Steam Pop Week!


Hi Cooks!

Hope you enjoyed cooking with the Vikings…  They sure did have big appetites!

This week we’ll be moving full steam ahead as we enter the Steam Pop era!

Oh no…what’s this? It appears there’s a villain in town. Let’s hope the Steam Pop Heroine can catch him before he leaves! Help her out by Mastering new recipes that will be sure to lure him to your restaurant.

Now, word has it that the villain is very picky about where he dines… You’ll have to give your restaurant the industrial touch of this era while keeping it sophisticated with classic Victorian décor.  Remember, NEW ITEMS will be available for you this Thursday!

Time to get those gears turning, crank out those recipes and show that you’re a true Master of the elements! Get started on this week’s Challenges NOW! ^_^

– Maggie x

One Response to “Steam Pop Week!”

  1. Julie Says:

    can u make an ice cream booth like the coffee, drinks, pizza and excreta???
    A continuance challenge??? And why cant you make the levels higher for those that have played for ever?? lol What about do a challenge for those that have a lot to help others that r just starting??

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