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COMPETITION WINNERS: Dinner At Midnight Competition

October 27, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Earlier this month we announced our Dinner At Midnight competiton where cooks were asked to design a spooky restaurant for Tommy and me! We had great submissions come in from all around the world and now we have three winners!

So here they are, the runners up – plus a brief interview with our competition winner! Take a look and join me in congratulating them all!

3rd Place: Win32re who wins 400 cooking cash!

This restaurant gives you a spooky vibe straight away, but with the bright colours and lots of greenery around the outside, it surely is an elegant restaurant, too! I’m particularly impressed with the horse and carriage outside – ready to take Tommy and me back after dinner? Well done, cook. 🙂

2nd Place: Knalltüte who wins 600 cooking cash!

This very majestic restaurant took our loyal player over a week to complete! Knalltüte describe the atmosphere as creepy with ‘hungry eyes’ on Tommy and me! Eek! Plus they plan to use part of their winnings to buy new awesome decoration objects for new layouts (great timing, cook – have you seen the new Dark Forest items out today? :D). Knalltüte has been playing Restaurant City for over 2 years and we think it shows in her decorating skills!

1st Place: Masmosa who wins 1,000 cooking cash!

And finally, a short interview with our 1st Prize winner who had the following to day!

Maggie: Congratulations, cook! How long did it take you to design your winning design?
Masmosa: It took me about 3/4 days, always design at nights, then return the next day to see and make changes until I am glad with the results.
Maggie: How long have you been in Restaurant City?
Masmosa: Since the game was released.
Maggie: Wow! That’s a long time. 🙂 I’m glad to have you here! So… would you ever eat the food featured on your menu?
Masmosa: Reptile egg and eyes à la crème is not my favorite dish, but Pink worm juice looks great. Lion shank in bloody sauce is a traditional recipe that my grandmother prepared very good and only in special occasions, and what can I say about Mice tart! The favorite of all kids in town.
Maggie: Hehehe… well, then. I might just have to give the menu a try! What do you think you’ll do with your prize? 🙂
Masmosa: Wow, with this great prize will buy many items to continue my designs, that is one of my favorite moments when playing Restaurant City, when I can design without being interrupted. I will donate part of the prize to other contests in the forum, for example, Restaurant of the Month (ROTM).
Maggie: Awe, that’s very generous of you! Now, if Tommy and me came in to have dinner at your winning restaurant, what kind of experience do you think we’d have?
Masmosa: For sure, they will attend to the Dracula Wedding! Actually you are the honored guests! You will meet Dracula himself and his, father Count Darkchokula. Other famous characters are invited, such as Ham-Oniony and Harry Butter.
Maggie: Sounds like fun! I think we’ll head on over right now! 😀

Thanks to all of our cooks who entered the competition and came up with some great designs. 🙂 Until next time, cooks!
– Maggie x

Maggie’s In The Dark Forest!

October 26, 2011

Hi Cooks!

This week we’re going deeper into the Halloween mood – and heading for the scary Dark Forest!

But don’t worry… everything will be just fine – just look at all the fun things to do here!

It’s true! Last year’s cool Bleu Vampire Steak recipe is back for a limited time this week! Master it and your customers will turn into bats! They’ll flap their way to the door… or to the toilet and sink!

And this week’s limited stoves are pretty cool, too – which one do you like best?

Other delicious recipes out this week include the classic Black Forest Cake – make sure you sign up to the event on our Facebook fan page! Plus, these are related to challenges, so be sure to check out the FAQ on the forum, too. Check out what else you can get in challenges this week!

Functional items are great for giving your restaurant something special. From faster stoves and drink dispensers to arcades that earn you extra coins or more…!

And finally, the week’s catalog! Remember, new items appear in the shop every Thursday. 🙂 What will you get?

Until next time, cooks!

– Maggie x

Haunted House!

October 18, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Things are getting spookier by the day (or should that be night?)!

This week’s theme is the ghostly Haunted House – and there’s plenty happening in this creepy place to keep you busy – and looking over your shoulder! Let’s check it out! 😀

This week’s recipes are great for giving your menu a new twist – like the Berry Burst that looks pretty tasy (and a little like something vampires might like…) and the Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle which is just layers of tastiness!

