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It All Started With An Orange …

October 29, 2010

Restaurant City to a lot of our fans is more then just a social game. Our Playfish community forums are filled with people from around the world who have established friendships from our forums no matter how far in distance they may be. Sherardia is now one of our dedicated volunteer community moderators, always willing to go the extra step and do everything she can to ensure our players enjoy their gaming experience with us. This is her Restaurant City Story !!!

My Restaurant City Story – by Sherardia

Once, a french Restaurant City user, let’s call her Rose, came to Restaurant City french forum, asking help to get a free orange. It was around last Christmas, and the idea of gifting an orange for Christmas has tilted in my head the story that my beloved GrandFather was telling me when I was a little girl. So I loaded the game for the first time, to help Rose getting her orange, and BAM! It was love at the first sight.

I had hard times chasing ingredients, buying deco items, understanding how to arrange tables and employees to raise popularity… Fortunately, Restaurant City  forum is full of tips and tricks, and I learned quite fast with a few mistakes.
Since this, I haven’t miss a single day on Restaurant City, and I am still having a lot of fun decorating, learning new recipes, trading cream and sugar… Each time I load the game, I have a thought for Rose, who has initiated me. I have not reached her level yet, but I am working hard for it.

Beyond all of this, this game respects Playfish “spirit” of kindness, generosity, and exchanges that I really appreciate.
And to think it all started with an orange!

This is my Restaurant City Story !


What’s Halloween Without a Little Mystery ??

October 27, 2010



Available  for purchase from  October 26th 2010 to November 16h 2010 in Restaurant City are HALLOWEEN MYSTERY BOXES !!! Each box contains one collectible figurine. Collect all six figurines in a series and you will be rewarded a super-fast and super cool stove to match that series!! Thats not all, make sure to keep reading to find out more exciting stuff!!!



Unlocking all the stoves (completing all three series) will lead to the ULTIMATE REWARD: The Trick or Treat Monster House! This ultimate reward is not just an arcade machine that will earn you 1000 coins every 4 hours, but also adds a whopping +3 to max popularity in your restaurant. Watch for the shock on your trick or treaters face when they see who greets them at this door!



Q: Where do I find the Mystery boxes to purchase?

The Mystery boxes icon can be found on the left hand side of your restaurant above your free gifting icon

Q: Are the Halloween Mystery boxes gift able?

Currently they are only gift able at the time of purchase before they are opened.

Q: Once I have received my mystery items where can I find them in my inventory?

Figurines can be found by clicking on redecorate, storage (crate icon) then decorations tab.

Stoves can be found by clicking on redecorate, storage (crate icon) then kitchen appliances tab.

Trick or Treat Monster House Arcade can be found by clicking on redecorate, storage (crate icon) then functional tab.

Q: When is the last day to buy items?

November 16th, 2010 GMT

Q: Do i have to buy the stoves and Trick or Treat Monster House once I unlock them?

Nope!!!! They are a reward absolutely FREE and will be automatically added to your inventory as you earn them!!!

Q: is it possible to unlock the same stove or Monster House more than once ?

No it is not possible to unlock more than one of the same stoves, or the Trick or treat Monster House.

Q: Is it possible to unlock figurines more than once?

You should not receive more than two max of the same figurine

Q: I can’t find the items in the shop. Help.

The only way to obtain these items is by purchasing the Halloween Mystery Box or by being gifted a Mystery box.

Make sure to log into Restaurant City now to check out the new Halloween Mystery boxes !!!


*We will be updating the faqs as we receive more questions from our users , please feel free to post a comment on this blog post of anything you can think of for us to add to our FAQs to help our users.




October 26, 2010

As the last week of  Halloween approaches in Restaurant City customers will be heard screaming at restaurant doors all around that  familiar sound of people celebrating Halloween…..

Trick or Treat
Maggie’s sweet
Give us something
Good to eat !!!

We are in for a week of Tricks, Treats, and good things to eat, with the Boo-licious contest winner’s recipes showing up on your menus for your customers to EAT. Watch out … using the restrooms in your restaurants this week might be TRICKY for your customers, and Mystery Boxes return with Halloween figurine collectible items inside and an extra TREAT if you collect each set!!!

