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Romance comes early to Restaurant City

January 29, 2010

Well, here is a surprise for you all. Restaurant City has been updated for the second time this week. And we think you will not be disappointed!

We have added two brand new functional items for you today, and they are a taster of what is to come leading up in the weeks leading up to Valentines day! We hope you will enjoy these two new functional items as much as we do!

For the outside we have the Magical Cupid Statue! Personally, I think it looks super adorable! It is a functional item and it will make hearts fall out of the sky outside your restaurant. Cute! And remember that you can turn them around so you can have one statue facing your restaurant on both sides, it will look great!

Magical Cupid Statue

And for the inside, we have added the, Chocolate Fountain – it almost make me want to take out my real life choc fountain and my marshmallows, and just indulge! Anyway, in Restaurant City, the Chocolate Fountain is functional and it will fill your restaurant with floating hearts. The more fountains you have, the more hearts will float.

Chocolate Fountain

As both these items are functional, you will find them in the functional tab. Both items also look very good if you theme them up with the Snowman or the Snow Machine – floating hearts and falling snow, perfect for Valentines day!

Wanna know where you can get a drink in this city? Follow me …

January 28, 2010

We have received a story from britgirls, a user in the Restaurant City Forum

As our theme this week is Gangster City / Speakeasy we thought it was fitting to publish this story this week. It is more of a combined story and a showcase of britgirls restaurant. Enjoy!

Yo, Vinnie, ya heard ’bout S Peakeasy books?

What? You taking up reading, boss?

No, ya knucklehead, I’m not tawking about da books. It’s a speakeasy.

I’m not following you, boss.

Awww, fuhgeddaboudit. Just go down to that bookstore … past the flower shop and the abandoned warehouse.

Get me the biggest, heaviest dictionary you can find and bring it back here so I can whack you over the head with it.
Then look up speakeasy, capeesh?

*sometime later*

Hey, boss, I went down to that bookstore, and you’ll never guess, it’s just a front!

Lucky the Cat is working the door. And they got a real swell place right behind the secret bookcase.

Sirenne and her piano-playing dog are banging out the tunes.

Plenty of private booths for those looking for a little something “extra” in their drinks, if ya know what I mean.

Seems The Don made Playfish an offer they couldn’t refuse … he’s getting a kickback for every Mafia themed resto in the city. You should see the stacks of cash he’s got in that back office!

Anyway, here’s that dictionary you wanted.


Huh! Whaddya hit me for?

If you want to write a guest blog, check out this thread in the forum – we are always looking for user content to publish!

Here´s an offer you can´t refuse

January 26, 2010

This week we celebrate the launch of our latest game Gangster City right here in Restaurant City!

We have just updated Restaurant City with new items, limited dishes and some new features, we hope you´ll like it!

I am sure you will be really pleased about our new features, which means you can now save multiple instances of your layout. It means it is a lot easier to redecorate your restaurant! The maximum different layouts you can have is currently 3. You can easilly switch between them using the “Redecorate” button and then selecting the layout of your choice in the right hand side. How many different layouts you can save, depends on the level you have obtained in Restaurant City! You´ll get access to the 2nd layout in level 10 and the 3rd at level 20.

This is definetely the time to start redecorating your restaurant, it´s never been easier!


As part of  last weeks update we noticed that some of you found it difficult to know how to hire more employees when they became available, so we have moved the “hire new friends” button to be displayed immediately if you are able to hire more friends. Note also that you can always sack some of your current employees in order to hire another of your friend by clicking on the employee you want to sack and then click on the “sack” button in the employee interface.

Some you will already have noticed that there is a new feature that shows to you that you can share your email with Restaurant City, I just wanted to confirm that your email adress will not be sold of to a 3rd party, we will only use your email to keep in touch with you regarding Restaurant City news and updates.


A gangster themed restaurant can be as elaborate and realistic as you want it to be. All this of course, without the danger. The modern gangster can sometimes be glamorously portrayed, however, the 1920’s-30’s was arguably the golden age for gangsters. Back then, gangsters disguised the danger with the clean-cut class of zoot suits and fedoras.

Too look the part you do need to suit yourself and your employees up in The Don´s White or Black suit!

The Don´s White Suit The Don´s Black Suit

As you have now dressed up your staff in the right attire, you need to look at your interior. We have lots of classy looking items this week for you to get the right atmosphere and look into your restaurant. Just check out that amazing Classic Black Bookshelf! The theme is completed by ensuring you include the Money Bag and Gold Bar Decor complimented by the decoration of the week you do not want to miss, the Bullet Holes! Also, make sure you place the Classy Table Lamp ontop of the Black Side table – it will look fantastic!