There are two new Candy Shop recipes out now, too – master them to unlock new things for your FREE Candy Shop, and keep Goerge the Jolly Candyman happy! 🙂

If challenges are more your thing, you’ll enjoy this week’s rewards – which include the Victorian Wall Clock. Click it and watch all your click-to-animate items come alive! And – oh my! What’s happening to that Haunted Painting?!

This week’s limited items also follow our haunted theme – like the Tragic Rendezvous Gazebo… looks a lot like a previous item but just that little bit more gothic… and the Haunted Gramophone that will give your customers something to watch!

I have to admit, this week’s functional items give me the creeps. A haunted closet? A haunted fireplace?! But they’re oh so cool… ^_^

And of course, finally, the rest of the items out this week! You should really see them on display at my restaurant! Remember, these items all come out on Thursday this week. 🙂

Until next time, cooks!

Maggie x

Sugar and Spice – and something VERY nice!

October 12, 2011

Hi cooks!

I’m back and this month we kick off our annual build up to Halloween with Sugar and Spice week!

Whether you’re a real feind in the kitchen or an angel of culinary inspiration, there’s a little something for everyone this this weeks theme. Let’s dive in and take a look!

When George the Jolly Candyman came to town he thought it was about time that we got a taste what real good candy was like! So he decided to open his own Candy Shop!

We know a few of you have been asking for something like this for a while now so we hope you like it!

The Candy Shop is free to everyone – all you have to do is go in and collect it now! Over the next few weeks you’ll be able to upgrade it and earn extra coins, gourmet points and even boost customer patience and the popularity of your restaurant!

Of course for every recipe you master you’ll still get awesome boosts from them as well! So let’s take a look at everything out this week!

This week’s recipes include 2 of the first recipes you’ll need to for the Candy Shop. Visit Maggie’s to see how far she’s gotten! 🙂

Challenges are a great way to get exclusive items. These murals aren’t available in the shops!

These functional items are all on display at Maggie’s so head on over and take a look!

Limited items are only out for a few days – so keep your eyes open and don’t miss out! Add these two items together and you get an ADDITIONAL 5% boost for this stove!

2,000 COOKING CASH Up For Grabs!

October 7, 2011

Hi Cooks! 😀

If you LOVE to decorate then this month’s competition is right up your alley – and you’ll positively freak out when you see what you can win, too!

I’m giving a lucky winner the chance to win a whopping 1,000 cooking cash, and a second and third prize winner the chance to win 600 and 400 cooking cash respectively when they design a spooky restaurant for customers to enjoy Dinner At Midnight!

Whether your idea of a freakishly delicious meal out includes a rare steak or a dance with the de Villes, you can ghoul-out and unleash your creativity for a chance to win cooking cash!

Head on over to the Official Restaurant City Forum to learn more now – and GOOD LUCK!

– Maggie x

It’s The Future! But In The Past… Today!

October 4, 2011

Hi Cooks!

Confused? Well don’t worry – it doesn’t matter WHEN this theme is from, it’s still great fun!

This week’s theme is soaring high in the sky with great new recipe ideas, items and challenges – so lets dive in and take a look!

There are two new regular recipes out this week – the Sunday Special really IS special this week – something right out of science fiction! But I quite like the new bento box meal… hrm, I’ll be looking forward to adding this to my menu!

The other recipes are available only through this weeks Cooking Adventure!

You can learn more about this week’s challenges on the FAQ if you’re new to the concept of Cooking Adventures. It’s ok – we all started somewhere! 🙂 This week’s cooking adventure will take you through the zany world of robot helpers until you finally unlock Maid-Bot!

But that’s not all – this week’s functional items are really worth the wait (remember, items are out every Thursday) and they’re right out of the perfect future-restaurant – that is, if Shrinking Rays and holographic games are a must have!

This week’s limited items are all about getting away from the hubbub of modern (future) life and making life easier for your customers! Let them walk through the tranquil Spot-of-Calm Zen Garden and then grab a quick grooming session before meeting up with a loved one for dinner at your restaurant – it’s all part and parcel for the future restauranteur!

And so, here it is – the rest of the catalog 🙂 Remember, all these items become available on Thursday – but if you keep an eye on Challenges, you might be able to unlock a few items sooner than you think!

Until next time!

– Maggie x