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Catch their eye with new outside decorations in Restaurant City!

August 12, 2009

You could have the best restaurant in the world with the tastiest food, the most sumptuous decor and the most refreshing drinks menu, but if you can’t tempt the customers in, who’s going to know?

The restaurants on Gourmet Street didn’t just get there because they had a great interior, they caught the critic’s eyes from the street and made them wonder what they were like inside. It pays to be eye catching.


Lucky for budding Restaurant City success stories who are hoping for the fame and prestige of seeing their restaurant on Gourmet Street, we’ve added a wealth of new outside decor items! There’s a huge variety including Japanese, jungle and Playfish game themes, and you can even make your restaurant look like a giant hamburger. Now if that isn’t a sackful of gourmet fun we don’t know what is!