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It’s almost here in Restaurant City!

October 28, 2009

Stop for a moment. Can you hear it? Just listen… above the sound of your monitor humming, the whir of your computer’s fan spinning… there, can you hear it?


It’s the souls of the dead, the ghouls, ghosts and goblins, the vampires and the zombies and the werewolves, the boogiemen crawling out from under your bed, the mummies shuffling out of their tombs, the creepy faced dolls tip toeing out of… wait, where do those creepy killer dolls come from anyway? Surely any toymaker is going to tell you it’s bad business making dolls like that. It doesn’t take a genius to say that faced with the choice of a cute faced doll in a toy shop and a creepy faced doll you’re going to go for the cute faced doll every time, aren’t you? Well anyway, all those scary type guys are on their way because it’s Halloween, and it’s like, you know, a big time of the year for them.

What does that mean for you? Well it means we’ve stacked the Restaurant City stores with even more Halloween goodies, so go check them out!

Plus even more exciting is that you can now log into our forum here using your Facebook account. Just click ‘Connect with Facebook’ and you’re away!

Happy Halloween, see you on the forums!


More Restaurant City Halloween!

October 21, 2009

We had a really long hard think about what our Halloween Special in Restaurant City was still missing after last week’s additions to the shops. So let’s see, we’ve already got ghosts, Frankenstein’s monster, mummies (the bandagey scary type not the mother type), pumpkins… wait a minute, that’s it! We haven’t got nearly enough pumpkins yet! So we set our pumpkin making machine to work (yes that’s right, we have a pumpkin making machine) and it didn’t let us down. There’s stacks more pumpkins in the store to choose from! from!



We’ve also added all kinds of spooky new decor items to decorate your restaurant inside and out, like a Spooky Street Light which has skulls instead of lights! In Dark World or whatever scary place Halloween stuff comes from they mostly replace things with skulls. The Dark World government (I’m picturing lots of bearded ghosts of clever folks who died a few hundred years ago) saw street lights and said “Lights? Lights?! Who has lights? Living people that’s who. Replace them with… skulls! You can never have too many skulls!” and so the Spooky Street Lights were born. We’re pretty certain it worked out like that. that.

And when your restaurant’s all good and spooky, why not enter it into our My Playfish Halloween competition? There’s all sorts of great prizes to be won! Check out the rules and the entries so far here.

Happy Halloween!