you coins as customers have a go at, well, cracking it! But my favorite (for obvious reasons) is Detective Tommy! Put him in your restaurant and he’ll turn EVERYTHING black and white – and you’ve GOT to check out the new street, too…

Head on over to my restaurant to see what I’m talking about!

Limited items this week are these great animated arcade booths. I won’t give too much away, but it looks like there’s trouble! What do you think happens next…?!

Of course Restaurant City isn’t all about decorating… though it’s super fun! With new recipes, you can keep your menu fresh and in theme. Check out the Mint Julep – yup! When Tommy turns everything black and white, I mean everything!

I guess there’s not much else left to show you except the remaining catelogue of items coming out this week! Check it out (remember, some of them are challenge rewards) and see you soon, cooks!

Maggie xxx

NOTE: New items come out every Thursday. The names of these items were correct at the time of posting.

Announced: The Winners of Restaurant City’s Ultimate BBQ Party competition! :D

August 31, 2011

Hi Cooks!

A big well done to the folks who won our competition! As you know, while the Gourmet BBQ Grill was the hot topic in Restaurant City over the last few weeks, our Ultimate BBQ Party competition was running to find THE place to go and enjoy a good meal! And finally, here are the results:


3rd place: mnusrat

This design really caught the Restaurant City team’s imagination. Not only did we feel the party buzzing inside the restaurant, we were ready to eat the restaurant – it looked so tasty! Well done, cook!  Mnusrat won 200 cooking cash!

2nd place: india1080

This restaurant really makes you wonder what kind of a party is raging inside. If the balloons and flashing lights weren’t enough to convince you, then the fireworks might! India1080 has won 300 cooking cash!

1st place: grissypie

This restaurant won first place with a very refined and American feel. Since the competition was themed around our Gourmet BBQ Grill, we felt this was a good choice by our players to win! Grissypie has won a whopping 1,000 cooking cash!

Well done to all of you! These designs just go to show how making a first impression really counts! So well done to the three of you who have just landed yourselves a nice prize of cooking cash!

And now on to our second lot of winners, in our second category:


3rd place: xCognac

xCognac designed their party in a campus park and we think it looks like a lot of fun! From the balloons around the parade to the nice live band… who wouldn’t go to this BBQ party? xCognac has won 200 cooking cash!

2nd place: dawny

This party had a parade and a nice fairground feel – but to top it off, it had its own pageant – we thought it was a great idea and so we’re glad this was voted by our players in at number 2!  Dawny has won 300 cooking cash!

1st place: masmosa

This cook did a great job of capturing not only how creative someone can get with items each week, but by designing the outside of their restaurant and hosting a party in the garden! Is that a waterfall…? Masmosa has won a whopping 1,000 cooking cash!

These winners did an amazing job of showing off what’s possible when you let your creativity flow in Restaurant City. 🙂 Congratulations to them all!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this competition. Do you have an idea for a new competition, cooks? Why not leave a comment and leave a suggestion below? 🙂

– Maggie xxx

The Ultimate In Shopping Experiences!

August 23, 2011

Hi Cooks!

This week I’m introducing our customers to a whole new experience in shopping – not only are we going to redesign the Luxury Mall in Restaurant City, but we’re going to completely revamp customer’s eating experience! Read on, curious cooks! 😉


The big news first, cooks! Check out the Escalator below…

That’s right – master the Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus dish and you’ll unlock an Escalator that makes your waiters 20% faster! 😀 Watch them zoom from cook to customer with whooshing lines! We’ve never had anything like this bef0re, so head in today and get started!


This week’s limited item is this great arcade. You can see the Golden Cutlery Display in action when you visit my restaurant. 🙂 But don’t forget to check out these great functional items, too! They will earn you coins while you’re away – and don’t forget to watch customers having fun in the Kiddy Copter Arcade!


