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Vote for Maggie in College Life Week!

May 31, 2011

Hi Cooks!

It’s time to leave Cooking School and graduate from Restaurant City University!

This week’s theme is really awesome, with an amazing theme that has to be my favorite so far! Just head over to my restaurant to see!

New Recipes!

This week’s recipes include the Study Shot (coffee, coffee, coffee!) and Orange Brownies!

I remember getting ready for my cooking exams and cramming information into my head just minutes before! What kind of student are you – the one who prepares in advance, or the one who has to read up on notes before the exam? 🙂

This week’s Sunday Special is also going to be the Study Sandwich – keep an eye out for our weekly newsletter to learn which ingredients you’ll need!

New Challenges!

All new challenges mean College Life themed goodies! From earning FREE ingredients to unlocking exclusive themed items to decorate your restaurant with, the weekly challenges are definitely a highlight for me! Head into Restaurant City now to see what you can get your hands on, or learn more about what this week’s challenges are at the forum.

New Collector’s Set!

Being a student isn’t easy! Especially when it comes to living life on a budget! So this week’s collector’s set is going to make you smile – because it’s all for COINS! 😀 Check it out: two great arcades for coins, coins, coins!


As usual, you can see some of this week’s other items in the catalog below. But don’t forget to visit my restaurant to see everything on display, and see how you can put all of these great things together to make the perfect RCU layout!

NOTE: Names of items were correct at the time of writing this post

It’s Back To Cooking School!

May 24, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Train your staff (and customers) up in important culinary skills this week with Cooking School Week! With new items out this Thursday (and some already out through challenges!) head in today to see for yourself by visiting my restaurant. 🙂

NEW Collector’s Set!

Kick-start the cooking school semester with this great set of items that lets you get more than 25% speed boost from your Mottus Chrome Stove!

Visit my restaurant to see more details about each item by hovering over it. My personal favorite is the Line Chef Station… oh that takes me back to some good old memories about an old job!

Which one do you like the most?

NEW Challenges!

This week’s new challenges are all based around the new items due out this Thursday. From collecting items with a little help from your friends to learning and serving recipes to your customers, I’ll be taking you through your paces to put your culinary skills to good use!

PLUS, complete this week’s challenges and you can unlock some great items, such as the Mottos School of Cooking!

NEW Recipes!

If you were here last week, you’ll know that you can now master the Jamie Oliver Farfalle Carbonara to unlock the amazing Jamie Oliver Pasta Maker! But what will you do with all that pasta you’ve been making? Put it to good use with new recipes from Jamie in Restaurant City. Head in today and check out the menu to see what you can learn today!

Plus don’t forget there’s always something new to learn in Restaurant City!

Have You Met Joe’s Brother, Moe?

If you’re really into the Smoothie Station, you’ll love Moe. He’s joining Joe this week to boost business with his Veg Station.

Master the Super Veg Booster and Moe will decide to stay despite his minor squabbles with his brother about which Smoothie is the best of them all: fruit or vegetable?!


Note: names of items were correct at time of being written

Eco Hero Week!

May 17, 2011

Hi Cooks!

There’s always something new to do every week in Restaurant City and this week we’re going to see a theme that we’ve never seen in Restaurant City before – Eco Hero Week!

As the title suggests, we’re going to be encouraging environmentally friendly alternatives to the usual Restaurant City activities.

BUT! There’s plenty of new and exciting things to do this week – read more to what you can start doing!

New Challenges!

This week’s challenges are all themed up with the Eco Hero Week items. From making your restaurant’s kitchen more energy efficient, to cleaning up Restaurant City, you’ll get great rewards – from valuable ingredients to special items exclusive to challenges! Note: John Compost isn’t a functional item and Captain Peanuts is also an exclusive decoration item.

Sound interesting? Head on over to the official Restaurant City forum to read more about this week’s challenges!

New Recipes!

There are lots of new recipes to give your menu a complete make-over! Take a look at these yummy new dishes I’ve cooked up just for you – which one do you think you’ll add to your restaurant?

New Collector’s Set!