And while you are looking at those new items this week, I am sure you will notice that all the new items are easially stackable! We´ll go through later and make the older blocks stackable as well, but for now you can enjoy the items of this week which are very easy to stack!

Elegant Rope Barrier Black Sidetable Classy Table Lamp
Classy Black Wallpaper Bullet Holes White Brick Pillar
Crate Money Bag Gold Bars
Violin Case Classic Black Divider Classic Black Divider Block
Classic Black Bookshelf Classy Bush Classy Plant
Classy White Tiles Classy Grey Tiles Poker Cards
Classy Black Table Classy Black Chair

Great, that´s the inside done – you do need an outside to match your inside so check out the new outside items for the week. Again, the must have is the Bullet Holes Decor to get that proper Gangster Feeling!

Classy Black Roof Classy Black Window Classy Black Door
Bullet Holes Decor Crate Decor Classy Black Banner


Right, that´s the decorations done. So what about the food? Well, the food does not follow the decorative theme as the new dishes of the week are Ham and Cheese Sandwich for Main Course and Pad Tai, definetely not gangster!

Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Main Course – unlock before 2nd of March) Pad Thai (Main Course – unlock before 9th of March)

These dishes are limited, look below the pictures above to see when you need to unlock them by. If you have not unlocked the dishes before that time, the dishes will disappear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked any of the three dishes, you can upgrade them to a level higher than level 1 at any time. You can upgrade them also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dishes (got them to at least level 1) before the period is over, they will disappear from your menu, however you may be able to buy these recipes in future.


That´s it for this week! We hope you enjoy the additions to the game this week, and I am sure the new stackable items will be well received by all of you! Maks sure you share a screenshot of your newly decorated restaurant in the gallery, we love to see what your new restaurant looks like!

Community: Help needed to find “some Chinese rice cake”

January 26, 2010

We´ve come across this forum post where the user RuiXue is asking for some help.

RuiXue needs help finding the recipe to something she remembers eating in a Chinese Tea Restaurant. Do anyone here know what she might be looking for?

Here is her full post for reference. If anyone knows what she is asking for, it would be great if you could let us know, we are all here to help eachother 🙂

When I was in China last year (2009) my (now) husband and I went to some bit more simple restaurants and had lunch and one time dinner. It was “tea restaurant” which had a lot of tea and more simple noodle and rice dishes, and they had this amazing cake among the desserts! It’s a kind of rice cake, but the sticky rice thing was really thin, and judging by the taste it had some kind of whipped cream (or something like it) in it along with small pieces of canned fruit (peach I think). They were served in small metal cups. I have been googling as if there’s no tomorrow several times now, and asked friends in China if they know what cake I mean, but alas, can’t find it and no one knows I had those cakes in at least 3 different restaurants in Suzhou, all of them were tea restaurants or noodle shops.

They remind a little of the Japanese Mochi but still no where near those in a way. Anyone has an idea what cake it might be?

Thought I’d ask here aswell since all of us here seems to have an interest for different foods and there’s many Asians here

So, anyone who has an idea what it might be?

I *might* attempt making them at home if I can just find a name for them= find a recipe

Ahoy, Mateys! Yaargh!

January 19, 2010

This week it is a pirates paradise in Restaurant City!

We have just updated Restaurant City with new items, limited dishes and some new features, we hope you´ll like it!
First up you will notice that the Game User Interface and layout have changed a bit. The game is now wider and a bit shorter, so if you have a smaller screen you will now not need to  scroll down in the browser page in order to see the entire game. This means that you can now view more of your restaurant at the same time. As part of this some buttons have moved around so it might feel a bit strange at first, but you´ll get used to it – it´s  less cluttered now!

Oh, and you can now also see the seconds countdown for when your staff needs their next feed, and you can now buy music without owning a music player.


This week there are 4 new dishes to learn!  First up it is the new Starter, the Mini Burgers, we´re sure these will go down a treat! Then there is the new Main Course , the Dolsot Bibimbap – it is a  Korean Dish and it literally means “Stone Pot Mixed Rice”.  Chocolate Chip Cookies is what you can now serve up for your customers as Dessert if you are able to unlock the recipe in time. Why not make your own cookies by following this recipe?  And for the simpler stuff, the new Drink option this week is simply Orange Juice!

Mini Burgers (Starter – unlock before 9th of February) Dolsot Bibimbap (Main Course – unlock before 16th of February)
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dessert – unlock before 23rd of February) Orange Juice (Drink)

Some of these dishes are limited, look below the pictures above to see when you need to unlock them by. If you have not unlocked the dishes before that time, the dishes will disappear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked any of the three dishes, you can upgrade them to a level higher than level 1 at any time. You can upgrade them also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dishes (got them to at least level 1) before the period is over, they will disappear from your menu, however you may be able to buy these recipes in future.


