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April 19, 2012

Hi Cooks!

After spending some time in our secret laboratory, we’ve come up with some ‘monsterlicious’ recipes!

We got a lot of help from our new friends… They are quite the Trouble Makers! Click on the image above to learn more about these adorable monsters.

Dress your staff in the latest monster fashion and give your restaurant a Sci-Fi twist! Items are available this Thursday – check them out!

Have fun and good luck with this week’s challenges!

–  Maggie x


April 10, 2012

Hi Cooks!

This week will be out of this world – Get ready for some extra-terrestrial fun!

Join Maggie and Tommy as they explore space… Don’t forget your space suit!

Galactic recipes will delight your customers… Turn your restaurant into an astronomical phenomenon! Check below to see what we’ve got in store for you this week!

– Maggie x


April 3, 2012

Hi Cooks,

Don’t you just love this time of year? All the stores are stocked with chocolate treats, plush bunnies and beautifully decorated eggs…  And it’s no different here in Restaurant City!

We invite you to celebrate this Easter with us… Delicious recipes, tons of cute decorations AND some vintage items!  That’s right – Each week we’ll be bringing back old RC favorites, based on your feedback! Check out all the new (and old) recipes and items below!

One more thing: Don’t miss out on the Egg Hunt, time is limited… Can you find 100? Good luck!

– Maggie x