The spookiness of Halloween starts in the exterior of your restaurants! Outdoor Halloween decor is just as important as indoor decor. This week you have the option of two different exterior designs, or why not make a combination of both of them?

Suburban exterior decorations will give your restaurants a cozy Halloween feeling for customers looking for a more relaxed, country-style Halloween atmosphere.

Suburban Halloween Roof Pumpkin Scarecrow
Suburban Halloween Porch Halloween Party Banner Suburban Halloween Window
New England Tiles Yellow New England Tiles Green New England Tiles Blue

For those cooks wanting a spookier feel to their restaurants, we’ve added some new exterior items so you can create an eerie entrance to help you scare up some extra business and extra fun!

Spooky Dungeon Door Dungeon Fence Black Cat Fence
Happy witch Halloween Lights Creepy Tree
Witch Hunter Mob

Take your customers on a ride they will never forget with these Ghost train tables, chairs and stove, where your cooks will be cooking and serving up some Boo-licious meals. Don’t forget the train tracks or your customers might be in for some terrifying unexpected stops!

Ghost Train Stove 

(Cooks 22 % faster)

Ghost Train Chair Ghost Train Table
Train Track Tiles 

(Tiles sold individually)

Let your customers earn you some money while joining in on some Halloween fun! The Spooky organ sounds will leave chills down your customers back. Please Note: Halloween Arcade  is just a game. We advise you not to try this at home. Best leave this to the professionals!!!

Halloween Arcade – Friday Only available 24 hrs

Spooky Organ – Sat, Sun and Monday only

Spooky Organ  

(Earns 1500/6hrs)

Arcade Machine

(Earns 750/6 hrs)

Go Extra Pumpkin-y inside your restaurants this Halloween. Create a real Halloween feel by grouping  pumpkins and Jack o’Lanterns together in different sizes, colors, and shapes throughout your restaurants

Halloween Banquet Table  

(Seats six people)

(Increases patience at table by 1 second)

Halloween Feast  

(Decoration Only)

Halloween Pumpkin Pile Pumpkin Lamp 

(Free Gift)

Large Pumpkin Lamp
Elegant Pumpkin Lamp 

(Unlocked with email permission)

Pumpkin Lantern  

(Free Gift)

While waiting to be seated, customers can take a stroll down your Gallery of Ghostly Delights where each image is more terrifying than the next. They’ll moan at Mona Pumpkin, they’ll scream right along with Pumpkin Scream, they’ll gawp at Pumpkin with Pearl Earring, and then brace themselves for the worst image of all … the hideous Skeleton Mirror!!!   Eeeeeeeks!!  Wonder if they will notice that it’s just their reflection? Ahem… maybe they should comb their hair or something?

Mona Pumpkin Pumpkin Scream Pumpkin With Pearl Earing
Skeleton Mirror

Use the concrete Halloween Pillars adorned with creepy decorations or the basic autumn dividers or divider blocks in multiple sets throughout your restaurants to create a makeshift fence or barrier

Spider Party Column Skeleton Party Column Jack o Lantern Party Colum
Ghost Party Column Party Column Autumn Stone Divider Block
Autumn Divider Autumn Divider Block Autumn Iron Divider

Your customers will have to be extra careful when flushing these toilets, or your restaurant may be left with an abundance of almond brain pudding to serve up. Washing their hands at the Sink o’ Doom, maybe for the last time? That reflection in the mirror, is it what they think it is? Who knows?

Sink o’Doom Toilet o’Doom

Halloween is a time for fun and mischief with traditional games such as apple bobbing.  So set out the Dunkin apples decor, maybe a black witch’s cat or two, and even a trick or treater like the Lil Devil.  And a party just isn’t a party without balloons!!!  Make sure you have a bunch of the Monster and Ghost party balloons to hand out at the door to arriving customers.