Let’s be honest. Pirate decoration is probably not for every restaurant, however did you know there are people who kind of live like pirates? There is! Such as the “pirate” family behind the  Talk Like a Pirate website.  You can decide to go all-in with the new pirate theme, if you dare! Or, you can decorate your restaurant in a way that will not make your customers to want to walk the plank.

So, are you ready to inject a little “pirattitude” into your restaurant?  But, before we get on with the interior, we need to make sure your restaurant exterior look exactly right! The must-have of the week has to be the Pirate Ship Roof, it´s simply stunning! If you then add the Pirate Walling and a few of those pirate decoration items and the Treasure Map Banner, you´ll have the perfect exterior for your Pirate Restaurant!

Pirate Ship Roof
Pirate Walling Ship Door Porthole
Rusty Anchor Treasure Chest Decor Cannon Balls Decor
Cannon Decor Pirate Flag Decor Sword Decor
Treasure Map Banner

Right, that´s the exterior done – now into the inside of your Restaurant!  There are lots of different items for you to get the right “pirattitude”!  To get the feeling of being inside a pirate ship, you of course need to deck your walls with the Ship Wallpaper, it may just be wallpaper, but it definitely looks like real wood! There aren´t any new tiles to match the new wallpaper this week, but check out the Wooden Planks or even the Gingerbread Floor, they look great against the new wallpaper! No pirate theme is complete without a Pirate Flag and check out all the decoration items you can buy this week! I particularly like the Miniature Ship Model and the Fake Skeleton Decor.  The Pirate Table and the Pirate Chair will complete your Pirate theme this week, I know I would stay long just looking at that treasure map on the table!

Captains Chair Pirate Table Pirate Chair
Pirate Flag Ship Wallpaper Ship Door
Ship Railing Ship Railing Block Pirate Decoration
Miniature Ship Model Swords Wall Decor Cannon
Gold Doubloons Dig Site Pirate Porthole
Cannon Balls Fake Skeleton Decor

Did you think that was it? Oh no, it isn´t! You can now buy 3 new clothing items to make sure you and your staff look the part!

Torn Pirate Pants Pirate Shirt Pirate Skirt

A new year in Restaurant City -by merchas7m4

January 16, 2010

We have received this summary of a few of the changes and features that made it into Restaurant City in the past few months from merchas7m4 – Thank you for passing this on to us and helping us remember what have happened in the past months in Restaurant City!

A new year has started in Restaurant City! Since a new year has come, and the old year has been forgotten, I think we should just remember what the amazing Playfish Designers have made for us. The introduction of functional items, being more functional, was incredible!

The gaming machines in all restaurants bursted into life over night as snake popped into the machines. Another update later, and you could now play Snake the Game, in a game! Then new machines slowly crept from the factory into our stores such as ‘The Crazy Planets Pin-Ball’ and ‘The Pet Society Grabber’.

The programmers and designers of Restaurant City were very busy in the summer as they released a jaw-dropping update to our lives… a mini-farm? You could buy a seed for only 2,000 coins and water it until its ready for harvest. The end result? A home-grown ingredient cheaper than our favourite farmer who gives us our daily ingredients.

A mysterious king of food has rumoured to be lurking in you or your friends restaurants… it’s been told by our trusted source (mejlis) that he has widened his range of ingredients to share with your friends (Thats if you can find him)! A mysterious patch of land with a “For Sale” sign has appear at the left of many restaurants just recently. Our store has a new isle in it as Playfish proudly introduced the ‘Garden’ section. Not only can players show of their interior and exterior design skills, but their knowledge of garden design as well!

Grab your wallet and check out the Playfish cash only section as a couple of months ago, premium items were released! Who doesn’t want a ginger bread cooker (Just put it on low heat, or the over itself will burn)? or wonderful snow falling outside your restaurant? I would, and I bet you would too. The new premium items are wonderful and I would love to have them, shame I spent all my trialpay cash on Pet Society!

With all these amazing features and items recently released, it’s going to be hard for Playfish Designers to top last years work, but only time will tell what’s in-store for us!

From me, and all that players, I wanted to say thanks for all of the fantastic updates and congratulations on getting 3,000,000 Fans!

It´s the wild wild west!

January 13, 2010

Create a fun Wild West Theme saloon style restaurant for your customers this week!

This week we have a grand 50% off sale for the outside area expansion, that for sure is a good deal, so if you haven´t maxed out on your outside area yet, now is the time! You will also notice that the employee health indicator now displays the units of hours and minutes rather than percentage based, so it will now be easier to you to calculate when they need their rest or portion of food to keep going!