The Eco Hero Power Pack set is brand new to Restaurant City – and one you shouldn’t miss a chance to get!

Add the Solar-Powered Stove to your restaurant and you’ll become the owner of a stove that’s 10% faster than the average stove. BUT! As the name suggests, add a Solar Panel and your Solar-Powered Stove will get a big jump in productivity and add a 5% speed boost to your stove! Wow!

You can add up to 4 Solar Panels for maximum power. It’s a set you’d be crazy to miss!


Every week you can get a sneak peak of all the amazing new items coming in Restaurant City on Thursday. Check out what’s coming and let me know which one you’re most excited about!

Until next time, Cooks!

– Maggie x

Note: all items were correct at the time of posting

Detox & Relax – that’s my motto!

May 10, 2011

Hi Cooks!

There always comes a time in the year when you just need to let go of the past and move on, refreshed and renewed. Well, this week you can help your customers do just that in relax & Detox week!

New Recipes

I’ve been really looking forward to this week for a looong time. Oh, how I wish I could take a day off and just relax. But it’s ok – I enjoy cooking so much, I think serving up tasty new recipes from this week’s theme will be just fine! This week’s recipes we’re keeping up with the healthy Smoothie Station style recipes with new Green Tea Icecream (mmmmn!) and the super-duper healthy kick-starter Wheatgrass Shot!

Psssst… did you know that if you get my weekly email newsletter, you’ll get the Wheatgrass shot absolutely free?!

New Challenges

Have you seen beautiful flowers popping up all over the place in Restaurant City? 🙂

This week’s challenges are geared toward creating the ultimate relaxing experience. Whether it’s a little bit of brain food from the Wise One or an exclusive item you can ONLY get through the challenges (here’s just a couple of examples!).

How many challenges have you tried recently? 🙂 Don’t forget, you can get valuable ingredients by doing our easy daily challenge!

The Catalog

As usual I’ll add the catalog of our items this week and you can get a lovely sneak peek of things to come. My personal favorite is the beautiful Lucious Fountain that’s ONLY 1 Cooking Cash for a limited time… Just look at it! What a bargain! 😀

Enjoy the items sneak peek this week cooks, and make sure you head into my restaurant to see the full range of new items!

– Maggie x

NOTE: The item names were correct at the time of writing this post

Game Geek’s Collection!

May 4, 2011

Hi Cooks!

If you’ve been into your restaurant already this week, you’ll notice the loading screen has changed! 🙂 This week’s theme is awesome – we’re turning the clock back just a few decades and revisiting Retro Games!

Check out this collection!

This is definitely the ULTIMATE Game Geek’s collection. If you like to play video games, you’ll want to show off this set to your customers (and visiting friends!). Each arcade earns you coins! The red Runout Arcade is back from last year and goes perfectly with the Runout II PF arcade.

My personal favorite is the Thyme Crisis Light Gun arcade… I remember playing that with my friends back in the day…!


This week’s recipes are tasty, as usual! I’ve been perfecting my Macaroni and Cheese (out Thursday) recipe for months and I think this one is probably better than, dare I say it, Gourmet Kings! Still, there’s always room for something new on the menu, too, and this week’s Sunday Special recipe is the Tuna and Sweetcorn Panini. It’s inspired from my recent trip to Europe… I hope you like it!

As usual, you can find out which ingredients you’ll need for your Sunday Special by reading my weekly email newsletter. Did you get it yet? 🙂


I’ve been really enjoying the new challenges in Restaurant City lately. With each new challenge comes a cute reward, and I especially like the daily challenge which gives out a FREE ingredient! I wonder what today’s ingredient prize will be…?

If you’d like to learn more about each week’s challenges, check out the forum. And of course, if you have any questions, there are plenty of cooks just like you who’ll probably know the answer! 🙂


So, enough with the updates, and on to this week’s catalog! Take a peek at all the cool new items out this Thursday to decorate your restaurant with – what’s your favorite new item this week? 🙂

– Maggie x

NOTE: The names of the items were correct at the time of writing, but sometimes things change! Check out the forum for more information.