Monster Party Balloon Ghost Party Balloon Tombstone  

(Free Gift)

Lil Devil Black Cat
Dunkin Apples Sweet Pot 

(Free Gift)

This Halloween your customers will be able to indulge in the 1st place award winning Brain Drain drink and Gasping Ghoulash meal. The Gasping Ghoulash may look like an ordinary dish or pasta but just wait until you serve it to your customers; they will definitely be left Gasping at what they see!!!

Brain Drain  


Gasping Ghoulash  


Dress your employees up in these costumes with masks; the Scary clown will have your customers thinking “why so serious?” Wonder if they will also notice the Bats flying around your restaurants?

Skeleton Mask Clown Mask
Skeleton Outfit Scary Clown Outfit

We hope you have enjoyed this final week of Halloween. Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and to keep up with whats new in Restaurant City!.

Eat Drink and Be Scary!!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

Boo-licious Cook off Winners Announced !!!

October 20, 2010

Restaurant City’s 2010 Halloween Boo-Licious Cook-Off has come to an exciting end!

We’ve seen some superb competition in this contest with our Restaurant City cook’s showing off their artistic as well as culinary skills. We would like to extend our thanks to all our cooks that took the time to enter the contest. Thank you!

Folks battled it out in two separate categories – Best Dish and Best Drink – for the chance to win 500 Playfish Cash plus to have their winning dish featured in Restaurant City, just in time for Halloween!

The competition was fierce with thousands of entries battling it out to be top. However, four drinks and four dishes were shortlisted for voting by you and here are the results!

As well as showing you a sneak peak of the winning dishes, Head Chef Maggie also asked the winners what inspired them to create these delicious (and very spooky!) recipes and what the winners would do with the new found riches!


Denesa says: “Childhood memories are special for everyone, and I always recall my nostalgic Halloween’s as a kid with reminiscence. Every year on October 31, our dad always prepared a steak and pasta dinner before the whole family went out for trick-or-treating. At the end of day, my brother and I would choose about ten pieces of candy from our loot bags that we liked best, and then we would donate the rest of the goodies to the organization for less fortunate children. For me, Halloween was always a fun-filled evening where I could dress in a costume, get interesting looking candies, and help others at the same time; my very first costume was of a gasping white ghost. Although trick-or-treating days are long-gone, I still enjoy steak and pasta dinner every Hallows’ Eve. So here sums the inspiration of my ghosts floating out of a dish of beef and pasta with a play on words.

As for what I plan to spend the 500 PFC on, I never really gave it much thought, because all I have been thinking is that if I do win, it would be exciting to see my own dish come to life in the game I play daily.”


Vanessa says: “When I visited the Playfish Restaurant City forum and saw the Boo-Licious Cook-Off advertisement, I thought it’d be really fun to participate in the Halloween contest. In a notebook, I quickly scribbled six rough ideas. From that list, I chose to clean up and submit … the Brain Drain. The design seemed the most promising with its special blend of scary and cute.

Specifically for the Brain Drain, I thought it’d be cool to have a fruity drink that bubbled up to look like orange-pink brains in a collectible skull-shaped glass. With Halloween flair, customers could “drain the brain” through large orange and black straws! Ah, even in the fall season, I can enjoy cold, foamy drinks. Plus — oddly but honestly — a little bit of inspiration came from the tiny, empty glass jar in the Boo-Licious contest announcement! Somehow, that item just caught my eye.

Regarding the prize, it’s a lot of PFC. Since there’s so much, I’ll definitely spend some to upgrade my kitchen appliances. Afterward I’ll check out the shiny decorations. Maybe I’ll get a cherry blossom tree for myself, and then I’ll get pet bunnies for my close friends! Ah, I can barely wait to master the Brain Drain and the other winning Boo-Licious recipe! Yay!”

Congratulations to you both!

We here at Playfish were so blown away with the creativity of all our Cooks’s that we also had to put in a little special mention for the Franken-roast-ein recipe entered from Anna. This one really did make us chuckle and so we’re adding a small bonus of 100 Playfish Cash for the one that made the shortlist but didn’t quite make the menu!