But there’s plenty of things to do between now and Thursday – like challenges! 😀 This week there’s no new cooking adventure, but can you get these great rewards in the meantime? 🙂


And finally, feast your eyes on this week’s full catalog! 😀 Have fun cooks – and remember, everyone’s coming out on Thursday! 😀 Until then…!

– Maggie x

We’re Going Camping! :D

August 16, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Just when you thought our themes couldn’t get any better, this week’s theme is set to be a sure fire hit! Join me in Going Camping week where you can head straight for the Restaurant City National Park and enjoy cooking in fresh outdoors!

Check out this week’s NEW recipes! I love thinking up new ideas for our menu. 🙂 I’ve been looking for something to do with all of those marshmallows in my pantry! Which one of these is taking your fancy?

Check out this week’s challenge rewards! Plus with a new cooking adventure starting today, you can unlock FREE 250,000 coins! Head into the forum FAQ to find out how! 😀

This week’s functional items are pretty awesome. From this beautiful bridge for your hungry campers, to a Rafting Arcade that seat 2 customers at the same time! Hopefully all of these outdoor activities will get your customers hungry! The Nosy Squirrel is a cute little critter who will wander through your restaurant!

Don’t miss out on a chance to get these limited items this week, either! If you’ve ever been camping you’ll know how much fun it is to tell ghost stories to your friends! Watch customers get a chill go down their back when they sit down in front of the fire to do just that! Wait, what’s that behind him?! But if you’re more of a relaxed camper, you’ll appreciate having somewhere quiet to fish. The Fresh Fishing Arcade will meet those needs for sure! These items will only be out for a few days, so keep your eyes peeled!

And finally, here’s the rest of the catalogue for you to take a look at. 🙂 Remember, all decorative items will be out this Thursday, so this is a real sneak peek at what’s to come! Are you excited yet?

New Theme: We’re in Australia!

August 9, 2011

Hi Cooks!

With the Gourmet BBQ Grill coming to an end in just under 2 weeks, we’re ramping up BBQ items for you to play with. If none of the previous themes have grabbed your style of a BBQ, why not join me in Australia to get a taste of the outback? 😀

Check out the items available this week (coming out Thursday – but some of them are available through challenges today!) and don’t forget to check the fan page for lots of free ingredients this week!

– Maggie x

Remember you can start challenges today to unlock these great goodies! 😀

Sign up to the Sunday Special event on the official fan page so you don’t forget! 🙂

Check out the arcades that you can get with coins! 😀

Put the whole set together and your customers are in for the ride of their lives!






It’s A Jungle Out There!

August 2, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Can you hear that? The call of the wild is in Restaurant City this week in the new spectacular Jungle Swing Week! Don your safari gear because this week we’re going to be cutting through the overgrowth to set up camp and cook up a storm deep in the jungle!

From traversing hazardous terrain to wandering through ancient ruins, will you give your customers an adventure and a meal of a lifetime?

Check out all the new items you can get this week by doing new challenges and don’t forget to check in on Thursday when the new items appear!

For more information about the challenges, check out the FAQ on the forum here. And if you’re looking for information on which ingredients you’ll need for the Sunday Special, keep an eye out for my weekly email newsletter coming out soon!

See you inside, cook!

– Maggie x

You can get so many great ingredients by completing challenges this week. And with some challenges repeatable every day, it’s definitely worth giving them a go!

This week’s recipes are extra fruity and ‘tropical’ – it’s also kinda summery! I wonder what kind of holiday I’d be on to have a menu like this! Whatever it is, it’s YUMMY! Also, you can now UNLOCK an EXTRA member of staff for your Gourmet BBQ Grill when you master the Deep Fried Pickles recipe! Find out more in-game!


Limited items are out throughout this week – check out these great items – one is an arcade and another is an amazing bridge that lets your customers traverse a hazardous ravine! Amazing 😀

This week’s functional items are pretty epic – I love how they would look great as decoration, let alone as functional items!

Remember that new items are out every Thursday! 🙂 Until next time, cooks!