You will also be pleased that the outside area expansion now also supports tiling,  this means that you can now put down flooring on your outside area!

The first thing you need to do to get your restaurant with the right Wild West atmosphere is to start your wall colour scheme, you can do that using one of our existing wallpapers, or you can go for our brand new Wooden Walls. Remember that you can always mix and match the older wallpapers available with this brand new one to get that saloon feel to come in to your restaurant.

Then next up is the floor stye, we this week have the perfect Wooden Planks that you can use,  the important thing for a proper western saloon feel is that your floor is in a nice darkish earthy tone.  For the walls we have the perfect Saloon Window as well as the Wall Mounted Oil Lamp, and a must-have to put on your wall this week is the Wall Mounted Cow Skull!

This week we have also introduced a brand new cooker and drink dispenser for you, of course in the style of the theme this week, so you can now cook food on the brand new Grill while your drinks can now be created with the very cool Saloon Drink Dispenser!

Note that the Grill will cook 5% faster, while the Saloon Drink Dispenser will serve drinks 5% faster.

Wooden Walls Wooden Planks Old Piano
Saloon Window Saloon Door Saloon Divider
Saloon Divider Block Wall Mounted Cow Skull Saloon Drink Dispenser (functional)
Grill (functional) Stool Saloon Chair
Buffalo Chair Spit Jar Wall Mounted Oil Lamp
Cart Wheel Saloon Table Old Oil Lamp
Cacti Joe

Since the theme is western this week, there of course had to be a new dish this week.  We are sure your customers will enjoy tucking into the new Spicy Buffalo Wings! You need 4 ingredients for this dish; Chicken, Butter, Chili and Carrot

Spicy Buffalo Wings

Tou can unlock all this dish until Midnight February 8th. If you have not unlocked the dish before that time, the dishe will disappear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked the dishe, you can upgrade it to a level higher than level 1 at any time. You can upgrade the dish also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dish (gotit  to at least level 1) before the period is over, it will disappear from your menu, however you may be able to buy this recipe in future.

While we are on the subject of food and ingredients, the Gourmet King will now give your friends one of these ingredients if you find him: Vegetarian soup noodles, Mango,  Kiwi, Raisins and Orange.

To complete your Wild West themed restaurant you also need to ensure the exterior matches the interior. So for the exterior of your restaurant this week you can find everything you need to create the right look. The Saloon Roof and the Saloon Door is sure to make customers want to come into your restaurant to eat. And not forget the Saloon Sign or the animated Cowboy Decor. The Wanted Poster is of course the must-have for the exterior this week.

Saloon Roof Saloon Door Saloon Window
Saloon Banner Cow Skull Wanted Poster
Wooden Boards Cowboy Decor (animated) Saloon Sig

And finally, Restaurant City have passed 3 million fans! That´s a lot of fans! As a thank you to all of those who are a fan of Restaurant City you will this week get an exclusive statue by following the link on our Fan Page.

3 million fans statue

We are always interested in your feedback, make sure you let us know what you think about the theme this week and we would love to see pictures of your newly decorated restaurant!

The Egyptian Experience

January 5, 2010

It´s time for the Egyptian Experience to come into your Restaurant City and entice your customers!

Hello fellow restauranteurs! Restaurant City has been updated with new items!

For a different look to your restaurant, why not try this weeks Egyptian style. There are many different concepts and ideas to think about when choosing a particular theme, but very few are as eye-catching and mysterious as the Egyptian theme! A sense of mystery and fondness for ancient history will pass through any restaurant dedicated to the Egyptian style. Those of this ancient culture have long ago proven that they are very worthy at crafting stone and metal into great works of art.

For the outside of your restaurant this week you can get that real Egyptian feeling by adding the Egyptian Roof to your building and let´s not forget the Pyramid Decor!

Egyptian Boat Decor Egyptian Roof
Oil Lamp Pyramid Decor
Anubis Statue

This week we also have some new plants for your garden. Try the Desert Palm or Blooming Cactus, they are sure to entice your customers!

Desert Palm Blooming Cactus Palm Tree

For the inside of your restaurant, we feature the King Tut Wall Decor. If King Tut is not what you are looking for, then take a look at the more subtle Egyptian Pot or the Egyptian Wall Decor.

Egyptian Chair Egyptian Table Egyptian Pot
Egyptian Pillar Stone Flooring Glyph Wallpaper
Egyptian Painting Jackal Statue King Tut Wall Decor
Egyptian Wall Decor Golden Cobra Candlelight Egyptian Divider Block
Egyptian Divider Egyptian Candle Stand