Don’t forget to check out our new Contest Maggie’s Halloween Restaurant Makeover, where an amazing 500PFC is up for grabs again and a chance to have your restaurant design featured as Maggie’s restaurant in the game for the whole world to see!!!


Week of The Living Dead

October 19, 2010


It’s close to release time, and something evil’s lurking in the Restaurant City air. In this week’s update your customers will experience a sight that will make them freeze as horror looks them in the eyes. With the Midnight darkness still lurking in anticipation of Halloween, the undead will begin to walk among your customers unnoticed, and Zombies crawling in search of food will be seen terrorizing customers in restaurants across the city. Prepare your customers to be thrilled more than ever before!

Barricade your Survivor customers inside your restaurants with these exterior windows and doors to keep them safe. The Undead Hordes are on the hunt for food currently not available on your menu, and if they have it their way hordes of zombies will be serving up some Survivors Brain Pudding very soon!!!

Barricaded Door Barricaded Window
Survivors Undead Horde

Each one of these characters in your restaurant will serve a purpose this week. Justin Brie, undead Cop and Zombie Nurse will make a good test subjects for your mad scientist who is busily working on the re-animated fluid, while The Chef in Hazmat suit will ensure your customers food is not contaminated with the evil in the air

Zombie Justin Brie Mad Scientist Chef in Hazmat Suit
Undead Cop Zombie Nurse

From the outside of your restaurants everything may look all secure and boarded up but from the inside the undead can be seen waving their arms through windows trying to scavenge for food. Hopefully, you have stocked up on lots of ingredients in your Restaurants to hold of the undead from wanting to feed on your customers.

Zombie Attack Window 


Boarded Up Window Bio-hazard Window
Abandoned Hospital Door

Customers safety always comes first in Restaurant City.These tables are a good reminder for your customers to watch out for possible chemical and radioactivity around your restaurant as they eat their meals.

Biohazard Table Medical Canteen Chair Radioactive Table 

(Free Gift)

These Lab wallpapers and floor tiles with mysterious stains placed in your restaurants, it will leave your customers wondering what else is happening inside your restaurant’s walls.

Lab Wallpaper Lab Tube Panel
Lab Floor Stain Tile Lab Floor Drain Tile Lab Floor Tile

Make sure to stock up on these arcade and popularity booster items to keep your customers entertained while barricaded inside your restaurants. The Ouija board will allow your customers to walk up to it and ask the spirits questions (hopefully the good spirits) while the Helicopter, although unable to fly your customers right out of your restaurant to safety, will lift them briefly in the air and could come in handy to ward off some undead customers that may have slipped into your restaurant. Most undead are not smart enough to know not to walk into a moving propeller.

Escape Helicopter: Available two days only  (48 hrs) –  Sunday and Monday October 24th and 25th GMT

Lab Arcade Machine 

(200 coins/4 hrs)

Ouija Board Arcade 

(600 coins/2 hrs)

Escape Helicopter 

(adds +1 to popularity)

The recent invasion of the undead around Restaurant City is said to be linked to laboratory experiments gone horribly wrong. Apparently some restaurant owners were desperate to find ways to get more customers. Perhaps you should set up a small laboratory hidden within your restaurant to try to create the necessary reanimated fluid which is made from a mixture of ingredients that will bring the undead back to life when injected into the brain. Will you be the one to save Restaurant City from being overtaken by the undead?

Lab Power Generator Toxic Food Chamber Lab Equipment
Escaped Undead Specimen Capsule Undead Specimen Capsule Toxic Spill 

(Free Gift)

Hospital beds, Operating Table and hospital dividers will be needed in your restaurants hidden laboratory for testing out the reanimated fluid on your test subjects. Having one of your cleaning staff on hand may be a good idea to clean up any unfortunate mishaps.

Operating Table Overturned Hospital Bed Ghoulish Hospital Bed
Hospital Divider

Equip your restaurants with enough survival weapons, barricades and getaway cars for all your customers. For you and your staff, the Zombie Defence Tank will guarantee a safe exit and a means of driving around Restaurant City while you inject the undead with the reanimated fluid.

