Hi Cooks!

Like my new outfit? This week, Tommy and I are working at the theatre to make some extra cash. We’re hoping to attend the theatre gala this weekend… Tickets are expensive, but it will be worth it – all the stars are in town!

There is one problem though – we need Friday night off… Our boss isn’t very friendly, so we’ll have to be clever. Wish us good luck!

Attract stars to your restaurant by serving this week’s showstopping recipes and creating a glamorous decor! Whether you enjoy comedy, tragedy, or action – there’s something in store for you!

Get your tickets, grab some popcorn and get cookin’ – The spotlight’s on you… Break a leg!

– Maggie x


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  1. Marite Vértiz Lamas Says:

    Your topic this week is so attractive like other weeks, also the items, but the best items only we can buy with cooking cash or with real money, and it is so gloomy, but it is your choice. I played RC since 2 or 3 years ago, I love it, but you could do some changes in order to all the players would be so happy.

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