Zombie Defense Tank Survivor Weapons Abandoned Getaway Car
Undead Barricade Barricade Side Table 

(Free Gift)

In the kitchen this week your staff will be cooking up and serving some almond brain pudding for your customers with your new survivor and vat stoves. Hopefully the mad scientist hasn’t decided to use your customers as test subjects with this new dish!

Vat Stove: Available one day only (24 hrs) –  Friday October 22nd GMT

Survival Stove 

(cooks 6% faster)

Vat Stove 

(cooks 20% faster)

Almond Brain Pudding 


To help put your customers at ease while eating in your restaurant this week, we have added two new avatar facial features eyes and a mouth. Equipping all of your staff with the unmistakable look of a survivor of the undead will leave no room for your customers to be afraid to eat in your restaurant.

Survivor Face Sample Survivor Eyes and Mouth

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks update!!! Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and to keep up with whats new in Restaurant City!.

Eat Drink and Be Scary!!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

Restaurant City’s Halloween Ghoul Clicking Game

October 16, 2010

Oh, no! Ghouls are appearing all over Restaurant City! With zombies, ghosts, vampires and more appearing, will you be able to get them all and save your street? With amazing rewards and prizes to get, you’d be insane not to!

Ghoulish FAQ’s

Where to Find The Ghouls Ghouls will appear outside you or your friends restaurant and on the street. Make sure to visit gourmet Street were you will find rare Ghouls not found anywhere else!!

Rewards All rewards will change daily, allowing you  24 hours based on GMT clock to collect each enough Ghoul zapping points to collect each item. Make sure to log in daily to keep those ghouls  away and collect your prizes.

Ghoul zapping points


150 points Daily Bronze prize

400 points Daily Silver prize

800 points Daily Gold prize

As you level up and receive each daily prize  your  friends will also get a free gift to celebrate with you, make sure to publish the free gift to your wall to share with your friends.

What is the weird pumpkin  bar on the right hand side of my screen?

This is your Ghoul Meter! Every time you click on a nasty ghoul wandering about Restaurant City, your Ghoul  Meter starts to fill up! Once it reaches the top, you’ll get a prize!

Clicking on the pumpkin at the top of the meter will let you know how many points you currently have, Today’s top prize and how much time till the next set of prizes are reset for the day !!!

You can click on the question mark ( purple box) for additional information about the Ghouls point values and hints .

from the screen above  if you click continue it will display for you todays prizes for each category, how many points it requires, your status of each level and the count down time till today’s prizes are rest

How many prizes can I get each day?

Each day there are three prizes up for grabs – a bronze, silver and gold one. Once you have all three  you’ll have to wait until the next day to collect the next days  prizes

What kinds of ghouls are there?

There are seven types of ghouls: zombies, ghosts, bats, hand-in-grave, vampire, mummy, alien. But some of these are extremely rare! Where will you find them?

Will the ghouls hurt my customers?

No. 🙂 Your customers will continue to walk into your restaurant

Will the ghouls come into my restaurant?

Ghouls will only enter your garden area of your restaurant if you don’t have all 3 access points blocked off.  They will not enter through your restaurant door.

Happy Ghoul Hunting !!!

NOTE: these may change from time to time. If they do, we will try to get you the most updated version!

Transylvania… Love at First bite

October 13, 2010

Restaurant City’s update this week takes you to the enchanting Region of Transylvania. Home to famous Bran castle situated high on a hilltop with beautiful views, its narrow dark corridors form a mysterious maze of ghostly nooks and secret chambers making it easy for a vampire to hide within. Use your vivid imagination to recreate the dark and intimidating stomping ground of the mythical Count Dracula.

Start your customers dining experience by displaying the exterior of your restaurants as a spooky Transylvanian castle, where all sorts of mysterious events can happen, like the mysterious sightings of the Headless Horseman, or the Count’s carriage mysteriously appearing in your castle. Make sure to warn your customers about those meddling kids with their Mystery Van parked out front roaming around your restaurant whispering: “Quite the few mysteries we have on our hands, gang!”

Spooky Castle Roof Spooky Haunted Roof
Outdoor Transylvanian Castle Window Outdoor Transylvanian Castle Door Transylvanian Banner
Headless Horseman The Counts Black Coach & Horses Mystery Van

Elegant Antique chairs and tables are included in this week’s Transylvania update for your customers to enjoy eating their food on. For those customers looking for a more spooky dining experience you can always seat them at the multifaceted tombstone tables.

Antique Dark Wood Chairs Antique Darkwood Table Tombstone Table
Side Table With Skull Side Table With Goblet of Blood 

(Free Gift)

A Large Transylvania Castle Door to welcome your customers and Castle Windows displaying the moonlight will set the mood nicely for your customers.Place the Portrait with Moving Eyes set at your entranceway to help keep an eye on your curious guests.

Transylvanian Castle Door Transylvanian Castle Window Portrait With Moving Eyes 


These wallpapers and tiles allow you to create an indoor or outdoor castle appearance. Who said Area rugs were for only indoors? Toss a couple of these in your outdoor area to help bring the inside feel of the castle outdoors.

Misty night Wallpaper Castle Wallpaper Castle Floor Tile
Large Antique Rug Antique Rug

For your Transylvanian kitchens, we have added a Creepy Vampiric Stove to help you cook up some scary but yummy treats! The mysterious Obsidian Drink Dispenser will definitely leave your customers trying to figure out the mystery of how it serves drinks at such an alarmingly fast and spooky pace

Creepy Vampiric Stove 

(10% Faster)

Obsidian Coffin Drink Dispenser 

(16% Faster)

Silver Drink Dispenser

Take a bite out of your customers and turn them into Vampires with the coffin anti-taninator, and all while making a profit! These Angelic Toilets are perfect for those scared customers in a hurry to get back to their table.

Coffin Anti-taninator 

(Earns 700 coins/ 2 hrs)

Angelic Tombstone Toilet 

(works 5 % faster & twice as long without breaking)

Making this theme even more frightening for your customers is the Creepy Skull Gates which welcome the daring to go into your restaurant as they explore what looks like to be a cemetery with old and broken down tombstones and columns along the way to the dining hall

White Creepy Skull Gate Creepy skull Gate Creepy Divider
Stone Divider Corner White Transylvanian Column Dark Transylvanian Corner
Cross Tombstone Broken Tombstone

To stay on the safe side, consider hiring Count Darkchocula to keep a look out for trouble while your customers enjoy their enchanting meal. You never know … the Fettuchini Mummy may awaken from a slumber in his Sarcophagus!  Hmmmm, you may just have some use for those meddling kids with the mystery van after all!

Count Darkchocula Fettuchini Mummy 



Combining these decorations and soft lighting inside your restaurant will have your customers shaking in their boots with the Creepy Castle Statue, Mysterious Raven Dark Spice Library shelves throughout. Your customers will leave your restaurants feeling as if they had walked the halls of the Legendary Bran Castle itself.

Dark Spice Library Mouseloeum Lamp Creepy Castle Statue

(Free Gift)

Mysterious Raven 

(Free Gift)

Gothic Elegant Candle

Your customers will be going batty this week over the new dish on your menus. The “Blue Vampire Steak” is no ordinary Steak. Royal this dish to 10 and watch your customers turn batty and fly out of your restaurants.

Blue Vampire Steak 

(Turns customer into bat)

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks update!!! Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and keep up with whats new in Restaurant City!.
special shout out this week to one of our moderators DarkElfAqua who helped me co-write and gave me inspiration on this week’s blog post.

Eat Drink & Be Scary!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

In The Midnight Hours

October 6, 2010

Dare to go over to the dark side with this week’s Restaurant City update. It is filled with a combination of Gothic and Horror inspired items that will have you screaming with delight. This time of year most activities around Restaurant City happen after Midnight into the early hours of the morning. To reflect this we have added a new night-time background which will bring an eerie excitement to Restaurant City as we draw closer to Halloween in the weeks to come.

First impressions are so important. Welcome your customers to your Gothic Nightclub by offering free transportation to your restaurant in the Goth Car. Doing so will start your customer’s experience off right even before they step inside your restaurant. Who knows?  It might be that your restaurant will be their Final Destination.

Goth Nightclub Roof Goth Clubbers Goth Car

Customers indulging in the horror surrounding Halloween will be fearfully pleased to see these items in your restaurant.Let’s hope their stomachs can handle it. You may want to consider having an extra cleaning staff on hand just in case!!

Figsaw Game – Shall we play a game? You’d be surprised how many customers will pay to quit happily pay for the privilege of sitting in a torture device!!(as described in game)

Figsaw – No need for Figsaw to be animated in your restaurants, one look at him is enough to send chills down anyones spine.

Sadacocoa Well – Getting served by a ghost coming out of a well will scare your customers senseless, but they`ll keep coming back (Sat,Sun,Mon)(as described in game)

Sadacocoa TV – This TV brings a whole new meaning to the term 3D. No glasses required.

Naughty Poltergeist – It may look like a harmless Teddy bear at first, but it’s definitely more than a regular Teddy Bear.

Figsaw Game

(Arcade earns 1200- 6hrs)

Sadacocoa Well

(Limited Deal serves drinks 20% faster)

Sadacocoa TV


Figsaw Naughty Poltergeist


Goth inspired tall back and upholstered chairs combined with deep carved tables will help bring sophistication, and not just spookiness, to your restaurants.

Goth Club Sofa Neon Goth Club Chair
Pink Goth Club Chairs Slick Goth Club Chair Neon Coffin chair
Slick Goth club Table Neon Coffin Table

Having these Midnight movie stars in your restaurant will provide entertainment never before seen around Restaurant City. Let your customers witness Corncob Black and Spam Freshwater turn into wolves at the very sight of Caramella’s eyes turning red with love for Cheddarward.


(Turns Corncob & Spam into wolves)

Corncob Black


Spam Freshwater


Greg the tasteful dancer’s appearance in our restaurants a few months back left everyone wondering who this mysterious person was. Well, guess no more! Judging by the red in his eyes and his “tasteful” middle name, it appears his secret is out. Make sure to keep him locked in his cage, to keep your customers safe from this thirsty Vampire.

Goth Club Dance Cage


Goth Club Waiter

These darklicious windows and doors are perfect for keeping your Gothic club private, and any chance of sunlight out. Sunlight has long been known to be the most effective method of destroying vampires.


Midnight Window Coffin Window Goth Club Entrance

A variety of wallpapers and tiles in this week’s update will allow you to create an endless number of design combinations. The spike torture wall and saw and spike floor tiles will add some additional animation to your restaurants Decor.

Midnight Wallpaper Goth Wallpaper Torture Wall Tiles


Spike Torture Tile


Purple Goth Tile Tile Black Goth Tile
Saw Torture Tile


Gothic Disco Tile


Gothic decor has a distinct look and has been around since the mid-12th century, often described as stark, mysterious, and spooky. Candelabras, Coffin Sofas, and Goth Drawers are the perfect accessories and décor for your restaurant

Deluxe Coffin Sofa

(Decoration only)

Elegant Goth Lamp Goth Drawers
Goth Wall Lamp

(Free Gift)

Goth Club Lights Sneaky Poltergeist


Trees are such an important tool in setting the mood.Don’t forget to stock up on the black roses, they can be used as a farewell to your patrons as they leave your club.

Midnight Tree Skull Tree Goth Flowers

(Free Gift)

We have two new recipes on the menu this week. A drink (Blood Orange Juice) and a dessert (Millionaire Shortbread) will complete your coffee bar recipes.

Millionaire Shortbread – Unlocks ultra-boost for your restaurant

Blood Orange juice


Millionaire Shortbread

(Coffee Bar Dessert)

Employee clothing has a Renaissance and Victorian influence this week, with a Goth Shirt and pants for the men and a Caramella Jacket for the ladies on your staff

Goth Outfit Shirt Goth Outfit Pants Caramella Jacket

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks update!!! Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and keep up with whats new in Restaurant City!.

Eat Drink & Be Scary!!

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.